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#1 Edited by Haruko (500 posts) -

I just got off the phone from cancelling my xbox live subscription that has been going for over 10 years now in a combination of apathy (haven't even turned on my xbox in months) and protest over the Xbox one. I really wanted to know if anyone else has done the same thing and why.

#2 Edited by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

No. Despite thinking that the stuff I've heard about Xbox One is stupid, I'm going to wait until after E3. I'm not going to bow to the Reddit Detective Agency over potentially unfounded rumors until I have all the information.

#3 Edited by big_jon (6333 posts) -

Just re subbed after like 6 months because I wanted to play Halo 4 and it was half off.

I have been using it for 8 years though, and I do feel less inclined to get it now than ever before.

#4 Posted by nights (648 posts) -

I'll probably wait until the last possible moment to decide. I've been a subscriber for 10 years and this is the first time I've ever contemplated cancelling. We'll see.

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I am waiting for more information and so I know which I will buy close to launch and which I will wait on. Also, my XBL just renewed like three months ago, so why cancel it now?

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I have my account set to not renew once it ends, and that's good enough for me. I don't see any need to just outright cancel it while I've already paid for a while longer.

#7 Posted by AlisterCat (6582 posts) -

I am on my final month and won't be renewing. I probably shouldnt have even bought the last year's subscription.

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Ive hardly used my 360 the past year but forgot I was on automatic renewal so they got me last month, turned off auto-renew now though.

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Yeah, like two years ago.

And who uses the phone for things like these this day and age?

#10 Posted by Haruko (500 posts) -

Agreed on all the wait and see comments but I realized that the last game I played online was Black Ops 2 for about a week and then nothing since then. I'm more just realizing that I just don't use the damn thing anymore.

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I'll probably let it end in a couple months. Partially because I don't really play online games anymore, and the fact that I won't be getting an X1 at launch (I wasn't going to get a 360 either, until the PS3's price was originally announced). Not to mention I really like what I'm getting out of PS+.

I'll see how the PS4/Vita train holds up for the next year or so.

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Why would you waste time calling and cancelling? You dont get money back. Just dont use the service. I don't use my live a lot either but I'm not going to call them and spend hours turning it off. It's not cable.I dont undestand articles I see about saving money on cable, my way to save is to not have cable. If you want to save money on xbox live dont re-up. You should get PS-Plus that shit will save you money all year son. I was going to buy Uncharted 3 but Best Buy was out, so I waited and now it's free on PS-Plus. It's like buying a set of knives and getting a second set free. You don't get free knives on Xbox Live. Man fuck it I'm out. I'm tweeting nelson and cancelling.

#13 Posted by BeachThunder (14043 posts) -

I'm still flabbergasted that people pay so much for services that are available free elsewhere.

Oh, shit, I'm a Giant Bomb subscriber, hmm...

#14 Posted by WilliamHenry (1272 posts) -

I let my gold account lapse earlier this year and haven't found any reason to renew it. I haven't even played my 360 since Bioshock Infinite came out.

#15 Posted by Darson (511 posts) -

I can't be arsed to.

#16 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2076 posts) -

Haven't played online with LIVE for a long time and rightly determined approximately two years ago that it wasn't worth keeping around for me. I'm not subscribed to anything video games related aside from this right now, but I might become a PS+ member soon!

#17 Edited by MOAB (519 posts) -

yeah, last week i made sure it doesn't renew. i haven't touched it in months and i've no plans to. i'm pretty sure i've had it for about 10 years now... it's a little sad.

#18 Posted by Nictel (2691 posts) -

Yes I did. About 3 years ago..

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yep, wasn't using it anyway. I used to do ME3 multiplayer, around a year ago. Everything else I can do somewhere else.

#20 Posted by Hunter5024 (6633 posts) -

I don't believe in paying for multiplayer when it's been free on pc for years, so I never got it out of principle (and cheapness.)

#21 Edited by Coafi (1520 posts) -

Yep, mine expired around October I didn't even notice, until MS e-mailed me like 3 times for the renewal flyer e-mail thing. I don't think I'll get it again, I haven't been that active in multiplayer as I was a few years ago. It's a shame those were good times.

#22 Posted by Brackynews (4348 posts) -

@jjweatherman said:

Yeah, like two years ago.

