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I've been looking for a cheap product from Amazon to let me play my Wii on my 1080p ASUS monitor. I stumbled upon this http://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-1080P-Output-Upscaling-Converter/dp/B0050RKH2Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1317396477&sr=1-1

I was wondering if anyone here had used this product, and wheter the picture quality was as good as with a component cable?

Any other cheap solutions to play my Wii on a monitor through VGA/DVI/HDMI would work too, as long as i can buy it off amazon and its below 50 bucks.


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I used upscalers in the past for my ps2 and was never happy with it. It was a really expensive model too (~$300). They just introduce a huge amount of input lag and I was never satisfied with the colour calibration. I eventually got some with some good quality component cables direct to the tv and the 480i image looked better than the 1080p image through the upscaler. Hence I did the same with the wii.

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Well if it has such great features as "not power supply needed", there's clearly no way you can lose.

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@GlutenBob: Are you sure you're limited to making a purchase through Amazon? As far as component goes, I always recommend these, from MonoPrice. There are converters available, but I'm a bit hesitant due to the possibility of input lag, and have yet to buy one. If I ever get some money to burn, I'll just pull the trigger on a converter from MonoPrice, but before I do, contact them and have them talk me through what would happen if there was input lag.

EDIT: These are listed under the same name, but I don't know if they're actually of MonoPrice quality.

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i dont need componenet cables. I need a VGA or HDMI cable. I am not limited to Amazon, I just stated that cos I dont want to put my credit card info on another site, especially one that isn't a recognized name. Just a little paranoid.