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I haven't checked yet, but are the discounts and, er, price hikes actually in effect? I mean, it is actually on Xbox Live, for God's sake. It just shows how April Fool's is blended seamlessly into technology.

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Ther rest of the content is actually fairly cheap. I'm not sure if this includes Shiering Isles. Just like Thieves Den, and Mages Tower. The fact they are self-aware enough that horse armor was stupid, then go "hey, it's more expensive" is awesome

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Ha, that's pretty awesome. 

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Yeah, I read about that on MTV Multiplayer. I got a laugh out of it.

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I wonder if anybody fell for that, but that is pretty funny.

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Karmum said:
"I wonder if anybody fell for that, but that is pretty funny."
It's actually real; everything but horse armor IS half-off!  I should know because I almost bought Shivering Isles before remembering how much I hate the game!
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Haha thats great!

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Only double? That's a steal, everyone should jump at the chance!!!!!! It's a bargain!!!!

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Yeah, horse armor is 400 points now. I took advantage of the 400 point Knights of the Nine.

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I love the fact that they doubled horse armor's price.  I already bought the good Oblivion DLC though.

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I want to know the sales numbers for today. At least one person had to buy this!