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I'm always reaching to turn down the podcast when he talks about games because he ALWAYS spoils things. I'm kinda tired of it, and I just wanted to get the opinion of you guys. I love the podcast, and I don't mind spoilers, but he doesn't give enough warning, and there's no way to know when the spoiling stops. Not only that, but saying "You'll never see whats coming at the end" needs to stop too, for if I wanted to experience it on my own, I would now know It has a twist. Sorry...Its late...

Night Duders

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that is all.

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Nope, the way I see it if you don't want something to be spoiled don't watch/listen/read something that could contain spoilers. Finish the game then catch up on podcasts you may have missed if it bothers you.

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brad is a dick! lol jk i love brad

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Well he needs to finally stop talking about mass effect 3 i'll say that much :p I foolishly decided to replay the entire series first and have not had the time to catch up. I swear i've missed over 3 hours of podcast from skipping all the ME3 spoiler talk.

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wait what did he spoil last podcast> I haven't listened yet.

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People who care about spoilers are the worst

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Yup. ~ Mleh!

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Hey guys, this game came out a few months ago. Is the statue of limitations up for spoilers?

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No, because I don't find him actually spoiling games that often. What I do notice is that he is always dying to spoil something he saw or played in a game. Brad always wants to talk explicitly about the game he's been playing, and then Ryan and Vinny usually have to step in and cut him off. I don't really mind it to be honest. He's just trying to talk about the stuff he's excited about. The only thing that bothers me about Brad and spoilers is that he is the kind of guy who freaks out if anyone else tries talk spoilers. Think about how many times Brad has threatened to take his headphones off or leave the room due to the other guys speaking explicitly about story. This tends to happen a lot during the GOTY podcasts. It's sort of hypocritical.

I <3 Brad, though.

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Nope. Spoilers are irrelevant to me without the correct context.

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If you make the decision to listen to a podcast mostly focused on games you have to expect spoilers. If you can't handle spoilers then don't listen to that episode of the podcast, don't they list the games they talk about in the description.

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No, I only care about spoilers for mystery stories. I realized how little they actually effect my enjoyment of a story after I had Bioshock spoiled for me before I played it.

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depends on how far he goes with it,

i cringe more when he whines about sequels.

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It was definitely getting a little out of hand when he was talking about the Citadel DLC. But then again it's not really that big of a deal since it doesn't relate to the main story. Still, they're kinda spoiling some of the fun that apparently makes the DLC so great.

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@zella said:

If you make the decision to listen to a podcast mostly focused on games you have to expect spoilers. If you can't handle spoilers then don't listen to that episode of the podcast, don't they list the games they talk about in the description.

why should you expect spoilers listening to a podcast? Sometimes people just want to know what the game is like. This isn't the fucking GOTY podcasts where they need to spoil to talk properly, spoilers for a new game on a podcast is lame.

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Yeah, I really hate spoilers of any kind. Brad does it a lot, and Patrick used to do it a fair amount too, with his "I don't want to spoil it, but (spoiler that I just said I didn't want to spoil)." I don't buy games until they've dropped in price, so it's pretty dumb to think that a month or two is long enough to start spoiling games. I don't think there's any reason you can't talk around a game's plot points without going into specifics; if it's truly necessary, save it for a spoilercast or the GOTYcasts. I haven't listened to those since 2009 because I don't want anything spoiled.

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Hey who cares why is everybody upset about everything

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Look I'm sorry I yelled just run into my hug

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You can tell when Brad really likes something because he wants to tell you every thing about it. He wants to show you the best parts, but a lot of times those few parts turn into, all the parts.

You just have to know when to turn off the stream, or skip ahead. I stopped the Tomb Raider Quicklook stream partway through because there were spoilers. But I didn't have a problem with it, the Quicklooks are for people who have not made a decision or do not know if they want the game.

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Look we can all talk about stuff or we can all not talk about anything. Trying to police anywhere in the middle seems like a thing that won't work well and I just want the best for everyone.

