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What about Wii U owners who got theirs on day 1?

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I have no idea yet, and it's exciting!

That said, my family got a Wii U on Black Friday, and I have been playing it sporadically since Christmas, so that's partway there. I have a feeling I'll lean towards the Microsoft ecosystem, especially if DLC and downloadable titles carry from generation to generation.

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I will probably go with Microsoft's console, but we will have to wait and see since we know nothing about them.

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I'll likely lean towards the Sony system; but I won't be a day 1 purchase

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I'll wait till the ps4 slim/price cut happens.

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@Video_Game_King lol WiiU
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I honestly don't know. I kind of doubt it'll be a day 1 for me, but I am really excited to see what Sony comes out with. I'll likely wait a little longer on Microsoft's next thing.

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Do we consider the Wii U to be next-gen?

If so, I'm already disappointed.

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Way too early to say at this point. Right now, I assume I'll do what I've always done: get both systems as soon as possible. But with this DRM/RFID and IP talk, I may be waiting for price drops if at all.

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I voted D, but I also kind of feel like my answer is C. My next big purchase will probably be an upgraded GPU for my PC before I consider buying a new console. I would be more inclined to get the next Sony system since I bought more exclusives for my PS3 than I did for the 360. I will still get at least one of them though since I still kind of suck with keyboard and mouse controls for PC online multiplayer games. I'm not much better with a controller, but at least I can compete.

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I'm seriously considering dropping consoles all together. The PS3/360/Wii may have been the last for me. Although I could see myself just buying them at the end of their cycle plus the essential exclusives. Otherwise I'll just stick to PC.

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Maybe add a decide when we hear specs/details on consoles? That could sway me either way right now.. also first party release titles.

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unless they have a truly compelling feature set and/or price point, there's no way in hell i'm buying day 1. i have a good pc with a healthy steam backlog, and to be honest, i'm not chomping at the bit to deal with launch-day lines, shortages, prices, and half-baked titles. they'd have to have a serious system seller to convince me to pull the trigger so early.

also, were i to buy- i'd probably go with sony. xbox live isn't worth paying for in it's current state, IMHO.

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It depends on the specs and functionality of the new consoles. When everything is announced I will do a cost/benefit and decide whether i want to continue with consoles or purchase a dedicated gaming PC to put in my livingroom.

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This will be the first generation launch where I will be fiscally responsible enough to have put money away for both. Day one all the things basically.

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I'll be buying two of everything on launch day, but I won't be waiting in any lines or whatever. If I'm not able to pre-order them through Amazon, then I'll just find someone on Craigslist or hire a neighbor or something to go stand in line for me.

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If I have the money, I'll try.

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No. I feel next-gen won't be so hot. Second hand market policies, expected rise in the price of games and budgets, the shrinking of creativity and the number of new games and developers in the market (as a consequence of larger budgets required to develop top tier titles), new and not so cool DLC practices, and other, new and old, general shitty (consumer-wise) measures (like real money auction houses) , don't make me optimistic about the future of this hobby.

Of course there is a good thing about the next generation, appart from the increase in quality of the graphics, indie development should continue to rise, taking advantage of the surge in popularity they have today and the pains of next generation development.

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Im expecting to be getting PS4 day 1 but that could change when we actually get some proper information on the new consoles.

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Can you even make that decision right now ? I'll buy whichever console has games I want to play, but I'm not clairvoyant so I don't know which one it'll be. Probably both though, just not at the same time.

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Microsoft will have to do something spectacular to get me to even buy their next box.

I mainly play PC, but I can see myself getting a PS4 day one if there is even one game I would want to play on it and it's less than $600.

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Gonna have to buy one of them for console-exclusives (too many good third-party games are still not coming on PC). Probably gonna go with Playstation though, unless MS shapes the fuck up when it comes to first-party. If they're gonna try to push the new Xbox with COD and Halo they can forget about it.

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It depends on the games that are coming out on launch, but i'll most likely get a PS4 and Xbox 720 on launch day unless the lineup just sucks.

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I know this is a bad idea, my mom got me a Xbox 360 a couple months after launch when they were still super hard to find. But I had to return it 4 times because of the red ring over the course of 2 years. But still man, I am an adult now, with a real paying job so fuck logic, I am getting me the next xbox.

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No, this time I'll be waiting until the systems have a solid lineup of console exclusive games before buying one, because 'option c.' When I do buy one, I'll probably go with the Sony system. Not because of any brand loyalty, but because I prefer the controller.

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Most likely the next Xbox. The 360 is one of my favorite consoles of all time, so I have high hopes for next gen. 
I will probably end up getting all of them anyways.