And who uses the phone for things like these this day and age?

Ditto. I don't log in for half of the free Gold weekends either. Played Bioshock Infinite during the last one.

A: People who are still actually willing to give their credit cards to platform holders. Because Microsoft ended a short lived consumer friendly policy where you could cancel XBL (or even something so roughneck as turning off Auto-Renew) via their website. Because, on the phone they can ask why, and talk a-number-greater-than-zero people out of it.

#23 Posted by geirr (3077 posts) -

I didn't comprehend just how ridiculous this subscription system was so my Live Sub ended 1 month after I purchased the 360 console (first month was free, yay). Thankfully all my friends were either PC users and/or PS3 users so I wasn't bamboozled into continuing the subscription to play with them.

#24 Edited by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Why would you call them? Cancel auto renewal is a thing now.

#25 Posted by Leafhopper (255 posts) -

I haven't had an Xbox since 2009, so yes I have cancelled my Xbox Live subscription, but years ago, not recently.

#26 Posted by Akyho (2042 posts) -

@laserguy: @green_incarnate: @jjweatherman:

There is also the case of MS wanting to make it so damned awkward to cancel and even swith off auto renewl at times. I have had it myself that the only way to cancel, switch off auto renewl and more importantly get them to remove my card info off my account is to call up.

Then they made that a chore by every two minutes trying to convince Its a bad idea and Ill be missing out on "all our wonderfull services!"

#27 Edited by Fearbeard (870 posts) -

Why would I cancel it a day away from finally learning about the games that Microsoft is going to be releasing? Though I can understand dropping it for the summer if your subscription is almost up since there isn't much that's going to be released till August, and even longer if you only play exculsives on 360.

#28 Posted by Haruko (500 posts) -

@fearbeard: Its more that its twofold. In that its a message that really really no matter what they announce I'm done with multiplayer on the 360. The only things I want coming out on the 360 are Halo 2 HD if that exists and Fable HD I'm done my 360 collection is complete and multiplayer on that thing is dead to me. It's not that I'm really all that pissed about the XBone but why not use that as a rallying cry to say I'm done with this console and your service.

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Cancelled my xbox live subscription 5 year's ago,when i was 19.

I can't justify paying for multiplayer anymore, and who needs party chat when you have skype.

#30 Edited by Nev (655 posts) -

I did a few months ago. The sad thing is I've had it for a good 2 or 3 years now, and I literally made any use out of Gold maybe one time, one day playing like 20 minutes of Halo: Reach multi. Otherwise, the shitty website gave me an error after multiple attempts for over a year trying to turn off auto-renew, and I don't like phones, so I was lazy about calling to cancel... until two months ago. Yep, I'm dumb, and Microsoft got 10 bucks from me for nothing for 3 years.

Seemed like a bad service to me from the start, at least as someone who owns an OK PC and a PS3.

#31 Posted by ajamafalous (12902 posts) -

Yeah, like four years ago.

#32 Posted by hollitz (2131 posts) -

After one year of having it. 35$ spent on absolutely nothing.

#33 Posted by Philantrophy (356 posts) -

If I want to play a multiplayer game, I usually buy one month when they are on sale.

#34 Edited by TheCreamFilling (1235 posts) -

Nah, I barely use my 360 (except now that State of Decay is out) but it's only $60 for an entire year, so no big deal.

#35 Posted by antime (125 posts) -

Stopped the autorenewal last year because I don't play multiplayer enough to justify the expense. Not interested in starting to pay for it again, so that's a big minus for the Xbone.

#36 Edited by isomeri (2130 posts) -

Even though I don't really use my 360 anymore I've stocked up on enough of those cheap 12 month cards that I'm all set for the next year.

#37 Posted by Grixxel (910 posts) -

More like I did not renew it.

#38 Posted by kagato (1160 posts) -

Im close to doing it but i figured id give them until tonight to wow me into either, keeping it for the 360 or (unlikely) convincing me to buy a cross bone and carrying my account over. At this point im seriously considering cancelling and resubbing to the Playstation version, you get free games over there i hear!

#39 Posted by raidingkvatch (1207 posts) -

My subscription expires in a couple of weeks and I won't renew it, mainly because I don't really play games online any more and I just don't see any real benefit in paying for gold any more.

