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I ordered the new Hitman game back in July. I've never done an online pre-order before, but I assumed that the game would be sent out the day before, or some other way that would get me the game either the day of release or the following day. As of right now, it hasn't even been shipped yet. Or, if it has, their notification system and tracking aren't working, because it still says that it hasn't been shipped. Is this normal? I'm not going to order from them ever again, but for a company that spends so much money marketing for pre-orders, you figure they would have their shit together on this. Did anyone else order from them and get their game on time?

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I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them, you are correct, with pre-orders they usually ship the day before and it sits on a truck overnight. Never had any shipping problems with them, got the wrong product one time, which was a bit off putting. I'd call them, see if they can give you an update.

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@jonnybob: I'll do that. Thanks.

The worst part is, they actually emailed me a code for the game earlier in the day, but no word on it actually being shipped out

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I pre-ordered Deadspace 2 from Ebgames.ca, they shipped it on release day and it arrived later that week. They didn't send me the pre-order bonus code and I had to deal with customer service to get it in the end.

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@MildMolasses: I guess it all depends where you live as well, I have lived in and around the GTA for the last 11 years so that may be where my advantage comes in. Having lived up north and having to deal with other companies taking forever to get things to you is something that definitely used to happen. (That sentence may not make sense)

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@jonnybob: I'm in Ottawa, so while not as close to Mississauga, still a major area. My bigger concern was more that I still haven't received any notice that it has even been shipped. Their website mentions that their tracking can be delayed due to the third parties involved in shipping, so I'm hoping it will show up today, and if not, then I will make some angry calls