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Poll: Are you buying next gen copies only or upgrades? (25 votes)

Won't bother with current gen. 84%
Nice to have both. 16%

It made sense weeks ago, to enjoy the older versions for a while until the system launches. But now the next gen copies are here, and playable tomorrow or in 7 days.

I'm in Target now for B2G1, and it dawned on me that maybe it'd be better to get three PS3 games, and pay the $30 fees for PS4. Essentially, paying $30 for a secondary current gen version in case, I dunno, there's not a lot of people to play against on pS4 yet, or for a PS3 in another room, etc.

But going the upgrade path means having to download the 50GB files of each PS4 version.

What's your plan?

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Going from 360 to PS4 pretty much decided that for me. Next gen only. I'm especially glad I waited on Diablo III.

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I did the upgrade for BF4. FIFA, Madden, 2K14 and Ghosts are next gen only.

You left off the option for me in the Poll. Mixed.

#3 Posted by McShank (1629 posts) -

Only game I am going to upgrade when i buy ps4 here in the next coming weeks is BF4 which I am trading my 360 version in for even if they wont let me do the upgrade as I dislike how much the current gen console verisons suck. Only buying ps4 versions of the other games as I have no need for AC4 yet when I still havent finished or even started 3.

#4 Posted by Hunter5024 (5507 posts) -

I would be interested in upgrading Diablo 3 because that game runs kind of bad and I doubt the expansion will come to ps3. They have not announced any plans to allow upgrades yet though.

#5 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (5128 posts) -

I'm ready for the next gen, so I'm not bothering getting any on current gen if I have the option. On a related note, I really wish there was going to be a port of Dark Souls 2 to the new consoles. That'll probably be one of the last games I keep my 360 out for.

#6 Posted by StriderNo9 (1077 posts) -

Going only next gen.

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I am waiting till some current gen games AC4, BF4 go cheap so i can use the next gen upgrade system to get the game cheaper.

#8 Posted by Vonocourt (2116 posts) -

Was thinking about getting CoD: Ghosts on PS3 if my friend did and upgrading to PS4, he didn't.

Next-gen if the option exists.

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I am waiting till some current gen games AC4, BF4 go cheap so i can use the next gen upgrade system to get the game cheaper.

Don't wait too long. It's a limited time offer to get you to do it during launch. The code that came with AC IV expires on Jan 31, 2014

You're better off getting a next gen version when it goes on sale (black friday/cyber monday) then waiting for a current gen price drop.

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Doesn't make sense to own both, seems dumb to me - said by guy who's bought the Super Mario Bros. like 5 times on Virtual Console

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As far as I can recall without looking at the list of games, the only one I was ever interested in playing was NBA 2K14 anyway. I didn't realize it would be so incredibly different from one console to the next considering we'd been seeing Battlefield and Assassin's Creed for months without much discernible difference but MY GOD do I feel vindicated in skipping a 2K game for the first time in seven years now, even if I have to wait another three or four months to get my hands on it alongside my tax return, aka a PS4 and inFamous haha.

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@nodima: battlefield is a dramatic difference when playing it.