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Just got iOS4 updated and finally made an account.  Like always it's Kaos Angel (YES APPLE ALLOWS SPACES!  XD), anyone else update their OS yet?
Let's add people up and thank you Apple for finally making achivements more crazier and hopefully we can sync our Apple IDs with Giant Bomb soon!  
iOS4 is fucking awesome on the 3GS!

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Only have iTouch 3G, but I didn't think this was going out until the 24th?
Don't get my hopes up, man!

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It's the real deal man.  Game Center works just fine, as do the folders and the multi-tasking.  I fucking love it thus far.  It's a shame I have to get rid of my iPhone 3GS later this month for the iPhone 4.  :\
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Eh? When does this release?

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The Gold Master came out today, and it's fucking great.  Try it out!
EDIT:  My friends have tried to upgrade their 3G and hate it.  Apparently all you can do is change Folders.  It's gimped as shit.  :\

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Sweet!  The live update is up, so we can finally swap IDs!  I made this thread a few weeks too early.  :P

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Im updating mine now - soon as it installs and ive got my head round it ill throw my id out :D

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@KaosAngel: Alright i just updated to IOS4 and am slowly wrapping my head around it, however i can not see game centre ANYWHERE on the phone, nor in the appstore - is it not out yet? for some reason google searching is bringing me no answers as to whether it is out or not  on the 3gs
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I have the update, but see no gamecenter? wha?

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You sure?  It's an app right on the phone, as it's own separate thing.   O_o  That is strange...how does the Gold Master have it and not the "public", both Gold Masters and public are supposed to be 100% same as with all the other updates. 
EDIT:  I just got a couple friend requests too, so I know it works.
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@KaosAngel: 100% sure it aint there buddy - just managed to folder everything in my phone onto one page! no more side scrolling!! But no matter where i've looked and all the settings too, nothing about game centre. 
The very little scuttlebutt i've heard online through googling is that it may not be in the final build and is being tweaked for release in the summer, could just be BS though
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I'm 100% sure it's not on my phone either.

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@OmegaPirate: Do you have a 3G or 3GS?
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Yeah I'm not seeing it either. I have an iPhone 3Gs 32 GB. Just updated to iOS 4.0. My iTunes version is 9.2.

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Not on the 3G either.

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It has to be there, somewhere.  I just got a couple friend requests.  One of them was from a couple weeks ago but the rest were all today.  O_o
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No game center here either. 3GS 32gb.

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Perhaps it's region-specific? I'm in the UK, maybe it's not out over here...?

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I also have a 3GS 32GB. Maybe it's America-specific at this time?

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only have a ipad right now so no gamecenter

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I'm in North America and I don't have Game Center.  I just have a 2G iPod touch.  Is this one of the features they omit from older iPods and iPhones?  Weird, It doesn't seem like that strenuous of an app.

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I don't see it on my 32gb Ipod touch 3rd gen. Maybe it's not out for the iPods?

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According to various sites, this is launching later this year. Delayed for various reasons, Google "Gamecenter + iOS4" to learn more.

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just like ibooks, Gamecenter was not planned to be part of the iOS, its going to be given out for free on the app store later on in the year, if you want it now you must use the GM.

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i can wait...

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