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A stream I'm a member of will have American McGee as a special guest this Friday!


To help promote his Kickstarter project, Alice: Otherlands, we will be streaming some Alice: Madness Returns to give our viewers a taste of what he and Spicy Horse brings to the table!

If you guys have any questions you would like to ask him, post here and I will try to get a list of them together. I'll credit your name during the stream too! :)

When the person in charge of the youtube account gets the stream up I'll link it up if it's permitted afterwards for you guys.

I would say what the stream info is, but don't want to get in trouble for spamming :) (You can check out my blog on GB for some of that info)

Thanks again, duders!



Here is the video of the interview we had:

Some of those who got their questions answered include @bsw and @bisonhero

Thanks all!

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Madness Returns had the best realized concept art of any game I have ever seen, both in idea and execution. I was amazed with the art of each and every level, something I have never had before or after. Too bad the gameplay was a bit bland and sometimes frustrating.

So Otherlands is a series of shorts, and not a new game (the Wiki says otherwise, btw)? Why? I'd much rather explore the beautiful environments Spicy Horse is capable of creating at my own pace instead of being dragged through them in a series of shorts. Even if it's not a full AAA title but just an excuse to marvel at the art.

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According to Giantbomb's wiki...

"The game will have a multiplayer component of some sort, but it won't become available until after the single player portion of the game is completed."

Why? Who wants this? How would this possibly work/ make sense?

And another question I have, but probably not one that would or should be asked, is when are they going to do us all a favor and eliminate the mediocre gameplay and just provide the environments and story?

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@bsw: They haven't ruled out the possibility of a third installment of the Alice game series - but it would be dependent on the interest they receive in landing the rights to the overall property. It's a good question for sure - I'll ask him about it.

At least this way they can concentrate on the art and animation side of things and not worry too much about gameplay mechanics.

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We're up and live streaming now - American will join us in a few minutes - if anyone has any other questions they would like to have asked - we're open to suggestions :)

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-Would he rather not have his name front and center on projects, or has it been happening for so long now that he's fine with it, like a Sid Meier?

-Does he feel that publishers/gamers expect him to make dark takes on fairy tale/classic literature, or does he find he keeps having interesting ideas in that space on his own?

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No. No one is interested in anything about American McGee.

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Has he ever personally met anyone else called American?

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How does he feel in sharing his surname (bar 1 letter) with the illustrious @mcghee of Giant Bomb?

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Nope. Not a one.

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@yummylee said:

How does he feel in sharing his surname (bar 1 letter) with the illustrious @mcghee of Giant Bomb?

Bah, he's spelling it wrong. And he's not half the American I am. *cracks a Bud Light and shoulders a shotgun*

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Not a question, but I hope a new Alice game by him and his company would have zero combat in it. Just let me explore this twisted universe without having combat scenarios, at the most only just have light platforming.

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I want to know if he likes his name. If you don't want to ask that, that is fine.

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In case anyone wanted to hear what he had to say about his kickstarter project, as well as his Alice series, amongst other things, you can have a listen/gander at our interview here:

Loading Video...

I hope it's ok to link it - if not I will edit it out - Some of those who got their questions answered include @bsw and @bisonhero

Thanks all!

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@jctango: Yeah, I think everything in this thread is within the bounds of the forum rules, so I believe you're fine to post that video.

Thanks for asking my question! I'm glad it didn't offend him or anything, and he was very real about it and said "Yeah, for sure, publishers expect me to make a fairly particular sort of game". It always bums me out when people like American McGee or Hideo Kojima only get to make one sort of game, when presumably they have other ideas they'd like to try.

Sorry the rest of this thread was so snarky.

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@jctango: Cool, thanks! I'll give it a listen. Is there perhaps a downloadable version as well (just audio will do)? I have some travelling to do tomorrow, for which this would be perfect.

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@bsw: :( Sorry BSw I don't have an audio version of the final edit - as to downloadable version - you can look up how to do that heh :D. I don't want to get into trouble lol

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#18 Posted by BSw (360 posts) -

@jctango: Thanks, no problem. Looking forward to listen to it.