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Pretty much the above. I have some extra money, hours that prohibit going to a shop and a 3DS, anyone know any good download only games?

I already own Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud and Mighty Switch Force.

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If you're a fan of them, the 3D remakes of Sonic, Streets of Rage and Space Harrier are pretty awesome. Gunman Clive is pretty good if you like Mega Man, and I'm a big fan of Picross as well.

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Pushmo and Crashmo are the two that used to get talked about a lot.

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Mr. Driller Drill Till You Drop

its in the dsiware section

its five bucks

get it

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Gunman Clive ($2)



Fire Emblem Awakening.

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If only the bombast had a specific shop section where you could hear all about the hottest Nintendo downloads, but there is none because that would be CRAZY.

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Pushmo is probably the best game ever. Crashmo, they kinda messed it up just a bit, but it's still very good.

Just finished Steamworld Dig, and that's wonderful, a bit of Mr Driller, digging down getting power ups, discovering new paths a little bit metroidvania. It's wonderful the art style is cool.

Sakura Samurai is pretty solid, basically punch out with samurai going from point to point and taking down warlords. It's beautiful.

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HarmoKnight is pretty fun. Simple rhythm-based action platforming, great for playing a quick level or two whenever.

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If Steamworld Dig is half as good on the 3DS as it is on the PC (which it should be since it's the same game), it's totally worth the money.

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mighty switch force is pretty good

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get Attack of the Friday monsters. It's charming and delightful and very memorable, and everyone should play it.

Summer afternoons, friendship, small town boredom and the imagination of being a child.

The music is wonderful and it'll make you happy.

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Try Starship Damrey, it's atmospheric and creepy in a way that you don't get from portable titles.

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It's already been said but throw in another vote for Steamworld Dig. Check out the quicklook, it sold me on the game.

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Phoenix Wright perhaps, if that's your thing.

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Some good ones already named but i could also throw in

Sakura Samurai - action adventure game with pretty challenging time based combat