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Poll: Are you buying a next gen console this year? (393 votes)

PS4 35%
Nextbox if it's out 6%
No 39%
Also yes 20%

I've decided to be an early adopter this time around, and will be buying a PS4. Anyone else already decided? I don't take Microsoft very seriously anymore so it's pretty much a lock.

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@sooty: Still, I'd rather wait to see if anything pops up. More important though, no system ever has enough launch games that interest me and justify the price tag. I'd rather wait until a decent library develops. As a side of bonus of that waiting, hardware revisions usually come up and the price drops.

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There are no official launch dates yet, but the rumor mills are saying we won't be getting the PS4 in Europe until January 2014, so, no, not this year. But I'm strongly considering buying the PS4 once it's available.

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Most likely both this year. If i only buy one, obviously it's too early to make a decision on which one.

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That really depends on how much money I have when the two new systems come out, what the new systems will offer, and what price they'll be at.

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Next year, when the PS4 (most likely this) releases in the UK.

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The last time I was an early adopter would be buying an Xbox around the 7 month mark of its' initial release. Didn't buy a 360 until Street Fighter IV came out in '09. I might buy the new Microsoft Box week one if the system specs impress me enough.

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I still need a price, but I'm thinking I'll likely be picking up a PS4 this year, or pretty early next year.

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I'm going to say yes to PS4 for now, but we'll see how it goes around E3. Very likely not getting an MS console.

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I will buy it at launch (that depends on availability and if it comes in Europe this year). Now i just need to decide what games to buy but that will have to wait after E3.