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Well they where really old, and i don't feel like saying my rant again in my blog about theses games. Also if anyone had play them or wants to know what they are i would like for you to keep it here for me thanks.

And what i mean by mech games is Mechwarrior and their other games in the universe, table top is welcome too!

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I played a few hundred hours of Chromehounds with a few friends the summer it was released.  Does that count? 

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Sure, thats about the best we get for this gen. We never got Mech warrior 5. So i will add that in too.

anyone who has played Chromehounds is welcome to talk here too.  On anthor note what squad are you in, haven't played a gme in ages

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Oh neither have I...our squad was called the Whizzinators.  Google it. ;)

We played mostly late at night so we were usually pitted up against Japanese players.  It was great fun and the Japanese are very competitive at mech games.  More often than not after we completely destroyed our opposition we'd get a "good game" message in broken English over Xbox Live.

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