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New indie game based on the slenderman mythos. No joke I got shivers while playing which has NEVER happened, not even in amnesia. It's a beta or alpha I believe at this point but it's solid and seriously messed with my head. Basically I started playing, felt pure terror and absolute horror for about 25 minutes, my flashlight failed and I got so stressed out that I immediately committed suicide in the game.


Direct download (freeware)


Check it out (also, we should get Patrick's attention once he's back as he's into this genre these days, I'd love to see a quick look of it)

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Figured I'd give it a go, currently downloading, thanks for the heads up and I'll let you know what I think!

Okay, so holy shit that was really good. I have to admit I only got 5/8 pages before shit when down. I thought the whole atmosphere it created with the desolate woods, combined with the slow build of the music as you collect the pages was really effective.

Also when the Slender man appears I thought the screen blurring and the ear-piercing noise really added a lot to it too. I got the shivers around that point. Then after I collected the fifth page I ended up getting face to face with the slender man, and damn was that creepy. Even having it literally boot me to my desktop was an interesting final jolt to the system.

I gotta admit, I'm really interested to see what the final product would look like. The only shortcoming I have is really that the area you have to explore isn't the largest, but in this case it's not the worst thing in the world. Actually, come to think of it, it seems like it's only really good as a one play game? I haven't tried to boot it up again and collect all the pages. I'm sure I will at some point in the near future, but I fear that I kind of know what's in store for me already and the atmosphere is damaged because of that knowledge...

One more thing, it made me think of playing The Path, only more effective in sending a chill down my spine and less thinking about the sordid pasts of little girls.

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Make sure to play with head phones and lights out for maximum terror (obvious I know)

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Nothing was scary about that trailer. Nothing. And I'm not some big fuckin hardass about horror, I'm not far off a wuss really but come on.

That character model is ridiculous.

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@EuanDewar: Forget the trailer, try it. I'm a very stoic gamer in general, I thought amnesia reactions were exaggerated but this game seriously affected me physically...if you are any kind of survival horror fan, check it out. I was skeptical when my brother told me to play, but goddamn was he right.

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It seems to kinda lose its effect when you relize all your really gotta do is not look at him. He never attacks you and playing lots of minecraft (endermen) has kinda made it easy to not focus on somthing. 

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@EarlessShrimp: Yeah it was like the path but way more fleshed out...but a similar psychological effect. I agree though I got tired of walking and the run being so limited while hunting for pages. I got about 4 before shit got real bad for me.

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@EuanDewar: I noticed the character model wasn't ideal, some of the textures here and there were kind of muddy, but you really should try it to get a feel for the atmosphere. It's not a terribly long game, so why not?

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I assume most players would have gotten it pretty quickly but it would have been nice if you threw a spoiler alert in there =(

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@Ducksworth said:

@The_Laughing_Man I assume most players would have gotten it pretty quickly but it would have been nice if you threw a spoiler alert in there =(

Its plainly said in the above site linked. 
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@The_Laughing_Man said:

@Ducksworth said:

@The_Laughing_Man I assume most players would have gotten it pretty quickly but it would have been nice if you threw a spoiler alert in there =(

Its plainly said in the above site linked.

Ah, I see. Went straight for the download myself, oh well.

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I did and i lost 300 pounds.

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I haven't played it myself, but I did watch the YouTube personality PewDiePie play it - and that's fun.

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Downloading right now. Thanks duder!

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I got 4 pages in then quit, I couldn't take it anymore. Honestly, we've finally figured out horror in games.

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Didn't even get one page, saw the Slender man, freaked the fuck out, and hit esc. It's 12:18pm here so there's no excuse on my part!

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Is this basically the Marble Hornet series turned into a game? 
Because the Marble Hornet stuff is fucking creepy (at least the first 30 entries)

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Haha, this game sounds more psychologically abrasive than Amnesia or Call of Cthulhu:DCotE.

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I haven't gotten further than 5 pages yet, it seems that's the turning point for Slender Man to just go batshit mental and fucking kill you.

I'm a massive massive wimp, but I love horror games. There's just something about that fear they induce in me that keeps me coming back like an abused spouse going back to their abusive partner.

Here's me and my girlfriend playing Slender the other night. Yes, I'm far, far more scared than her.

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The amount of freeware indie horror games coming out seems insane. Also I love that it's happening.

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My brother recommended it to me, also. I have it downloaded and I'll play it tonight. He told me that after playing it he was absolutely terrified, just frozen with fear. I'm looking forward to playing it!

Update: I found two pages, then saw him in the distance. I, I don't want to talk about it anymore...that sound...

Seriously, if you are interested in horror games: Play this.

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Holyshit guys, reading the comments on here already scare the hell out of me :(

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@Castermhief117: Same here, which is why I've hesitated on trying this game out, hehe.

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The file is removed...anywhere else to get it from?

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I guess I'm the weird one this time.

I love the horror genre. Particularly "true horror" that focuses on absolute dread rather than cheap gore shocks or jump scares. Love Amnesia, gifted it to half a dozen people on Steam. This one did nothing for me. I think it may be because I've always thought the whole "Slender Man" thing was kind of dumb.


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Just played a couple of minutes and got a few pages, then I saw the slender man. After knocking over my drink and jumping out of my chair I think it's safe to say I'm not playing this game anymore tonight.

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Slender Man does nothing for me. I'll never understand how, with all the pants-shitting imagery and stories floating around on the net, a faceless be-tentacled guy in a suit somehow became the icon of terror.

Still, in this burgeoning "stalker survival" sub-genre, I can think of far worse concepts. If SCP: Containment Breach can make that silly looking killer statue scary, then there's hope for Slendy. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

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What was Brad on when he said on the bombast saying this didn't count as a game!! ... Although it is really simple it's so fucking effective and way more scary than Amnesia, it deserves a quick look!

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Yeah the Slenderman got me after the halfway point, too. It was crazy. This was probably the first thing that shook me up since Amnesia.

Has anyone here gotten all 8 pages?

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Played it now, everytime I see him I just giggle at how bad the model is and move on.

Ain't doin it for me lads, sorry.

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Nice! Patrick mentioned it in his Worth Reading column, here's hoping for a quick look now!

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I played a couple of times, and yeah, I'm not too keen on putting myself through it again.

What I don't like is the now hundreds of youtube channels that have a playthrough of this with "reaction shots" of people clearly overacting scared. This will be the new "youtube gold" like Happy Wheels, Amnesia and Minecraft.

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Saw a let's play video of it and it freaked me the fuck out. This game would make a awesome live stream for the bombcrew to check out, Brad just playing it in the dark with someone else, make it happen!

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I downloaded it, played it for about ten minutes, found 4 pages... and was so tense. Went into that bathroom looking for another one, walked to the back wall... turned around and he was RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE! I instantly mashed the escape button, got booted to my desktop and haven't gone back since. Honestly one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

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I really like that pressing escape brings you back to the desktop and doesn't save your progress. it's like a big "fuck you" to the player.

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED will play this tonight. The impressions here are glorious :D