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MMORPGs...then I played LotRO.

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"Serious" racing games (by that I mean basically any without Mario Kart-style power-ups). I'm already a tough sell on games without narrative, but I also have a crap memory so the whole notion of memorizing a course is also very unappealing. The closest I ever got was Burnout, and even that was a very passing fancy.

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I don't hate them, but I'm not really a fan of racing games or sports games. Or MMOs that aren't World of Warcraft.

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Fighting games. The only one I've ever loved is Melee because the executions were simple.

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Sports, Moba and Simulators.

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MMOs......the worst.

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@Video_Game_King said:

The more I play survival horror games, the more I realize how few of them are actually worth playing.

I think that less your distaste for a genre and more of the truth. Survival horror games are usually not very good.

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MMO's, Fighting, RTS, Puzzle, P&C Adventure, Rhythm, casual indie/ios/android app games.

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MMO's and fighting games

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generally speaking.

sports games and racing games.

i find both those genres pretty boring and tedious, obviously there are exceptions to that rule, but yeah. sports games and racing games im pretty uninterested in.

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JRPG's and MMO's.

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Tower defense and MOBAs I guess, though I did enjoy Plants vs Zombies and Smite.

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I find it really hard to get into almost all Western RPGs.

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I hate timed missions. What can I say.

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For me its fighting games and multiplayer RTS. If I was any good at them, I might like them, but fighting games seem so impenetrable.

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I generally stay away from sports and fighting games, but I will play them if I'm near them.

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If you asked me a few weeks ago, I would have to said I hate stealth games... but then I played Mark of the Ninja. Amazingly, I loved it.

I still can't stand MOBAs and Racing Sims.

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Honestly my most hated genre right now is FPS. I'm just so fuzzing sick of looking down the side of a gun.

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Fighting games, and MOBA's.

Fighting games especially, I have absolutely no clue how to play them properly, they never do anything to even remotely try to teach you, and the communities are always filled with assholes.

Basically the same reasons why I dislike MOBA's.

EDIT: Oh and stealth games too.

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MOBA games, adventure games, and 3d fighters.

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there definitely are but that doesn't mean I am not open minded. I had to have played games for a long time to in order to conclude what genres I like or dont like so I kind of resent such an accusation. I actually consider myself open minded. Ok maybe not 100 percent open minded but still open minded.

  • action adventure, adventure (basically anything with what we call puzzles) and most platformers because they are not really platformers at all, but action adventures
  • fighting games
  • Devil May Cry and games like it
  • anything with randomly triggered encounters
  • turn based strategy is not bad, but I am less interested in them because of all the turns needed simply to walk each party member up to the enemy.
  • stealth is something I fail to see working well. (in a single player game, that is) But I'm still willing to try them.
  • sports games but that is obvious
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i'm pretty bored of modern military shooters. i played cod4 and mw2, but no others since then. i'm sure the new ones are fine, i personally just don't find anything inherently compelling about the cods and the battlefields, etc. i'm sure i'll check em out again once the new gen rolls out.

edit: oh and MOBAS, but not for lack of trying. i think they're interesting, but i'm no good and they haven't hooked me.

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MMOs would be the main one. Just a big jumble of purposeless questing to me. Bores me.

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@Undeadpool: But... you play Fighting Games which means that you memorize certain things such as combos, setups, options on wakeup, etc...

I never liked MMOs, MOBA or RTS Games in General, and Racing Games

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@Huey2k2: There might be assholes in the FGC but there are also kind-hearted people in them. Over the past few months, I've seen so many charity events made by Fighting Game Players.

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RTS games and Fighting games (not boxing, MMA or wrestling, but like "health meter + combo" fighting games).

I'm hoping XCOM can help break me of my dislike of RTS games.

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Sports. It's the only type of game I don't play. I don't have any interest in real sports so sports based video games don't interest me. I haven't played them since the mid 90's.

However I do think it is important to dip into genres/games that you don't think you'll enjoy to see if you'll actually find something you do enjoy about it. BUT I haven't done this with sports games, because I don't like sports. *shrugs* maybe I should give one a try.

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None that I can think of...I'm on the verge of giving up MMOs for good though. Been burned too many times. Not by unreasonable expectations, but by flatout lies and shit like that. "We just don't want players to grind [...]" hahahaha, fuck you, you-know-who. Fuck you.

