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Hey guys

Lately, I have seen many games that throw in various kinds of side activities (collectibles, side missions, quests, or whatever) besides the main storylines or objectives. I won't argue that a lot of games have pointless side quests (personally, I think collectibles are a waste of time in games like Alan Wake, or Max Payne 3, and don't ever remind me of flags in AC 1). Yet, I like some games having these kinds of things, since they expand game time considerably and are enjoyable (the first one that comes to mind is Red Dead Redemption with the challenges that unlock costumes or activities that earn you money to buy weaponry and such), so, sometimes, it makes me believe that I get the most out of my money.

What about you guys? Do you think completing a game (if not 100%, at least do as much as possible) is a way to get the most out of your money, or you just speedrun through games without caring about side activities?


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I used to be, when achievements were shiny and new. Now, I generally just play through the game without going out of my way to look for collectibles. I haven't used a collectibles game since... Crackdown, I think.

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anything fun, or interesting i'll complete. stupid tedious collectables aren't worth the time though.

a recent example. Assassins creed 3. theres awesome homestead side missions which i really enjoyed. there was also these little trinket boxes you can collect for an old dude and every batch you get for him unlocks a cool little side mission with a cool reward once you finish it all. but then there was these stupid feathers scattered all over the frontier which was well lame and you get an awful outfit for it so MEH at the feathers. the rest of the collectables were pretty cool though.

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Nope, I'll do as much as I can while I enjoy the game but eventually I just want to finish the story and move on to a new game. AC games for me always have way too much side content that isn't very engaging so I usually try to speed run them.

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I always go for 100% in a game, it's annoying but it's something I can't stop myself from doing.

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I've always completed games %100 even before there where trophies, collectibles, etc were cool. I find its a good way to get my money's worth and keeps my video game budget manageable. By the time I finish one game the next game I want has usually had one or two price breaks. At this point I think its a test of wills between me and the game to go for %100 completion and has almost become a compulsion of mine.

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It depends on whether or not the collectables I am trying to collect or achievements I'm trying to achieve are actually relatively collectable or achievable without hours upon hours of extra time spent pursuing those things. Also, whether or not I'm enjoying a game has a large role to play in whether or not I get that completionist itch...then again, I just got all 1000 points in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection...

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I do, most of the time. Some games it's not worth it for me, like Arkham City with its 400+ collectibles.

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Only in the sense of I want to get to the end of story and know all the in's and outs of it. The only thing that motivates me to do side stuff is if it is to help flesh out a character or reveal more of the games story. Just random collectibles like feathers or pages in Assassin's Creed, or getting bonus objectives, hold zero appeal to me unless it's needed for the above reason. And if it's something crazy like hundreds of collectibles and you just get a little story at the end I will youtube it rather then waste hours upon hours frustratingly grinding away to collect things. It's not fun to have to collect these things and I hate when developers hide important story bits behind hours of an unfun game mechanic like that.

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most def not... closest i can get is if i really enjoy a game i'll do achievements i think sound fun to get more time in the game. most the time i just do the story and when it's done it's done.

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I don't go out of my way to do it. I can count the number of games I've 100%'d on one hand - Metroid Prime and Rage. I just never have fun searching for that last thing or doing that one final stupidly hard challenge. I beat Metroid Prime 100% because I love that game, and I beat Rage 100% because I was going for an S-rank and that one was pretty easy.

When I say I've "completed" a game, that just means that I've gotten to the ending of its main story. If it doesn't have a story like most racing games, then I just play it until I don't want to anymore.

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I do whatever is fun, and keeps me enjoying the game. If its busy work and doesnt end up feeling like it actually matters for anything, then I prob dont bother with it. Had a friend that was a "completionist". His exact words. He did all the BS side quests in FF games, got all the faction rep in WoW, all the crafting shit. Personally I dont get it. Most this shit is just a fucking chore to do.

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Depends on whether or not I'm enjoying the game I'm playing and how reasonable the things the game is asking me to do are. I'm usually the type who completes all side quests in games, buys all upgrades if possible, or finds all collectible items as long as they don't require me to search every inch of the game world just to find one.

Anything that requires excessive grinding though is the type of stuff I ignore.

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Really depends on what kind of achievements or quests we are talking. If they are tedious and without any real sense of accomplishment then I will not do them. Though if they feel at least minuscule thought went into them I will do them.

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Yup :(

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I always intend to, but I'm too lazy.

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I'll beat a game, but if there's something like shoot every pigeon (gtaIV), I won't indulge.

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I don't get the obsessive compulsive bug that some people have when it comes to video game collectibles; the only time I bother is when the game itself is enjoyable enough for me to want to extend the playtime as far as it'll go, but even then the specific activities can't be overly tedious or straight up collect-a-thons, with little actual reward in the narrative itself.

For example, I got the Brutus armor in AC Brotherhood, but I've never bothered with any of the feathers or flags, while I made sure to get all the scans in Metroid: Prime because of all the backstory and info that comes from it. In the same vein, I made sure to bust all the smash gates as early as possible in Burnout Paradise because of the awesome car you get for it, but I never waisted the time to break all the billboards or find all the jumps after that. It really is game dependent.

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I'm somewhere around a 99% completionist. I usually end up doing almost everything, but there's usually one or two things that I never get around to. For instance, in ACIII I collected basically everything but never completed those item gathering challenge lists because there was no easy way to keep track of them.

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I still have an urge to complete everything, which can either be a really good thing or a really bad thing depending on the situation. With a game like Bayonetta it allowed me to truly appreciate the game for what it is. It allowed me see get better at the combat and give me a true sense of accomplishment when I conquered every single challenge that the game threw at me.

Then there are the stupid missable items/ achievements in games that make me play the entire game with a guide next to me. This I kind of hate because I want to experience the game by myself, but I also want the best gear and make sure I don't miss something important. Right now I'm playing okami with a Excel spreadsheet open so I mark off the things I've collected. It feels sort of lame, but I want to make sure I Don't miss the 3 missable trophies.

Thanks goodness I came to the realization that collecting all the pokemon is near impossible and sort of a dumb thing to do other wise I'd be spending 300 hour doing that.

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I'm not as bad as some, but I occasionally go over the line. Recently, I S-ranked ME1 (all 1800 pts of it or w/e...), Darksiders, and Arkham Asylum. And am 1 trophy from S-ranking Arkham City. I can't say that its a good use of my time but it I derive a perverse sense of accomplishment from it.

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I don't consider myself a completionist, but whenever I play an open-ended game that allow me to explore the world, like the Assassins Creed games, I try to do a lot of activities or side-quests in order to feel like I got my money's worth.

But, no, I don't try to 100% a game. It's not in my nature.

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I am in the sense that I complete the main story in games.  Do I 100% everything.. hell no.  I got too many games to play to do every grind and mindless collecting. 

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I've only ever 100%ed three games I can think of...most games either I don't like them enough to even 50%, or they have multi-player achievements that are just to much of a pain to bother with, making me ignore the rest of the achievements as well.


Test Drive Unlimited

Dark Souls

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Not really, no but if by completing side quests/ collectibles adds something for the gameplay, I'd do it. The only games that I've completed 100% are Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, COD 4, Darksiders, Infamous 1 and 2, Arkham City and Prototype 2.

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Unfortunately, yes. I have this sick fantasy in my head that I'll be able to S rank all of my 360 and PS3 games one day.

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I did 1200+ side thingies for The Saboteur... what do y'all think?