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As the value of these games are still on the rise, is anyone buying these games to play them or to collect them. Myself I still like to play as I feel that they have more of a memorable feel to them, and as for the new games that are coming out are either multiplayer games or open world games.

As for you guys do you still play a NES or a Genesis game here or there?

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Yes. All the time.

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Yes, I still buy a lot of old carts too.

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@GameReviews:  My friends and I fire up some Family Feud for the NES every now and then.  The toughest part is putting your mind into 1991 mode bc that's when the game was released.  Questions like, "name a famous news reporter," are way tougher bc it's like hmmmm who was reporting back in 91? lol
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Haha thats pretty cool.....sad part is i wasnt even born in 1991 lol. I just really enjoy the older games more than the new ones. 
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On topic, I have my SNES hooked up to my old CRT. The thing still gets used pretty frequently.

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@GameReviews: Oh man...now that makes me feel old lol
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I play FF4 and 6 every few years, but other than that, not really. Sometimes something old comes out for XBL Arcade and I get excited and buy it, then it sucks because it's old and boring. Some old games will always be good, but many old games sucked ass even when they were new heh

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That's like asking if babies are still being born.

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Barely ever

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Lately, I play retro games more often than newer titles. I don't know why, but I love the classics. Additionally, most newer titles I've played have been games like Cave Story and Mega Man 10, which are retro.
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I still hook up the old NES and Genesis occasionally.  Definitely brings back memories of early grade school.

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I play old PC games and PS1 games.

The PC games are mostly because of Steam Sales and the PS1 games are all numbered Final Fantasy games.

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i play some old playstation classics like metal gear solid, syphon filter and xbla games like centipede or earth worm jim. personaly i think they are better than modern games. RETRO FTW

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Over the past few years I've played a lot of old PC adventure games and sometimes I'll pick up the odd game here and there on XBLA or PSN. I also have a bunch of virtual console stuff on my Wii, though I haven't even turned that thing on in quite a long time :/

I didn't play games from about 1994-2005 (other than some PC adventure games here and there), so I've been playing some downloadable PSX titles on PSN as well, like FFVII and Parasite Eve. I've always got a lot to catch up on, so I love having access to older games.

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I play N64, PS1, PS2 and Gamecube games on the (semi) regular. I also still play certain game boy and GBA games, my NES and SNES got sold at a car boot years ago by my dad and I never got new ones. I do have a fair amount of virtual console games though.

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Oh, yes, all the time!  NES, TG-16, old arcade, SNES, Sega Genesis, Master System . . . I love that stuff!  The continuing popularity of old games, and the success of new games with retro ambiance, prove that simple mechanics and 2D fields of play will never be phased out. 

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There was a stage 2 years back where I was collecting SNES games, trying to get them complete with box and instruction is either expensive or rare but very satisfying (especially A Link To The Past which cost me the price of a new game). Unfortunately I don't really play them and the only one I've managed to beat was Super Metroid.

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Yes I play them.

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IF you ever get a chance to play a playstation classic, play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. 
That game is fucking awesome!
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It depends on what defines retro. I've been playing some of the older Zelda games, but only delving into the 3d portions (OoT, MM, and WW). I'm also going to play Chrono Trigger on my DS soon, since I never have and only hear good things about it.

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Just played Wario on my gameboy yesterday

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@GameReviews said:

@jeresur: IF you ever get a chance to play a playstation classic, play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That game is fucking awesome!

It is really? I have never heard of this game. What is it about? Is it a shadowtroid type deal?

I don't play them much, but I have an epic collection of old carts.

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End of fucking story.

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I still play some of my old favorite PS1 RPGs. Not exactly retro, but classics non-the-less. I was thinking about buying a SNES again, but I don't need to waste the money.

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I've been neglecting my retro game collection this year. I bought Chrono Trigger on the Virtual Console and haven't touched it yet... perhaps I should already.

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I'm currently playing International Superstar Soccer Deluxe on the Snes. 

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Dingoo A320. Google it.

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on occasion.  PS1 still gets played frequently, i'm gonna try and beat some of my n64 and snes games once i finish up my newer games.

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Not really. I used to a lot more but I realized I was killing my memories of those games and those experiences as a kid, and I wanted to keep them as intact as I could. Nowadays I just youtube songs from the games or watch a quick clip of the games if I am feeling nostalgic. And while I wouldn't call PS1 "retro" (but it might be, I don't know how you define it), I do at times put in and play through Suikoden 1 & 2 again as they're two of my all time favorite games.

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I was playing an emulated version of Snatcher on the Sega CD, but then I left it for a few days, that turned into a few weeks, and now booting it up, I'm just confused as hell.

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I just started going over Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door again, does that count? Also I fucking love this game! One of my top 3 for sure.

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I have the Megadrive collection from Sega on my netbook. Occasionally play SNES with my cousin. Old fighting games pretty often via ggpo's adobe air app.

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Its probably the best Castlevania game. Just a sidescroller 2d game. Its known to be a easy pick for a top 100 game of all time.
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@GameReviews: (yo, I was making fun of your post. I know what SotN is.)

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I play my SNES a few times a year. 
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I play them all the time.

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kind of, i play emulator on my computer. i don't have a working NES. i don't plan on looking for one.

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Always, nuff said

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@GameReviews: I have played it and your right it's FUCKING AWESOME.
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hell yeah.

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SNES, NES, original GameBoy/Gameboy color, sometimes Atari 2600 games. Also Arcade (via emulators, shhh...) GBA, Playstation, N64 (although those last three are hardly retro, come on). I play them all the time. 
I never played anything on any SEGA system.

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I think "here or there" is the right way to put it. I'll play an old game, but if its not on VC or something, I'm not thrilled with the hassle of pulling out an old system.

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Not really, I should be though. I miss them.