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though I choose C .... D bis still an option for me

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Sure I'll be a day one adopter, there was no poll choice for both.

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My wife already got us a wii u for Christmas. And I do consider it a next gen system I am really enjoying it.

I think next year I am going to try and get a gaming PC I am honestly tired of being nickel and dimed for everything on consoles.

Most of what I enjoy comes out on PC and the only first party games I have really cared about this gen have been Nintendos and Naughty Dogs. So I feel like I am almost covered by having the wiiu.

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I voted for wait and see. I'm leaning towards the next XBox but very weary of technical issues at launch. It will also depend on how owned content, achievements and the XBox 360 profile will carry forward. If that is handled poorly it opens me up to a PC or PS4.

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Most likely Xbox for me. Already dumped a ton if money into my Xbox purchases so having all of that on the new console would be nice.

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It depends on what games are coming out.

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i wait it out. i wait for the price to go down, they fix the problems that it might have.

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I got a real nice PC as it is, but it's just not the same. All my mates have Xbox's and I feel I am missing out when I play games on PC's just for nicer graphics lately, missing out on co-op and achievements!

Plus there is something real nice of putting in a game and it looking fantastic, like the first few years of the 360.

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I absolutely would have, as I have always done, if I didn't take this opportunity to get a Wii for super cheap and play the 20 must-haves over the next year instead.

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I'll get both day one. I've picked up all the consoles these last two generations on day one so why stop now.

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Plan to stick with PC, and definitely not interested in an online subscription like LIVE ever again.

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I'll buy a Durango. Probably. Most likely. Hard to say since I know next to nothing about it. I like to think it'll be worth buying though because my 360 was my box of choice last generation.

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@PhilipDuck said:

Maybe add a decide when we hear specs/details on consoles? That could sway me either way right now.. also first party release titles.

Yeah, that's the choice I was looking for. I'm not going to decide anything until I know what I'm deciding on, and that means seeing specs and games.

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NextBox would be my choice but first-day purchase will depend on many factors, inc cost (obviously), launch games, ability to play used games on the system, and more. I have a pretty good gaming PC nowadays and w/ Steam that's opened up a whole new world for me. My gaming time is limited so I'm not going to jump at the next hot tech if there's other options.

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I'd put money on the idea that once the new consoles come out no one's PC is going to feel very "next gen."

It's the technology that will come 6+ months after the console releases that will do it.

New consoles always squeeze a bit more power out of the hardware which for a very short time wins them the race which in turn allows them to create even more advanced titles.

Then the floodgates will open.

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As of right now going by the rumors the PS4 Omni will only marginally be better than the Wii U (to cut costs and so they can bundle it with that weird Omniviewer thing without hitting it hitting $599 again) with the Xbox being the technical powerhouse. So unless services wise XBL takes a step back, i'll go with the Xbox. Though the Holiday "soft launch" thing has me worried. Though even if that last batch of rumors isn't true I'l still probably go Xbox. Sony's first party doesn't grab me, and PSN kinda sucks and I don't trust them will make the right moves to catch up.

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Hopefully these next gen systems are 4k compatible so I have something to use with my $25,000 dollar TV

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"Day 1", no. First 6 months or so, yes. I don't think I need both a PS4 and Xbox so I can't say which of those two I'll eventually get. Probably the PS4 because the only franchise I care about that's exclusive to Microsoft is Halo. My PC is where I play many of my multi-platform games.

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Unless the prices are outrageous or there is something reeeeeeeally disappointing/disturbing about the systems' specs/capabilities, I am pretty likely to dive in head first and get both Microsoft's and Sony's next console at or very near launch.

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Con...sole? Oh, you mean ~?

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Just got a new PC and loving it. But getting the next Xbox day 1 is pretty much a given. I'm a sucker for console launches for platform of choice. Got a PS2 and the Xbox 360 day 1. Got to the Xbox and PS3 later on. I just find it too exciting to pass up on and I think Microsoft is going to be pushing exclusives at least early on for the next Xbox. They started up some studios and I wouldn't be surprised to see them paying for some third party exclusives, timed or completely locked up.

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As much as I try, I can't get the idea of my pc (even though it was built for gaming) is not simply a tool, so I will always go back to consoles.

As of yet, I have never bought a console on day one, and it's unlikely that I will this time around. I think its silly to try and choose one without knowing anything about them, but if I were going to make a snap decision based on my current situation, it would be the xbox simply because I have a longstanding user account, with a lot of purchases attached to it and an already defined friends list. My PS3 have been used almost entirely for platform exclusives, and I have little attachment to my account, and don't really care about any of the (few) attached purchases