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Roll20.net is a fantastic resource for tabletop players and GM's, especially if your friends have now moved away. This tool is free and extremely customizable. My friends and I unsuccessfully tried using mumble, webcams, and a third party dice server program. It was a real challenge, but roll20 brings all those into one awesome interface. Anyone else using it with good success?

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I read the Story on PC Gamer and watched some videos on youtube, but I have yet to use it as I don't know enough people to play it on. It looks like a really powerful tool and a great alternative when you can't get people in RL.

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I'm really waiting for 3D Virtual Tabletop to come through, but I messed around with Roll20 and it seemed more than decent as well.

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I can't say I'd ever heard of this until now. I watched the video on the main page and it does seem really well made and has some impressive features.

As far as using it, well, the group I used to play with has moved away/scattered. It did always bum me out that we stopped playing and were something like this available a few years ago we might have continued playing.

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I tested it a little bit with a friend of mine, we are starting a campaign pretty soon but only two of us live in the same city, so I was really happy to stumble upon Roll20. All the features seemed to work well, from what we tried, and I was able to create a pretty decent map as well.

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................. How did I miss post that... Either way the Roll20 thing is cool too. But like @stimpack said I think the 3D Virtual Tabletop will be better long term.

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Is it easy to work with? I've tried ujust about all of the other options out there and they are so fucking awful it's not even funny. The amount of work you have to put into getting them to work is so god awful, and even when you do they are pretty shitty. I'll have to look into that.

Hmm, watching this it looks very familiar to the one I actually managed to get to work, sort of. It wasn't really better than the rest, just slightly easier to get running. This looks like it might actually be user friendly though.

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No, but i use roll20.smoke all the time.