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He could have played the ice truck killer

(S1 Dexter spoiler btw)

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@snarekick: Yeah, I'd say people are reasonably aware of how much Drew resembles Dexter. ;)


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Welcome to giantbomb. Enjoy your stay

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@truthtellah: nice lol, what's that pic from? if it's from a video I'd appreciate a link

yeah, I kind of assumed this may have been brought up before.. but oh well

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@snarekick: It's from Halloween one year. He dressed up as Dexter since everyone always mentions that he resembles him. ha.

Drew is also very skilled at shooting a bow and arrow, and there is video of that.

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I... I want to be Drew Scanlon

There I said it!

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@snarekick: Have you watched him talk about his trip to North Korea? That was amazing.

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@truthtellah: I have not, you're teasing me with all these drew moments and not linking me to them! teaser

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@snarekick: Definitely.

And after I gave you the links, I actually just ended up watching the whole North Korea trip video again. ha.

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So you're saying Drew looks like a serial killer? Flattering!