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Got my poster and the top left corner is pretty banged up. Guess I'll send out an email.

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ok ive been upgraded to "picked up in south san fran" im honestly expecting the worst after reading the majority of posts....


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No email yet, assuming I was one of the damaged posters.

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ooph mine won't be here until next thursday at the earliest.


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No email from Rorie or about shipping. I'll give it another week before emailing

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To update I got my poster today. I think the Giantbomb Emporium email and/or social imprints communication may not be the best with the USPS. I'll summarize the shipping process for me for those still waiting. I chose first class mail which typically is for 2-3 days from the day its shipped (plus weekends)

Thursday 3/13 - Got email from Giant Bomb store saying my poster was shipped and I got a tracking number

Kept checking on the tracking number for few days to see its status (I am going on vacation so I wanted to get poster before I left)

Tuesday 3/18 - Tracking on USPS's website got updated to "Electronic Billing Information Received"

It stuck on this status until today, so I was expecting to get the poster next week or later

Friday 3/21 - As I was about to leave for vacation I saw the tube outside. I then refreshed the USPS site and got alot of status updates saying that the poster arrived at sorting facility, then left it, then out for delivery etc. So I guess USPS doesn't update their tracking service right away with statuses.

After reading these posts, I was afraid about getting a damaged poster but my poster tube had no dents, and the poster itself is in perfect condition. Really enjoy it, now I am off to buy a frame. Thanks @rorie!

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Anyone have any suggestions for frames for these? I want the exact size but also ideally would want an acid-free backing which a lot of the cheaper frames don't come with and usually have just a cardboard...

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@hibikirush: the poster is 36x18. if possible get one from ikea. they have nice affordable frames where as walmarts frames tend to look ugly and are usually plastic. you dont need a special frame you need acid free framing paper.

mine will be here thursday. i hope they didn't get f'ed up....

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Just some feedback for those wondering what kind of condition their posters will arrive in. The tube was sloppily taped up. I ordered three, one was roughed up pretty decently on two edges and stuck to the packing tape a bit inside, one was a bit roughed up in the top right corner and acceptable enough, and one was in pristine condition. I'm probably only going to contact social imprints for the bad one, but it is a bit of a bummer. Mind you I'm not talking creases necessarily, but just not something you would expect with a professional packaging of something that was signed, and the poorest one wasn't frame-able.

Something should be said for the gold ink here as well, I'm not sure if it was fading at this point or what, but I definitely would go all silver in the future and switch pens more often. Either way, I'm really happy to finally have them, and getting them for $10 a pop seems criminal. If I can get the one switched out, I'll be fine. Like @rorie said, a lot of lessons were learned from this.

One last pro tip, wash your hands very well before touching these things because you WILL leave fingerprints on the poster!!! I'm not sure if it's the finish or what, but they are susceptible to prints! I'm seriously going to use latex gloves from now on handling them and ask the people who frame it do the same lol. Hope this helps someone.

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Well, I got my poster today and to my surprise it was in perfect condition. There were two very small folded corners, but the rest was pristine. I honestly expected a lot worse. I'm so happy it worked out, and I'm real sorry to the ones who got busted posters. :( Anyways, I guess I need to buy a real nice frame for it now.

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Looks like mychoice shows it coming tomorrow afternoon , WIll have to grab a frame on the way back. 36x18 correct from the post above?

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My poster showed up tonight. Other than it having a few cuts and tears in the top left corner from careless packing, it's in great shape. Vinny has the best signature.

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@slow_pc said:

36x18 correct from the post above?


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Got my replacement poster, this time with signatures and no tearing! Holly was extremely helpful and the replacement shipped out the next day so kudos to social imprints.

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@rorie I just opened up my signed poster and it's pretty fucked up on the top right corner and bent on the bottom right. There is another little tear but I can tolerate that one.

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just got mine. i think im gonna get replacements. i have roughed corners which really don't matter BUT there are crinkles across the length posters, in the middle. it just looks bad.

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For those looking for a decent poster frame. They offer 18 x 36 frames, and if you're content with a regular-ass black frame, then you can get one for roughly $28. I got mine the other day, and the poster fits perfectly.

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I still haven't gotten any shipping confirmation, does that mean mine was definitely one of the damaged ones @rorie?

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I had to use some Google kung-fu to find this thread because I was starting to worry. I didn't even receive the email @rorie sent out explaining the situation...maybe because I used PayPal?

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Had to pay an extra £16 to pick this up, thanks The Queen.

Totally worth it.

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@rorie so i emailed social imprints last Thursday about my order and i still haven't heard a word back. is this normal response time?

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I just got my poster today :D

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I got my poster, I got one of the uncommon ones where Brad imprinted his thumb on his signature...GUESS WHO HAS THUMBPRINT IDENTIFICATION NOW, MR. SHOEMAKER.

