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MOBA games

I played the big 2 (LoL Dota 2) before and I just don't get it they just aren't fun to me. Not only that but their community is shit for the most part, everyone wants to win way too badly.

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MMO and RTS.

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@Video_Game_King said:

The more I play survival horror games, the more I realize how few of them are actually worth playing.

I'm starting to feel the same way. The ones that stand out such as Silent Hill and Fatal Frame were excellent because they were distinguished gaming experiences instead of Resident Evil clones which later became Silent Hill clones, which then became cliche post-apocalyptic nonsense.

I'm not really sure that I get the fighting game genre. I feel like it was more of a 90s gimmick than a true gaming genre but somehow it has lasted till now, they're as pointless as MMOs.

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My experience is less that and more "few, if any of them, are actually scary, and all of them are just really shitty adventure games with clunky combat the scenario fails to justify".

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MMOs are the only types of game which I can't appreciate the underlying concept. I simply cannot see how MMOs can be fun and I've never had any fun with them.

Fighting games are a genre I avoid, but I have no conceptual dislike of fighting games. I simply cannot afford the time it would take to get good at them.

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Fighting games have always provided a limited amount of entertainment for me, dated a girl who loved mortal kombat back when they re-booted the franchise with the PS3 release. The story modes seem to be very ridiculous, far-fetched. I mean, I love me some insanity, GTA Vice City is one of my favorite games for how over the top it is, however, MK, along with most other fighting games I've seen, try to mix the absurdity of their stories with some level of seriousness.

MMO's are not for me either. I hate people...yeah...all of you! Nah, being real, I just never really gravitated to playing games with other people, I'm a spoiled single child, so I don't like sharing my story-lines, characters and items with...others *shudder*.

Shooters can be hit or miss with me (PUN, HA!) I have had shooters I love like Deus Ex and Half Life, and others I have not liked at all like BioShock and Crysis.

On the flip side, I would say there is no genre of video games where I love everything either. So, its entirely possible to have me shit on a game in a genre I like a lot. Sometimes I get flack for that with my friends...

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I think I like em all except for MOBA games, possibly even RTS, but I'll give an RTS game a try.

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Anything with motion control

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RTS and board game simulators.

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MMO, RTS, sports (I do like arcade-style sports).

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Sports, and JRPGs I guess.

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RTS games and driving games that shoot for realism.

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Dancing games, DDR, Just Dance, and such.

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Sports games and maybe Mobas (never played a game of its kind though)

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RTS because I'm not good at them and simulation racing because it feels like I'm driving a tank that can go 100 mph. I haven't played an MMO in a while but I don't think I would like them anymore. Recently I've lost my fondness for FPS multiplayer games as I'm not naturally good at them and don't have the time to practice to get good at them. Conversely, I love fighting games but have never been decent at one; unless you count Smash Bros as a fighting game.

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My tastes have changed quite a bit as I get older. I used to adore any and all RPG's. The longer and more intricate the better. Now, I still buy them and try to play them for a little while but I have come to the realization that I'm not having fun with them anymore. Much less patience for the standard RPG slow build; both in terms of narrative and of gameplay.

So for now, I will say I mostly dislike RPG's with only a handful of exceptions.

Adventure games too. Same reason.

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JRPGs: teenagers save the world.

Rhythm games: do what the program tells you, obey!

Japanese dating and rape sims: WTF Japan?

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MMOs, definitely. Whenever I try to play one, I end up playing it as though it were a single-player game.

I'm not a team-player, I guess.

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Multiplayer-focused First-Person Shooters. Yawn.

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I've never really been into sports games. I could probably have an okay time with some of them, but on the whole they've always seemed rather boring to me, probably because I don't like sports in the first place. I'm also not a fan of simulators, although I'd argue that they aren't technically games.

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No mention of Gravity Rush at all, or Sine Mora for best music