Also, I feel like a very large (or just very vocal) part of the MMO community in general is just fucking toxic sometimes. For instance, "hot new game X" is released and you really enjoy it, but something really bugs you then you try to start a genuine, meaningful discussion about it and you're meant with the most angry, bullshitiest responses ever.

"You're playing it wrong."

"I have 6000 people in my guild and none of them are having that problem so it's clearly just you."

"Stop crying about it."

"They're fixing it so just be patient and stop bitching for christ's sake."

"Gamers these days want everything too easy."

"No one cares about your epeen." (<---fuck anyone who uses that btw)

...and so on and so on. It feels like there's very little to no middle ground when trying to discuss an MMO with a lot of people. Either you love it or you hate it. You're not allowed to sit in the middle. Shit like that.

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  • Point and Click Adventures
  • Zombie games
  • Russian games
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Honestly I can't think of any genre I outright dislike. The games I'm currently playing are Person 4 Golden, Port Royale 3, and Borderlands 2. I got burnt out on first and third person shooters for a while but I recently picked up and am enjoying Borderlands 2. Despite not giving a shit about real sports I occasionally enjoy playing sports games. For example late last year and early this year I was into playing NBA 2K12 for a while.

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MOBAs and fighting games. Awesomenauts and Smash Bros. are the only games that I have like out of those genres.

#82 Posted by MormonWarrior (2831 posts) -

Sports sims. Heck, simulations of any kind, be it driving or flying or whatever. And real-time strategy games. And MMOs. And most point-and-click adventure games. Basically the lifeblood of pure PC gaming doesn't appeal to me at all.

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None, really, i'll play about anything.

#84 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Open Minded but I find that game I enjoy the least/get tired off quickly are sports games. 

#85 Posted by Svenzon (820 posts) -

Most MMOs, but I like the Secret World and Guild Wars 2. Sports games are not really my type either. Most of all, I cannot stand tower defense.

#86 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

Sports and racing, but there are exceptions.

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Platformers without Mario in them.

Driving games.

Sports games are too complicated to play and too shallow to learn. Older, simple, sports games like Super bases loaded, Super RBI or NBA Jam were really fun, but now they seem as complicated as RPGs but without the character.

RTS. Memorizing build orders and micro managing units is just stress.

Never played a MOBA, don't really want to try.

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Traditional RTS, tower defense, and most turn based JRPG's

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I would have to say sport and MOBA games.

FIFA is the only sport title I actually enjoy.

#91 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3091 posts) -

fighting games, just can't figure out how the timing or combos work so it's just a bewildering mess of button mashing to the end of the single player mode. While totally avoiding the multiplayer because I would get completely owned in ways I can't even understand.

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MOBA games and social games if you count that.

#93 Posted by Whitestripes09 (543 posts) -

Sports, but then again I haven't actually played a sport game since probably the ps1 days. Forgot the actual name, but that one nba slam dunk game or whatever was pretty fun.

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Generally, I don't enjoy puzzle games. I don't get much thrill out of solving a puzzle; more frustration than anything. Whenever I complete a puzzle in some other type of game, my first thought is "I hope I never have to do that again."

Also, rhythm games because I have no sense of rhythm myself. Anything where I have to tap or keep a beat will immediately fall apart soon after I start to play.

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Is Tower Defense a genre? There are so many, it should be by now. I hate dislike tower defense and MOBA games. I'm also not fond of Visual Novels with no interaction apart from clicking through dialog. Gimme some puzzles (ie the Zero Escape series)

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fighting games. i just find them really repetitive and not satisfying. i am surprised at the amount of people saying RTS. i've played a ton of sc2 and WoW and i can totally get people not liking MMOs. but rts didn't really expect to see that many people say it.

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Sports games. Puzzle games. Adventure games. Visual novels.
I also am starting to think the platformer - in any form - might be dead to me. Didn't like Super Meat Boy all that much, didn't care for Portal 1 or 2, and just haven't been interested enough to try any Mario title after Galaxy.

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The Walking Dead

#99 Posted by fetchfox (1511 posts) -

Dating sims and most sport games.

#100 Posted by Mister_V (1714 posts) -

Arcade fighting games for me. Both because they just seem dull and I suck at them. Seriously the last time I played a street fighter arcade cabinet my dad beat me.

Other than that ill play pretty much anything if its good.