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Playing Killzone and whenever I hit the share button and try to upload a video it hasn't recorded the section I've just done, it's recorded something 10-15 minutes before?

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Yeah thanks for the help...

I wanted to show someone a cool bit of the game not publish it for all to see and every time I press share it captures a video from 10-15 minutes ago and I want it fixed, I don't care whether you want to see it or not.

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I think it always records the last 15 minutes from when you pressed share, then you go into those 15 minutes and select the footage you want.

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I played 10 minutes into the next chapter and it didn't capture any of it.

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This has happened to me on a few occasions, yeah. I'd press the share button, and the only video clip available was something that ended a few minutes before, and sometimes it's not even a full 15 minutes long. I lost some footage of some pretty hilarious glitches that way. Not sure how exactly to do things in order to make sure that never happens.

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If you want to start recording a video press the share button twice in quick succession. Typically when you hit the share button the PS4 saves a video of your last 15 minutes of playtime, I do hear it's a little unreliable or can vary from game to game, though.

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OK thanks all.