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Sega has history of making great games, and leaving them in the Arcade.

Ever since the Saturn lots of people were begging for ports of their Model 2 and 3 games. With the Dreamcast they got better it got better, but still things missing.

And that is still especially the case today with people asking for games like Border Break, Planet Harriers, Virtua Cop 3, Ollie King (just for OST alone) and it goes on and on.

Also note that while the Quality may look bad on these games on the pic, but the games truly pop and are butter smooth in person, as is proven by the latest Model 2 PSN/XBLA Releases of games, and also After Burner Climax.

Just a few details on their recent games; since they are the most unknown:

Sega Race TV, R-Tuned, Hummer racing game:

Strangely these games are the only Sega arcade games that have "Boosts". SEGA Race TV is the most notable game to me, it seems to mix Outrun, F-Zero GX, with the vibe of Crazy Taxi. Infact, I think people that the people that made F-Zero GX made this game, the way you drive over fields that give you boost and stuff. Also it's the last game by Yu Suzuki. That Hummer racing game looks like Excite Truck HD.

Loving Deads: House of the Dead EX:

This game is really interresting to me. I like the Artstyle and just the whackyness and variety of Minigames of it.

I belive this to be the Typing of the Dead of this Generation.

Let's go Jungle/Island:

This game seems to have the humor of AM3/Hitmaker with the likes of Crazy Taxi and minigames of Virtua Tennis. Just the cheesyness of the voica acting and the characters. Also looks colorful. A typical turret rail shooter (unlimited ammo)

Shining Force Cross and Border Break:

The 2 most recent Arcade games that by Sega are supposed to re-vitalize the Arcade market at least in Japan.

Cross looks like a PSO type deal with a Fantasy Setting, with more immidiate combat. (could be a cool PSN/XBLAgame).

Whilst Border Break, is a Mecha 3rd Person Shooter, from people the impressions have been really good.

Both of these games are updated regularly similar to Virtua Fighter has been.

Some other interresting things:

Sega never ports their Bike or board games. Only car games seem to be the ones getting ports.

Anyone have memories and impressions of games displayed in the picture? Which one would be worth porting to consoles? Which games are missing?