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The 3DS is not meeting the expectations of Nintendo and consumers, Zelda Ocarina 3D was the first 3DS title to make it into the Top 10 NDP. After 6 months of lukewarm sales Nintendo has dropped the US price by $80 from $250 to $170.

The PSP Vita is going to retail at $250 dollars and at that price they are taking a loss along with having to cut RAM to be competitive, from 512mb to 256mb, with their opponent floundering at weak sales what future does the Vita hold and dedicated handheld gaming?

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Absolutely....just look at what the iPod Touch and iPhone are doing.

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I vote "No". I don't have a smartphone and I'm not certain that smartphones are actually having that significant an impact on game handheld sales. I don't own a smartphone (or a cell phone) and I don't plan to any time soon so I still value dedicated gaming handheld devices. Also, I do most of my handheld gaming in the house anyways and not outside; I just consider it like another console.

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I don't think they're going away, but I don't see a handheld ever having the same success the DS did.

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No. The 3DS's failure seems to be more in line with not having a compelling line up. Handhelds usually have a bit of a rocky start, especially when they are more iterative such as the Vita and 3DS. I don't think the '3D' in 3DS is really helping, either.

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I say yes. My niece has an ipod touch with games, apps, movies, books, and can akes pictures. When I asked her why she didn't ask for a 3DS, she said it only had games.

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Unless smartphones can offer a true handheld experience a game on a DS can offer, then no, handheld consoles aren't going anywhere in the near future. The smartphone market is negligible smaller compare to the supreme dominance that is Nintendo's handheld consoles (in numbers sold anyways, smartphones is a growing market).

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I clicked yes, but not because of currents events. I think that smart phones, and as an extension smart phone gaming, are going to become so ubiquitous down the road the market for dedicated gaming handhelds is going to become small enough to make it irrelevant. Smart phone technology changes so fast that a perspective that extends forever the limitation for phone games controls isn't sound. Eventually Nintendo and Sony are going to make premium software for future phones, but not have hardware of their own.

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I think the Vita* will probably give a good idea of how future handhelds will go, at least by anyone other than Nintendo. The failure of the 3DS so far is down to small, more obvious reasons than the iphone for example. Lack of good software / high (unreasonable / uncompetitive) price / lack of features from launch (eshop etc) / non-identity. In general, a lack of reason to buy one.  
I don't think handhelds can go away at least not unless they give people a reason to buy them. Millions of people bought the Wii as a Wii Fit machine, same people bought the PS2 to play DVDs. You need to convince people to buy something by giving them a reason; even just one. The reason the iphone sells so well, is because apple very plainly points out a few main features the device can do; if they tried to list the myriad things you can do on a smartphone it would be overwhelming for most people but they show people playing a simple game, checking emails etc  
Another problem with the 3DS is you need to play it to understand it. Its easy saying glasses free 3D but thats so hard to convey. I've only been to a handful of 3D films so i don't know if this is done, but i would have a 3D advertisement running for 3DS in every film and every screen of a 3D film. 
I think nintendo just overestimated how much people would want to buy a machine which at the moment only really does 3D, and underestimated the appeal of good software. I've been curious to see, even before this price drop, which shocked me actually, especially the amount they dropped, but i'd be interested to see how well Mario 3D does. If that dosen't ship 5 million 3DSs at least, then its a failure. Although i think Nintendo's more aware than Sony / Apple or other smartphone / handheld competitors how easy it is to sell the hardware if you have one great piece of software or one identifier; like Dance Central for Kinect. People understand what it is when you use it or watch someone. Similar to brain age for DS or even the original mario games for NES/SNES. 
I voted for B because i feel that handhelds as gadgets can't go away, if anything its easier now to get people to buy stuff they don't need but i do think that they should move with the times. When Nintendo said you could take 3D pictures and watch 3D films on the device i couldn't believe it, it seemed like a hundred million sold right there, but you don't hear anything about that.  
I think they expected more from word of mouth, which is the only thing that will get people at least to notice it. Unfortunately they put a prohibitive price tag on it and terrible software so even the initial supporters don't have a reason to buy it. That and as much as 3DS sounds and looks good, to most people on the ads they'll see better graphics and they can already play all of the great games the DS has on their DS, if they even play it anymore.  
I think if mario doesn't sell well or a revised design with FAR better battery doesn't shift more units then its dead. If those don't do anything then i think the 'DS' brand, like the Gameboy is gone. Which brings in a new handheld/gimmick. Which i'm sure Nintendo of all people will be able to do.  
Its a pity, i've tried it and it seems cool but so far there's no reason to buy one.  
*I meant to make a point of the Vita but it didn't fit anywhere. The reason i mention that the Vita will be a good indicator of future handhelds is how Sony market it. They seem to be going for this active lifestyle thing which is ok but it looks to be pretty cumbersome and the one thing about smartphones and the clamshell design of the DS is that it was extremely portable. I think, considering its sony, that Vita may fail due to marketing but i'm interested to see how they pitch it to the mass market. I think it depends on how they try to present it; either the everything in your pocket / active lifestyle idea of a smartphone or the dedicated console gaming experience in your hand. Which ever one they go for, and if it works will show where handhelds are going. If anything they probably have a longer shelf life than consoles. 

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No, well, at least for me they're not. While it's true that I could play games on my smart phone, the problem is that I need my smart phone for everything else as well. My battery already dies extremely fast under my heavy use throughout the day. Throw in gaming and I'll be charging it so much that convenience will go out the window. Now obviously this will change in the future as the batteries within the devices improve, but at the moment it just doesn't cut it for me. There's also the issue of the games available. I haven't looked too deeply, but at a glance what's available today seems lacking in comparison to the libraries that will soon exist on the Vita and 3DS.