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During PAX East, PowerA actually gave away free blutooth Android MOGA Controllers. This "pocket" edition has dual sticks, two shoulder triggers, four buttons, and a start/select button.

It requires that you download a free "MOGA Pivot" app that has the drivers and its own little mini-marketplace for MOGA-compatible games, however the MOGA can also be used with emulators such as Super GNES (I had to tinker with the settings a bit but I was totally playing Chrono Trigger with my MOGA at some point).

I think it's really cool, but the only drawback would be that some batteries like the one on my old Droid Bionic don't have enough capacity to support extended amounts of play time.

They're actually going to have a Pro edition that'll sell for $50, but that's later this month, if I remember correctly. I've had a lot of fun with it so far but I'm not sure if I'll go all the way and get the Pro edition. Anyone else here try it?

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Sounds like the old MOGA controller, I'm using it now and it works great. The battery life is unexpectedly good. To get the functionality that I wanted from it (to be used with any emulator), there's a third party driver that has to be downloaded from Google Play. I don't recall if it requires root or not, but with it installed, I'm able to use MOGA with nearly any emulator.

Though for some reason I'm unable to get it working on Retroarch. Not that it's much of an issue since I don't have much use for the Retroarch app.