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are games becoming to massive to be colectable in the future

i remeber the good old days with those anoyingly breakable cardbard boxes from snes and n64 games to those weak cases the ps1 and dreamcast had  and noone knew that a perfectly boxed chrono trigger would fetch a bomb on ebay in later years' or a complete samba de amigo set would fetch way over 100 £.  but with games being put in almost industructable plastic cases and games being sold by the millions are rare gems in the future a thing of the past.
                                                                                (a complete copy of chron trigger will fetch well over 80£)
a love colecting retro cideo games perticualy dreamcast games and im not a weird one that puts them in glass cabinets and never play them and i would never ever sell a rare game for profit i really dont see the point it brings me joy just to have a rare game in my collection and that the way it should be.

                                                    (a xbox 360 copy of gta4 in its plastic box ans sold buy the milions this will never be a rare game)

so what will save us from this non rare and collectable future the awnser is limeted aditions  wether they are preoder bonuses like hats or shirts or even a 30 faceplat to bonus soundtrak cd's and demos there will always be limeted adition cases with that o so sexy cardboard sleve or fancy tin case with art books and the rest of the lim dit goodnes.

                                                                                 ( a special edition copy of crsis core with art book and cardboard sleeve)

there may still be hope after all with these special additions coming out there will always be that special copy of a game that everyones wants  and remember next time u buy a decent game get the special addition go on splash out and treat your self.

(thanks for reading sorry for bad grammer or what ever im a bit of a tard with english and most the picture came from ebay lol)

callum t :p                                     
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The only way I see games becoming rare nowadays is if it only gets made in small numbers or has a limited edition that is only made in small numbers. If you look at Star Wars Galaxies there are many different copies of it, one which is a collectors edition which isn't being made anymore and you can get quite a lot of money for that. There's also limited edition copies of World of Warcraft which sell for quite a bit.

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I don't think games will ever become rare these days unless companies start doing extremely low numbers of their Limeted editions

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Yeah, they're too mass produced to have collection appeal.

The examples of recent collectible fare I can recall are Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Those two games still fetch a decent price on eBay.

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I build my collection for myself, I don't care about selling them later. I regret selling all my PS1 games and since then never thought about selling any of my games, good or bad.

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certain games will be... like games from "Atlus" they never seem to ship alot of copies of the the game they make

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There will always be great games that sell less than they should. Good luck finding Shin Megami Tensei: Noctourne.

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i really do hope they start bringing out smaller exclusives

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They recently reprinted "Shin Megami Tensei - Nocturne", so it should be fairly easy to find now. I do agree with Pikachu about the Atlus games. It was almost impossible to find Etrian Odyssey before it was rereleased in the PAL region.

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Small time games like those released by Introversion or Team Shanghai Alice might become collectable.  Something like GTA4, which sells millions upon millions of copies will be easy to find in the future - but the few dozen thousand (if that) sold by bedroom programmers will be rather rare indeed.

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Alot of games of today will be rare in a few years.
Such as Okami, Ico and other games which are ignored by most.

Pikmin 2 is quite expensive to buy, saw a copy on ebay last week for £50 with bids on it.

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Everything becomes rare with enough time.

It's like what Tyler Durden said. "On a long enough timeline, all survivability rates turn to 0."

Once things like GTA4 are out of print, they'll be rare. It will just take longer. 
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Arkthemaniac said:
"Everything becomes rare with enough time.
It's like what Tyler Durden said. "On a long enough timeline, all survivability rates turn to 0."

Once things like GTA4 are out of print, they'll be rare. It will just take longer. 
My mate can do a perfect impression of Tyler Durden manicly laughing.
Also its true, already games like lost in blue are hard to find, only because it has been dis-continued and theres only owned copies floating about.