#40 Edited by Winsord (1495 posts) -

I turned off the auto-renewal a few months ago, I think it runs out this month or next. My Xbox has been seeing much less play this year and I was getting fed up with where the money was going. If you don't live in the US, basically the only things you get from gold are being able to participate in Deal of the Week (and Microsoft overcharges for MSP outside of the US) and being able to play online. Can't help but see it this point as $35-$60 a year for a bunch of apps only Americans can use, and it especially seems that the Americans are the only ones Microsoft care about after the Xbox One announcement's press conference. In conjuction with that is just having my interest in multiplayer games waning, and as a result they've lost my subscription. Haven't switched to PS+ quite yet since I don't have any hard drive space left on my PS3, so the pool of games system just makes for memory management issues; I'll likely end up subscribing when the PS4 comes out, assuming it's anywhere near as good as it is now.

#41 Posted by Humanity (14196 posts) -

I didn't renew after 5 years of using it simply because most of my friends stopped playing games and I myself have lost interest in most competitive online games.

It had nothing to do with a silent protest or anything, I just wasn't playing a lot of games online anymore so there was no point in getting it.

Although I know it will sound like sacrilege I often times view my Giant Bomb gold membership as similar to Xbox Live Gold in many ways.

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I've been using cheaper pre-paid cards when I felt like renewing my XBL. Get on my level scrubs.

I've been subscribed to Gold because a lot of my friends own the 360, but when the new generation comes out that may change.

#43 Posted by Xander (149 posts) -

I'm running on some free pre-paid cards, but once those run out, there seems to be little chance that I'll renew. What a shame, I quite liked the 360; but the Xbone just doesn't seem worth it.

#44 Edited by mrcraggle (2561 posts) -

I was never really into Live but cancelled last year. I was taking advantage of their sales they were having for £1 a month but some weird shit happened and my security locked me out on my comp(says I'm not using the correct PC when I haven't changed comp?) so I had to call them to cancel.

I do have PS+ however. I find it a more worthwhile service and I can play what I want without feeling like I'm wasting money whereas with Live I felt like I needed to be online more regularly to justify having it.

#45 Posted by Dacnomaniac (493 posts) -

My Xbox broke, and it was still in warranty, they refused to fix it (for whatever reason). So fuck them. I just use my PS3 and use PS+ instead.

#46 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

I realised last night that I've been paying $11 a month, for the past 8 months, for Xbox Live - a service that I haven't used in any of that time.

Fucking auto-renew.

#47 Edited by Buble (102 posts) -

I bought a one year subscription, used it for like two months to play NHL, and never touched it again. They'll have to have a fucking good reason to convince me to pay money for their service when I get it on the PC for free.

#48 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (5060 posts) -

I'm not even a fan of XB360 anymore, but even I see a reason to keep paying...

If you aren't buying an Xbox One you will probably want to be playing something. Sure, if you don't use it cancell away...but out of protest? Well that might not last long if keep playing your XB360, and why switch to PS3 now. If you plow the money you'd save into buying a PS3 and buying games you're not saving money.

Again, I'm no fan of Microsoft, but I just think it is honest to pointing out they have you by the short hairs if you have invested years and money into the platform. That is why Microsoft's scam for Xbox One will work on millions of people; the fear of tossing away games, the subscription to play online, and friend lists is scarier than just being cattle to a corporation. There are people so deep down the rabbit hole that they simply will stick with XBOX even if the box costs more, even if XBL raises in price, even if they can't own games, and even if PS4 allows everything XBox One doesn't. A worse deal from every angle, but they would grab it and defend that choice because anything else scares them.

#49 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I did, but it was last fall and not due to any XBOX One stuff. They have inferior video streaming to the PS3, and none of my friends play online games anymore. That combined with the current PC ascendancy I've been all Steam.

#50 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

Haven't paid in over 2 years. There's always a scam to get free months or 48 hour codes. I only need to be in party chat because a load of us have got an online film club where we each choose a film in rotation. I threw "Bad Boy Bubby" into the mix and that got me loads of flak because quite a few of them are excruciatingly empty. If you make me watch "Fast Five" you'd better be prepared to watch "Caribbean Papaya" as payback.