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@bocam said:

People who care about spoilers are the worst

Exactly. Why listen to anything ever if you're worried about spoilers?

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What games are we even talking about? Maybe my memory is just poor but I don't remember anything even resembling resembling a spoiler on last week's Bombcast. If you're that sensitive about this stuff, maybe just stop listening. If you're going to freak out about every little thing that could possibly be interpreted as a spoiler, then you're probably going to hear something like that when listening to dudes talk about new video games for 3 hours every week.

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@ekami said:

Hey who cares why is everybody upset about everything

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A regular diet of spoilercasts would help cure the ills of wanting to talk about a newly released game on the bombcast.

#31 Posted by mellotronrules (1217 posts) -

i don't care about spoilers. seriously- they're not a big deal.

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1. I do not care about most spoilers.

2. A large majority of spoiler complaints are stupid (ie. "how come you spoiled that new game mechanic that pops up in the third level?" or "how could you talk about the animus reveal is Assasins Creed?") and those complaints make the complainer look like a selfish ass because they think they are so special that they deserve the right to censor everyone around them.

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@bocam said:

People who care about spoilers are the worst

You lack a soul!

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You guys are a bunch of nimbies. He gives fair warning for spoilers, and you should skip like 10-15 minutes forward. Or pause the podcast forever until you play the damn game in question.

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Brad can get a little carried away at times, but ultimately I enjoy their talking more than I mind the occasional minor spoiler, so it's all good. And I trust them not to straight up ruin a game without first warning people.

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I clench more so than cringe.

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@tmbaker said:

A regular diet of spoilercasts would help cure the ills of wanting to talk about a newly released game on the bombcast.

A spoiler cast would be great for all the significant game releases of the year. I do enjoy beating a game and then listening to their opinions in contrast to my own on it. It's a lot more enjoyable when they don't talk in "that cool sequence half way through" speak, because they can't talk in detail about anything in particular with out risk of SPOILERS.

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@animasta said:

wait what did he spoil last podcast> I haven't listened yet.

If it's ME3 related and happened in the last bombcast, I think he mentioned that citadel gets attacked. If that comes as a huge shocker to some people, well...I don't know! For me personally, that seems like something one would almost automatically expect to happen after playing the first two games....and I'm still in the middle of the playing the secong game myself!

But in general, I of course don't like huge spoilers of something I'm deeply invested in and want to experience myself. RDR's ending got spoiled to me and it wasn't quite fun, but then, I never bothered to play the game through for other reasons. I also remember spoiling Sixth Sense's ending to my friend, back when everyone in the world didn't already know about it.

TLDR; Spoilers aren't always bad! I also remember rofling hard, back when someone (guess it was Brad) "spoilered" Joker's "death" in AC.

#39 Posted by Winternet (8025 posts) -
@bocam said:

People who care about spoilers are the worst

This times a million.

#40 Posted by PhilipDuck (553 posts) -

I just kinda laugh at it now, he's been doing it for long enough that you know that everyone in the studio is looking him like oh spoilers.. But there never major major, i kinda agree with Brad on his boundaries for spoilers so doesn't affect me.

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Story is important to me and I really prefer not to know in advance when something is going to happen. When I go into a game for the first time and I know that there is going to be a twist somewhere, that does take away from the experience. Why mention that there's a twist, just say the story is good/interesting or whatever... that it needs to be experienced? There are so many ways around spoilers that it strikes me as lazy when you can't avoid talking specifics.

Basically, knowing that there is a twist really ruins the twist, at least for me. I can understand people who don't care about spoilers. They are likely like Jeff, they care only about the gameplay, the rest is just filling. I'm the other way around, I can easily tolerate poor gameplay if the story is good.

Luckliy, I am blessed with shit memory so I generally can't recall all spoilers mentioned on the Bombcast when I get around to playing the games (which is rarely around release these days). I also don't really have a problem when they spoil older games.

