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I know I'm a LLTTP, but I just missed Borderlands completely. Had other things going on, etc... I would like to pick it up as I like what I've heard about it, just wondering if I could convince anyone to start with me? Preferably not a 2nd playthrough, but whatever is ok. Let me know if anyone is interested. 

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@whallett: 360 or PC?
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ehhh i'd have to reinstall it...Nah.

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Sold my copy 3 weeks ago when I realised that no one was gonna play it again.
Where were you 3 weeks ago? Too late now.

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If you change your mind, let us know. 

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I would but my character is at level 61 and I really don't feel like starting a new one.  I'll gladly help you on some of the DLC packs if you get to a high enough level.

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Awesome, thanks Zicab! 

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I would totally be on board for this: my character is only level thirty or so and I have yet to play Borderlands co-op, but I just don't have much free time to play M-rated games.  I have a two year old, and she takes up a lot of my gaming time.  I followed you whallett and if things change I'll PM you.  By the way are you asking for 360?

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I think I'm going to go with Steam (Zithe had steam). If you have Borderlands-Steam and can make it work, I'd be happy to play with you. 

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If you're asking for 360, i'll help. I only have a level 50 some berserker, but i would like to start a new character. I'm going to follow you. 
If you're asking for pc, well, my pc can't run Borderlands :(

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Bummer, I don't have Borderlands on PC.  The only PC in our house that would run Borderlands is my wife's laptop and I try to limit how much time I spend on it.  I do the majority of my gaming on the 360.  Good luck to you!  Hope you can get a game together.

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So we have one, and he's great. Would love to have a couple more guys to play with. We're up to about 20, but you get there really quick, so anyone below 20 we can help you out and catch you up. PC/Steam Borderlands, if you missed it, now's your chance to get back in. Thanks to Jeff for all the proselytizing. 

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Oh, PC version. I can't play then. Sorry :(

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I'm playing it on the PC. First time, and I'm at level 9.
I have to admit though, that I'm horrible at it, which is why I usually avoid multiplayers.
But you know, one has to start somewhere, so let me know if you guys want some deadweight along.

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@TheJohn: No worries man. I was terrible too just a few days ago. The game was a little intimidating, the world was confusing, the mission structure (in multiplayer) is confusing, but it didn't take long to figure it out, and while I'm not great at the game, I feel like I have a basic understanding now and am getting better.  Let me know what your Steam and/or Gamespy name and I'll try looking you up and take you around a bit. 
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Hey dude, Ill play with you, I love Borderlands.  Unfortunately I should be doing college apps right now, so I might not be on a whole lot. What class you play?
Steam username = reeftrigger

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Aww hell, now that I see we got more guys, I'm gonna have to get my work done so I can hop back in asap.

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I'm DieJohnDie on Steam and Gamespy 
A name more fitting than I intended when I thought of the old Simpsons joke :-)
I've gotten my feet wet today, thanks to LordCmndrStryker, who took me through a quest - and I think it's pretty fun. I'm at level fourteen now, I think, and I'm seeing the benefit of co-op multiplayer. Them 'roided up psychos are pretty damn badass

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Whoo! time to powerlevel to catch up with you guys... or go back and find one of my old saves XD.
Also what classes are you guys? (Roland all the way for me)