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I've seen some Japanese gaming magazines like Famitsu, Gto, Game Watch Game, and some more. I've not seen any forum have doubts and are responded to expose those who make professional magazine, or the opinion of users, unlike European and American magazines such as Hobby Consolas, Vandal, meristation, Trucoteca .. . Outside Spain, TM Game, Computer and Video Game ... And I wondered why Japanese online magazines, they have forum.

We also have the magazine Game Developer Game Developer magazine is the flagship publication of work (and aspiring) game creators, and reaches more than 35,000 industry professionals mensuales.Esta publication contains articles about professional game development issues programming, art, audio, quality control, design and production. Columns monthly industry veterans offer in-depth discussion on a variety of topics.

No forum but GamecarrerGuide, however if you have (the only group for which Gamasutra, has not)

Do you know if any magazine or blog about Japanese arcade games, has forum? Is there any development magazine and / or professional design Japanese video game, in addition to inform and articles, has forum?