#42 Posted by Bass (692 posts) -

Spoilers aren't normally a big deal because they aren't generally that important to the game. But, also, Mass Effect 3 came out over a year ago so if you are concerned about the main game story spoilers in that, you should probably calm down. If you are talking about Citadel DLC, I don't think he really spoiled much besides "Oh hey, there is this really great house party scene and it's awesome." Most everything else didn't seem very specific and concentrated more on the tone of the DLC, which is totally acceptable.

#43 Posted by cmblasko (1281 posts) -

I think it's reasonable to expect them to stay away from spoilers for at least a week or two outside of a game's release. After that, I would personally prefer that they confine any critical story-focused discussion to a "spoilercast" separate from the Bombcast proper, but I can understand why that wouldn't be feasible.

#44 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I can't remember him actually spoiling anything in quite a while. If anything he's been very cautious because of all of the crazy accusations.

#45 Posted by ShaggE (6544 posts) -

My decision to stop caring about spoilers beyond a quick "Oh man... didn't want to know that... oh well." has been the most freeing decision I've ever made regarding games.

I get a little more upset if a movie or book is spoiled for me, but it's still not going to ruin the story in question.

I think what made me say "enough is enough" was when people starting losing their shit over ANY information whatsoever. BIOSHOCK INFINITE IS GOING TO HAVE PLASMIDS!? WHY NOT JUST TELL ME THE ENDING, ASSHOLE!? It's out of control.

#46 Edited by EXTomar (4837 posts) -

This topic again?? For whatever and multiple reasons, the nature of the Bombcast lends itself to open discussion of games they play and that often includes spoilers. If one doesn't want to be spoiled about the latest hot game they are playing then don't listen to any Bombcast.

It feels like people are too protective and reactionary to spoilers. For instance the discussion in the last Bombcast about the Citadel DLC has some screaming spoilers but in fact Brad (and Vinny) avoided spoiling the big plot point. "Shepard having a party" is not a spoiler and doesn't need "spoiler warning!!"

#47 Posted by Bocam (3784 posts) -

@animasta: Year walk

Brad did not spoil anything about Year Walk. If anyone did it was Patrick.

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@bocam said:

People who care about spoilers are the worst

@oscar__explosion: @winternet:

What is wrong with wanting to experience something the way it was intended? I agree that all the complaining about spoilers and people making forum threads calling out specific staffers over spoiler discussion is kind of ridiculous, but that doesn't mean everyone that wants the best experience is somehow crazy.

Knowing a major plot point beforehand can negatively impact someone's enjoyment of a game, movie, TV show, or book in meaningful ways. I had Red Dead Redemption spoiled for me long ago (I was about 10 hours in), and I still haven't bothered to finish the game because I felt like it was ruined.

I will absolutely agree that getting up in arms about minor spoilers is absurdly petty, but there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have an entire game's plot ruined for you.

#49 Posted by Petiew (1353 posts) -

The only slightly annoying thing is when Brad gets them to stop all conversation on an older game because he might want to play it in the future and doesn't want to be spoiled, and then goes on to spoil other games. I haven't listened to the bombcast in a while though, but he was certainly getting better at not spoiling stuff.

I wish they'd just timestamp some things in the video description. It'd minimise people complaining about spoilers, and it would be easy to skip to interesting sections. 00:00 - 01:36 (Talk about Racoons), 01:36-01:42 (Mass effect 3, spoilers), etc

#50 Posted by Mirado (1011 posts) -

Everything is a spoiler to someone; it's impossible to tell if what you are going to say will impact someone's experience in a negative way. Of course, they do their best to label major events as spoilers, but if your job involves playing games and describing them to your audience, you are going to wind up stepping on a few toes along the way. If your enjoyment of a game is that sensitive to being ruined, I suggest you just stop listening once you realize they are going to talk about the game in question. For that matter, avoid comments, forums, and other people until you are finished.

As far as I can tell, Brad or any other staff member haven't busted out a "Samus is a girl!" level spoiler without fair warning. If he ruined the fact that Liara is actually a vampire for you, I apologize. That's uncool. But saying "The Citidel is gonna have shootin' on it!" doesn't qualify as an earthshaking revelation.