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#1 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

After playing Secret World for a while I realized that I don't like MMOs that much. Do you have any game genres that you simply can't like or are you open minded?

#2 Posted by impartialgecko (1790 posts) -

I'm not a fan of JRPGs, I've tried to appreciate them but the cultural barrier prevents me from ever identifying with the characters (the only exception being the Persona games for some reason).

#3 Posted by JoeyRavn (5166 posts) -

Sports games.

#4 Edited by Cloudenvy (5877 posts) -

RTS games.

#5 Edited by CaLe (4535 posts) -

JRPGs, which is strange because I used to like them.

Magic the gathering type games (Card games?)

Simulators (besides Forza/Gran Turismo)

Sports games

MOBA games

#6 Posted by Soapy86 (2689 posts) -

@CaLe said:

Sports games

MOBA games

#7 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

The more I play survival horror games, the more I realize how few of them are actually worth playing.

#8 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

@Soapy86 said:

@CaLe said:

Sports games

MOBA games

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (13667 posts) -

I don't do MMOs either (or any game that is multiplayer focused). It's a shame since a lot of MMOs really look stunning.

#10 Posted by EuanDewar (5156 posts) -

PC games

#11 Posted by TobbRobb (5406 posts) -

Sports, MMOs, and statbased shooters.

#12 Posted by audioBusting (1958 posts) -

I can't stand RTS. It bugs me since so many of my friends enjoy Starcraft 2 and MOBA games.

#13 Posted by Damodar (1742 posts) -

MMOs. I'm also completely sick of what this generation of consoles has done to the first person shooter.

#14 Posted by RedCream (780 posts) -

MMOs, Racing and RTS

MMOs for the fact that a lot of them has no "end" but I've yet to try MMOs that have branching story lines and such so I won't write them off completely.

I like Racing Sims and I spent a ton of time on Gran Turismo 2 when I was young but I don't get the appeal of pure arcade racing.

RTS because I suck at it. I really want to like that genre but getting beat in Warcraft 3 by an AI on easy really hurts my self-esteem. I love MOBA though.

#15 Posted by ThatPrimeGuy (153 posts) -

MOBA games, I admit I mostly just hate the culture, watched my friend turn from a bro to just a fucking dick because of the crowd he plays LoL with, I know its not the norm, I didn't like them to begin with and after that happened I can't help but just not like them.

#16 Posted by guttridgeb (26 posts) -

RTS, Sports and Racing

#17 Edited by MoonlightMoth (545 posts) -

I don't think there are any genres I don't like, I tend to just be intergalactically awful at them such as RTS and fighting games.

#18 Posted by DuffO (21 posts) -

Turn-based RPGs were something I could never get into, with Super Mario RPG being the only real exception. I do wish I enjoyed playing them, though.

#19 Edited by believer258 (13374 posts) -

I can't name a single genre that I dislike as a whole, but I can tell you that I've never really been into RTS games. I can certainly enjoy them, and have before, but they are not my cup of tea.

Note that I've never played a MOBA, a visual novel, a roguelike, or an adventure game before. EDIT: Well, I've played The Walking Dead, but I put that down because it asked me to find a way to open a door, and I had to shuffle around a small room mashing A with no luck, something I really do not enjoy. So maybe adventure games, but I haven't played enough of them to know if all of them are like that.

#20 Posted by Morningstar (2338 posts) -

Fighting games and driving games I've never liked. MMO's I dont like anymore.

#22 Posted by Kidavenger (3992 posts) -

For the most part, I don't like first person perspective games, Valve games are the only ones that don't make me sick after playing for more than 5 minutes in first person.

#23 Posted by FrankieSpankie (228 posts) -

Point & Click Adventures. A lot of times it just has me pointing all over the screen just to see if I could find something and it drives me nuts.

When I was a little kid I used to love strategy games but it seems like with all of them that I play nowadays, I don't really like them anymore.

#24 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3414 posts) -

MOBAs, MMOs, Sports games, Driving games, and Fighting games, with a few rare exceptions.

#25 Posted by Teoball (709 posts) -

Sports, fighting and any kind of strategy game.

#26 Posted by living4theday258 (693 posts) -

sports games.

#27 Posted by Scottish_Sin (241 posts) -

Sports games. I'll play a Fifa game every few years to see how things are but other than that I just find them to be really boring.

#28 Posted by Ares42 (3165 posts) -

Never been a fan of horror games. I generally just hate games that are about running away from things (I like to take my time, and if there has to be a time limit I'd much rather work towards something), also I don't usually like overly dark games.

#29 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Sports games and FPS games.

#30 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

Sports games past the SNES, racing games, most puzzle games, and fighting games.

#31 Posted by Fredchuckdave (8554 posts) -

I don't actively dislike any genre unto itself and can play pretty much everyone well there's just some I don't really get around to playing like puzzle games or rail shooters. DotA clones are meh, I don't really think it is worthy of being described as a genre as long as almost every one uses extremely similar elements and of course the playerbase should probably be tossed in an oven before they make any major changes. I certainly liked Aeon of Strife back in the day and some element of that without the WC3 functions would have been great.

#32 Posted by UitDeToekomst (798 posts) -

Never been able to acquire a taste for JRPG or RTS games. I've warmed somewhat over the past year or so to FPS, but that was my least favorite genre for quite a while. Not really a genre, but I actively dislike most games with zombies as antagonists, and horror-themed stuff in general.

#33 Posted by aznjon12 (201 posts) -

Soccer Games

#34 Edited by Tomkang (276 posts) -

Racing, Fighting, MMO and Sports

#35 Posted by AndrewB (7793 posts) -

@Cloudenvy said:

RTS games.