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@rorie so i emailed social imprints last Thursday about my order and i still haven't heard a word back. is this normal response time?

Their warehouse was moving this weekend, so I believe they had some delayed response times between Thursday and today. If you haven't heard back from them by tomorrow I would reach out to them. Sorry for the trouble!

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@rorie: ok thanks. im hoping to have this sorted out in time for PAX. btw, are they going to take the damaged posters back from me or are they just going to let me keep them? if so, i could bring them to PAX as giveaways

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I was happy to see it arrived, but it's damaged. :(

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Still not got an email saying its shipped :s

Can see getting this poster turn into a massive hassle.

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@siked: Same for me. I have my purchase confirmation from Feb. 4th, and I haven't received anything since then. It's almost been two months, kind of a bummer. I'm not complaining, though. I know there were a lot of issues getting these things out there.

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I just got mine today, nice dent in the side which in turn both copies of my poster, singed and unsigned are damages all across the top of the posters. Just about as bad as some ME2 lithos i got a while back, when the bioware store had lots of issues with shipping.

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Just to throw in my experience the poster came rather fast and was in more or less perfect condition. Glad to know mine came out unscathed.

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@billymagnum: Thanks for the heads-up, duder! Hope you get that all sorted out before Pax!

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Should I be worried if I never received anything past the initial order number? I know @rorie said that there were problems and I'm fine with waiting, but I figured the shipping company would've at least reached out and said something.

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If there's any damage with the posters that you receive, please get in touch with orders@socialimprints.com.

We have the last batch of posters in the office now and just need to sign them and get them shipped back over to the warehouse.

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@rorie: Thanks for the update, I assume my poster is in the last batch then. Fingers crossed it travels to the UK safely.

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Not got a notification that it's been sent, but based on your last post, @rorie, I will hold fire on reaching out to Social Imprints. Please let us know if we should start knocking on their door, though.

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@billymagnum: unfortunately, it does seem like this is the case

@rorie thanks for the update, i actually received a shipping notification so we are good to go!

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Not heard anything since that e-mail that went out a fortnight ago to everyone. Sorry if you've said it before @rorie, but where's the best e-mail address that I can send any enquires too?

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Not heard anything since that e-mail that went out a fortnight ago to everyone. Sorry if you've said it before @rorie, but where's the best e-mail address that I can send any enquires too?


they are a bit slow atm what with the new warehouse and all. i finally got a response yesterday telling me they would respond later in the week and ship out new posters.

#92 Posted by Gatehouse (851 posts) -

@billymagnum: Thanks duder, I shall pen an eloquently worded message to the enquiring as to what's happening with my poster.

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@rorie said:

If there's any damage with the posters that you receive, please get in touch with orders@socialimprints.com.

We have the last batch of posters in the office now and just need to sign them and get them shipped back over to the warehouse.

I'm guessing mine is part of this last batch that needed re-signed. I got a shipping notification 10 days ago but the tracking still says USPS is waiting for the seller to drop off the parcel. Any updates @rorie, or should I contact Social Imprints?

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@patchmaster: Mine showed up yesterday without ever changing status beyond "Electronic Shipping Info Received."

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Yeah, mine "shipped" on the eighth of month, but USPS is still showing a status of "electronic shipping info received." I guess I'll have to look into it.

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Got my poster this week but sadly it wrinkled in one corner... But most won't notice it because of where i'm hanging it. A little bit of advice for the next time to social imprints... DON'T package the poster naked in tubes. You should always roll the poster in either plastic bubbles or just plain 80gr offset paper. Preferably cut bigger then the poster for some protection during transportation but i also think a lot of damage has been done while rolling the poster and then they put in the tubes too firmly. Still a great poster !

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@chango: Same with mine but it "shipped" on April 3rd. I emailed Social Imprints on the 15th but haven't heard back except for the "Request received" email. I'm getting antsy.

#98 Posted by billymagnum (860 posts) -

i got my replacements right after PAX. i had no idea they were on their way, i was still waiting to here back from social imprints. whatever they arrived perfectly.

@rorie Sorry i thought id get more of a chance to thank you in person for all this poster craziness. I bumped into on my way to the restroom at the Whiskey Priest. Had I known how fast that situation was going to escalate, I would have hung out a bit to chat. Regardless, THANK YOU.

#99 Posted by Chango (615 posts) -

@biscuitsandtim: Yeah, I just sent them an email as well. Hopefully this gets sorted out. Would be a real shame if the poster got lost somewhere.

#100 Posted by biscuitsandtim (26 posts) -

@chango: my tracking info updated this morning to say it's at the post office and it arrived this afternoon. It's in pretty good shape except for a little crinkling on the side but you can't even notice it. Hopefully yours shows up soon as well. I don't know if the delay had anything to do with ground shipping all the way to New Jersey but I'm just glad it got here.