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Spoiler people shouldn't be listening to podcasts

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The latest Abraham Lincoln film yea he dies at the end getting assassinated

Zero Dark 30 at the end of the film Osama Bin Laded gets assassinated as well

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Yes, meth.

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@jasonr86 said:

Nope. Spoilers are irrelevant to me without the correct context.

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He seems fairly aware of the instinct and so slowly winds up to saying potential spoilers in a way that others on the Crew can easily veto

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Jeff: Thinks the idea of "spoilers" is dumb but hardly ever spoils a game. I think with Fez he may have been a little enthusiastic, but it's been so long I don't remember.

Patrick: As already mentioned "I don't want to spoil" but does anyway. The line should be "I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't." Not "...but there's this part where [talks around it with varying degrees of vagueness]." He's also famous for "there's a twist."

Brad: Doesn't want anyone to spoil ME3 for him until he plays it himself several months after the game came out. Then it's fine to talk about it.


I play games when they're cheap. Fez was a 360 exclusive and a buggy mess, but I was expected to experience Jeff's fun second-hand as he and the others gradually revealed every neat little thing that game does. I'm waiting for the PC port, dang it!

I'm fully in favor of having spoiler-y discussion at the end of the Bombcast. Spoilercasts are also acceptable.

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It doens't usually bother me, but when Patrick hyped the end for Year Walk I got all pumped over nothing...Well, not nothing but the ending was far from as mind blowing as he made it up to be.

Those are the kind of thing that bothers me the most, because when someone tells you something AMAZING!!! is going to happen at some point, I just start looking for it, and when it happens I'm left with a "That's it?" or a "is that it or is something else coming" feeling.

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You guys are goofy.

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It's great not to care about spoilers. You guys should try it.

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They talk about games on the podcast. If you don't want to get spoiled, stay away. They usually wait a couple months before getting into em, and at some point they can't pussy foot around a game just because you haven't finished it.

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I cringe when people consider completely non-spoiler things spoilers. The culture of avoiding all discussion outside of PR videos/stories and considering almost any detail outside of that to be a spoiler is so frustrating to me, and it's one of the several reasons I generally avoid interacting with anyone else who's a fan of video games.

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I always exercise the ability to pause when I don't want to hear about something.

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I just mute it or skip ahead instead.

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I just don't care for Brad's need to have lengthy discussions of IOS games I am most likely never going to play. Even then it isn't really that bad or makes me want to fast forward the podcast.

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Yes, which is why I eventually made it a policy not to listen the Bombcast if the description says the gang is discussing a game I haven't played yet. There's an argument to be had that if there is a large enough contingent of people who ignore site content because of one crew-member's propensity to talk story in too much depth, that perhaps it serves them best to muzzle that person's contributions. Or maybe the contingent isn't that large. And while I also do not listen to the Bombcast much (more a matter of how much time I have and less for any other reason,) it does seem like Brad is getting a little better.

I don't understand the vitriol, though. It's not like he does this with any malign intent, it's just an extension of his enthusiasm about games. In an odd sort of way it's endearing, his over-exuberance that is.

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Not really, except for the fact that sometimes Ryan as to butt in and warn him when he's about to run his mouth about a spoiler. He does that quite often. Other than that, Brad is awesome... so deal with it.

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No, if anything I'd rather more spoiler talk. If the narrative is so shitty anyway (referring to their "Heart of the Swarm" discussion of late), may as well just tell me why. Is Kerrigan the "One" or isn't she? If a game actually has a moment where surprise or a twist of some kind if really important and was genuinely interesting to see play out, then avoid it. Seeing as that is almost never the case, go ahead and talk about the narratives as frankly as you'd like.

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I don't expect to be able to play most games, so no, not really. I like to hear about games because I'm really interested in the trends of the technology, but any given year's only guaranteed purchase is the next iteration of NBA 2K. I'd been anticipating The Last of Us since I first saw it, but now that I've seen some of the "infected" enemies and realized Naughty Dog may have inserted some of the stuff I found so annoying about Uncharted (honestly, I'd forgotten that infected plotline even existed before they finally showed them) so now I'm not even sure I'll try to play that.

After getting my hopes up for Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire more than any other game this generation, I feel fairly burned by my expectations of what a game is anymore. They all feel like they're hitting the same beats and notes; color-coordinated environments, general weirdness. I have no doubts in GTAV for whatever reason; probably because I still play Red Dead and I replayed GTA IV before finally cruising through the Episodes from Liberty City last summer without any distaste.

Ultimately, it's fun to be surprised by the story. But I've known the plots to plenty of great, older movies and still enjoyed them just as much (at least, objectively) as the people that recommended them to me; I feel like good games are capable of the same thing, if not more. After all, even games that take their stories "seriously" like, say, Heavy Rain often can be whittled down to paper thin motivations regardless.

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To quote Jeff "Ewww spoillllers."

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There was a study a while back, about movies- after the movie, people who'd had the story spoiled for them ended up enjoying the movie just as much as those who hadn't.

Every time I get to the twist in KotOR 1, I still think it's awesome even though I already know what happens. Part of what makes those moments great is simply how it's put together (dialogue or music or camera), not how much of a surprise it is.