Wait, you're right. RTS games are a drag. I can't click around that fast. Give me turn-based or give be death! I mean, I do tolerate Starcraft single player, and I loved Age of Empires but only because I played on the lowest difficulty which makes the AI just stand there waiting to be rolled.

I mean, all of my "genres I don't like" are obviously games I suck at. For instance: fighting games. Or competitive shooters. I don't have the time to get good at any one game (unless it's a part of the Mass Effect trilogy), which makes it not fun to play.

#36 Posted by kalibr (121 posts) -

For some reason I cant get into RTS and fighting games which is strange because I got into gaming playing Warcraft 2 and Tekken at my friends house. RTS's because I cant seem to get into the mindset of playing them. Building a base and an army only to be wiped out and having to start from the beginning is really frustrating to me. Fighting games because playing them with others I end up just getting destroyed and putting in the time to get just average is such a daunting time commitment.

#37 Posted by fox01313 (5179 posts) -

Jrpgs like Final Fantasy & other Asian oddities like the Dynasty Warrior games.

#38 Posted by ShaggE (7573 posts) -

MMOs are the only genre I actively avoid.

#39 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1152 posts) -

Driving games.

only time I've ever found driving in a game to be fun are the Warthogs in Halo.

and Sports games.

I don't feel like I need to justify that one.

#40 Posted by Demoskinos (17103 posts) -

Sports games cause I find people's fascination with sports teams silly. Ill be glad when the super bowl is over and I can have a few months without people talking about fucking football

#41 Posted by Mamba219 (175 posts) -

Fighting games are most certainly my number 1. Even Persona 4 Arena, sequel to my favorite game, I disliked.

Along those lines, I also generally dislike any genre that most people consider multiplayer genres - I just dislike playing games with other people. So I'm not a fan of MMOs, FPSs, RTSs, and other games of that nature. I'm just a solitary gamer, pure and simple.

Finally, not a fan of driving games either. I don't understand why you'd ever need more than one of these types of games, and I own Burnout 3, so I never need to buy another.

#42 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Sports, Driving, MOBAs, Party.

#43 Posted by Levius (1337 posts) -

Fighting Games and all but the most basic character action games. Nothing against them per se but I just can't my head around of combos, counters and blocks. Not a fan of loot based RPGs too, they just seem like long repetitive grinds for arbitrary rising numbers.

#44 Posted by geirr (2988 posts) -

@CaLe said:

JRPGs, which is strange because I used to like them.

Magic the gathering type games (Card games?)

Simulators (besides Forza/Gran Turismo)

Sports games

MOBA games

This + adventure games. I don't mind watching them being played but I hate doing it, that includes Walking Dead.

#45 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

I used to like JRPGs like ten years ago, but over time I came to realize that most of them are really dumb and boring.

World of Warcraft style MMOs turn me off completely. I won't even attempt to try one if they say "It's like WoW but better" because I know that just means I'll be grinding for rat tails for 200 levels before anything gets interesting.

Simulation driving games I'm absolutely terrible at, and never want to play. I'll pick up and play a more arcadey driving game, though.

Most turn based and real time strategy games: I'll play a couple every so often, but I just can't get into them. Being on a handheld system helps since I can just put it to sleep and pick up where I left off, but games like Starcraft I just couldn't get into at all. I think the only strategy game I put any significant time into was the Advance Wars series.

#46 Posted by Zuldim (300 posts) -

Racing games

Sports games

Fighting games

There are exceptions to all of these, of course, but they're few and far between, and usually made by Nintendo.

#47 Posted by RedLeader (41 posts) -

Primarily, I stay away from most shooters, both first- and third-person. The last FPS I loved was probably Call of Duty 4, and I really enjoyed Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and ALL of the Uncharted series, but by and large, those games don't intrigue me much.  
With a few exceptions, I don't go for fighting games, either. Of course, having grown up on Street Fighter 2, that's where my intimacy with the genre begins and ends. I've played a lot of Mortal Kombat from 2011, and I think it's great, but I don't come back to it that often. That's a game I play at my buddy's house when we're drunk.  
Sports games. All of them. I really, really dislike sports in general.  
Driving games, both simulations and arcade-style. Not my cup of tea.  Exception: Mario Kart for the SNES. Done and done. 
The last flight simulator I played extensively was TIE Fighter, probably my favorite game of all time. Of course, it's not exactly a flight simulator, what with the absence of gravity and whatnot. But Jesus, I love that game. It's the one game I play to completion once a year, every year.  
I'd also have to include, JRPGs, but only because I've literally never touched one. I usually go for narrative-driven games, which seems to be this genre's bread and wine, but for whatever reason, I've never taken that particular leap. I guess I'm intimidated. So many of them seem impenetrable to my layman's eye. And time consuming. I play between 5 and 10 games a year total, mostly due to time constraints. Spending dozens of hours with a game makes me cross-eyed. (Which isn't to say that I haven't spent that much time with a game before, but it's rare.)

#48 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -

@AlexanderSheen said:

@Soapy86 said:

@CaLe said:

Sports games

MOBA games

#49 Posted by Bigandtasty (3141 posts) -

I was going to say tower defense, but Plants vs. Zombies and Orcs Must Die have softened my hatred of those games pretty effectively.

I don't really like simulation-style driving, but I'm always up for Burnout.

#50 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2438 posts) -

MMO, it doesn't matter how great the premise of the game is or who makes it but the second the developer says it's an MMO 100% of my interest is lost.