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So, last night and many times before I was met with the circumstance of browsing through gamestop and I outright won't buy games that have the stupid cases with the gamestop inserts even if I find the game I'm looking for. Point in case last night I was looking for Marvel Ultimate Alliance ever since that TNT i've been itching for some more MUA action. I found a copy but it was in the gamestop box and I passed on it. I don't know WHY I do this as in the long run its nonsensical as I spend minimal time looking at my game cases anyways. But yet I continue to do this.

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Disc based - Yes, Carts - no

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if it's suuppper cheap, and a game i don't really care to have in my "coolection" but just want to play, i will. but gamestop doesn't even lower the price in those cases, so no.

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I just don't buy used full stop, but I guess I kinda see why you'd wanna not buy some gamestop branded shit? I dunno, places here don't brand their used games or whatever.

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@Zidd said:

Disc based - Yes, Carts - no

Basically this. I don't even check out those weird blank boxes Gamestop has.

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I usually don't care. I transfer a lot of the console games I own into a disc wallet to save space since my Xbox is on my desk.

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@AlexW00d: I'm talking about the games people bring in that are JUST the discs. When gamestop gets just disc trade ins they put the discs in gamestop branded cases.

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It pisses me off more when I buy a game new at gamestop and they don't have any of the original cases so it is in a little paper cd case (bought Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition like last year and they didn't have the case).

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I've bought used without case before, but certainly not from Gamestop, and I'll only do it for a lower than normal price.

Been doing it for the last couple of PSP titles I bought because all I'm going to do is put them on a memory stick anyway (conserves battery, allows me to carry more than one).

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@Demoskinos said:

@AlexW00d: I'm talking about the games people bring in that are JUST the discs. When gamestop gets just disc trade ins they put the discs in gamestop branded cases.

OH. Well in that case, if the guy who owned it before lost the fucking case then I wouldn't to see the state the motherfucker left the disc in.

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Depends on the price, and how hard it is to find the game with a case for a similar price.

I can't imagine a circumstance where I would refuse to buy a cheap game I wanted simply because it didn't have the case/manual.

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If I just need a second co-op disk for my kid's 360 then I don't mind but normally, I want the case.

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@Demoskinos: I do the same thing. If theres no instruction booklet thats a no buy situation as well, despite the fact that I never read the manual and these days it's a 2 page copyright insert. I don't care that the game is used but I do want to get everything that came with it and nothing looks worse on your shelf than that one game with the dumb GameStop stock insert.

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as an avid collector i wont.i flat out refuse to buy it.regardless of how badly i want it. i spent 50 dollars on dead rising 2 even though i could have gotten it for 20 but it didnt have a case. what pisses me off,is they dont lower the price if the game doesnt have a case.in fact,most places will give you less trade in for a game with no case.bullshit.

the only exception is left for dead 2. i bought it just to shut my girlfriend up and now it sits there.a blank white case.mocking me......MOCKING ME.

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YES!!! I need my shit complete mang. I am not a collector either, I just need shit to be right, and a generic gamestop case is not right. I have a few of those incompletes thanks to gamestop.com. :(

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I will sometimes pay extra for the original case and manual for disc games. Don't care about it for cart games though.

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Yesterday I bought a copy of Lethal Weapon for the SNES with the box. Now I got Riggs and Murtaugh on my shelf.

I'll buy cartirdges without boxes, but not discs. I accidentally bought 23 bucks worth of disc games with no boxes on eBay. Waste of money. Might as well whip them into the fucking river.

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As others have said, I'll buy cartridges even if they don't have their original boxes, but not discs. Seeing those substitute DVD cases that Gamestop uses is an immediate "no buy" for me.

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Sometimes, but it's not usually a big deal. Really it depends on the game. Only game I regret not having that stuff for is Wind Waker, which I had to rebuy after a friend of mine lost my copy, which he was borrowing, during a move. I have on occasion bounced into a couple nearby gamestops looking for that stuff (when there are like 3 in the same mall complex or I'm driving to a place with a gamestop nearby) or bought a second used copy when I saw it had some stuff I was missing and then returned the bare bones copy later on.

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@NegativeCero said:

I will sometimes pay extra for the original case and manual for disc games. Don't care about it for cart games though.

Basically this.

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If it's like $5? Sure, it's only $5. Maybe ten. Any more than fifteen, though, and it's the case or no deal.

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I try not to buy used unless it's in mint condition. The few times I have bought used I have always regretted it because they plaster those fucking stickers on the case. I want to buy some new cases, but I can't justify spending $15-$20 for a few empty boxes.

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Only if it's the free game in a buy 2 get 1 free deal. Those things look worse than the old cases that rental games used to come in.

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I sometimes do it, but not generally. Depends on how badly I want it really. In a somewhat related question, do you ever pass on buying the game used to buy it new? Had that happen over the weekend with FF XIII-2.

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No, not really. I don't usually care if my box covers are the original. They all stack well on a shelf and that's all I care about.

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Nope. The only games in cases I have on my shelves are my absolute favorites, the rest I just stick in a booklet of sleeves.

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Usually, but if it's a game that I've been looking for for a long time/is hard to find, I'll get it despite it not having the original packaging.

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I'll go out of my way to get the original packaging, but I'll make exceptions if the price is cheap enough, and its a game I don't really care about.

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For a while after I bought my Wii a few years ago, I would refuse to purchase Gamecube games with the little notch on the bottom. I always associated this with Blockbuster cases. I always wondered why almost all the games had this notch. I then realized that all the games were sold in the major retailers had this notch. All those games, and yet I refused to buy them if they had the notch.

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Only one time did I not, because for some reason the game was hard to find. BUt yeah, gotta have games with the case because come on, how do you put a sole disc into your collection?

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@Zidd said:

Disc based - Yes, Carts - no

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I don't necessary always pass because the original packaging isn't available, but it will give me pause, and it will make me ask myself if its really worth getting used, especially if its a newer game.

For some reason I am more tolerant of crappy packaging if the game is old.

This makes no sense, but whatever.

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I've only bought one game without a case before. It annoys me to have that blank case sitting there with all my other games so needless to say no, I don't buy games that don't have there original cases anymore. Chances are if it doesn't the game itself is in poor condition.

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you people are crazy. I do it all the time, it's not like it's a big deal one way or the other.

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@Animasta: Can't lie more often then not Aesthetics trump functionality for me. This is one of those instances for me.

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Where do those lost cases even go? Is there a subset of people out there who buy games, play them, destroy the packaging, then sell them back to Gamestop? Baffling.

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Never, I don't care about packaging and never touch the manuals/inserts anyway.

So, do you avoid digital downloads when more expensive physical copies are available?

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@hawkinson76: No, actually I bought Skyrim on launch on Steam instead of opting for a Physical copy along with Deus Ex and other new games on launch.

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I don't care. Usually, it's a game I want to play badly enough that I just want to have it. I'm not much of a collector, either. I just get the games I want to play in the moment.

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@Demoskinos said:

@Animasta: Can't lie more often then not Aesthetics trump functionality for me. This is one of those instances for me.

I mean at some point you can literally just get some nicer, thicker paper and print it out, surely? This guy saying he paid 30 dollars more because it had a cover is fucking crazy