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This is the first year they are having the gaming portion of SXSW.. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Are any of you guys planning on attending? If so, what panels are you going to try to catch?

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I'll be there on Saturday. Michael Pachter's panel is at 5 and will probably be super dumb, followed by Gary Whitta at 6 talking about game storytelling with some other dudes.

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Going to go all three days, mainly for the IPL Tournies and the LAN, I should probably go check what else is going to be there.

Edit: Oh, and the Game Jam

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I was going to try to hit up the Pachter one.. Some of the Tomb Raider devs are also supposed to be here. That will probably be a good one to go to since it is so fresh. There are also several indie development panels that look interesting... It is going to be a fun weekend. I hope it goes well so they bring it back next year (and hopefully with an even larger turnout, even though for its first year, this is pretty good).

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Ag, its not the first year, the had the Screenburn Arcade last year as well, Mass Effect 3 was there and a bunch of LoL tourneys. Will be interesting this year, Nintendo is a sponsor is supposedly showing off a lot of unreleased games, like Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, etc..

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So at Gary's panel they straight up gave every attendee a code for Walking Dead on Steam. Neat!

Was going to say hi to him afterward, but CliffyB and Michael Pachter showed up and wouldn't stop chatting with him. And Warren Spector was there too! And Jenova Chen, who seemed super approachable and totally into talking with fans, but unfortunately I haven't played any of his games so didn't have anything to say to him.

(Speaking of Pachter, he cancelled his panel for reasons I don't know. Meh.)

edit: correction - Pachter didn't cancel, it was just in another room. My "meh" still stands.