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I finished off this podcast in two commutes to work, time just flew by. I really wish the bombcast were longer, how 'bout you guys?

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Anyone else feel like this punk has too many teeth?

#3 Posted by Branthog (5596 posts) -

I'm holding out for the 24x7 live stream of Jeff's and Ryan's life.

#4 Posted by Ketchupp (668 posts) -

It only needs to be longer by however much time they spend talking about shitty Transformers movies.

#5 Posted by thechronodarkness (294 posts) -

There was a post a few days ago about it being too long. Man...people and their sizes. Its too short, its too long. Apparently size does matter kiddies

#6 Posted by Animasta (14719 posts) -

yeah three hours way too short <_<

#7 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

It's fine, wouldn't complain if it was 4 hours, but nearly 3 hours (sometimes even more than that) is fine

#8 Posted by EightBitWarrior (592 posts) -

I tend to duck out after 30-60 minutes so... nope. lol

#9 Posted by Seroth (726 posts) -

No, but I do wish they'd provide some of the stuff they cut out of the Bombcasts elsewhere. Like apparently a few weeks ago they had a really long Resident Evil discussion that was cut out, and I would've liked to hear that.

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No, I think it's too penis. Way, way too penis.

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People really will complain about anything.

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I could go for a 3 hour bombcast