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So I recently got an HD7870 to upgrade from my 7770. I gave my brother the 7770. I also got Windows 8 and installed it, and it seems fine. But sometimes while I'm playing games, the computer screen will suddenly have a "checkerboard" of a certain shade of color - last time it was orange, it's been green, etc. It only happens occasionally. I've tried reseating the card to make sure it's in right, I've tried making sure my drivers are up to date (13.1), etc. I would think that it might be the card itself, but here's the thing: that 7770 that I gave my brother, the one that gave me absolutely no issues whatsoever? It's doing the same thing, so I don't really think that it's the card that is messed up. I did notice that the fan is spinning, but doesn't seem to spin fast enough and it gets pretty hot in my room when I'm playing a game, so I put it on manual fan control, turned it up to 55%, and it hasn't done it at all while that's on.

I'm simply wondering if anyone else is having such an issue, or any issues with AMD's newest drivers? I'm looking around on Google and it seems like there are some, so I'll probably roll them back if I can.

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yea my 7770 that i inherited from my brother keeps having the same problem......

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Nope, got a 2 year old 5850 running on Windows 8 with the latest drivers, no problems. Did you install the cards right? What kind of temperature are they giving off?

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I've been running 13.1 since it came out a week or two ago and haven't had any issues so far.

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Nope, no issues whatsoever using a 6950 2GB with I think the latest drivers (I use the Steam driver update thingy). 
I have been getting checkerboard stuff on my Mac with an Nvidia GPU ever since updating to 10.8 however. It is only when I am on an external monitor and only happens in Chrome so I  think it is a Chrome thing.

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Did you install the cards right?

I said that I checked this already and yep, they are in right. I've put in/taken out tons of computer parts at work, so I'm not a newbie at this.

What kind of temperature are they giving off?

As a test, I turned manual fan control back off and played some Metro 2033 and it got up to the low 70's C. Turned it on at 58% and they dropped to low 60's C. So I think that's the issue; I'm really just wondering if anyone else is having something similar.

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No issues at all here; on the latest drivers, Sapphire HD7850 2GBOC. Had minor issues when I first got it, but that was with older drivers. Haven't had a problem with these drivers or the one before it.

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I'm using 2 6970s and while I have had a checker boarding issue like you, the GPU fans do spin nearly fast enough under automatic settings. Whenever I play games, I always manually adjust my fan speed (it can be kinda loud but with headphones, I never really notice). This may be me not doing/understanding something correctly but it does get the job done.

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No issues here either. I've got a 7970M, which is essentially a downclocked 7870, and I have absolutely no issues what-so-ever with the latest drivers (13.1 catalyst WHQL). I suggest uninstalling all drivers through Catalyst, then running DriverSweeper to remove any files and registry entries left behind under AMD display drivers, then installing the 13.1 WHQL catalyst package fresh.