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#1 Posted by Twinsun (505 posts) -

Unless Microsoft start backing some more interesting exclusives and not just new installments of the same 3 or 4 franchises like they have been doing the past few years, I really don't see why I should buy the next xbox over the next playstation.

Am I alone in this? Do you guys think It's fine if they continue like this next gen, or is the alure of xbox live and achievements enough to make you buy their next console?

Personally, I'm starting to think it's a little depressing how little a fuck Microsoft can give about supporting their platform with new and interesting games, and yet still be on top of the sales charts.

#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

If there are good games, then probably.

#3 Edited by Nightriff (5487 posts) -

Nope, too many problems with the 360 for me so I turned to Playstation and we shall see if they even survive to the PS4. WiiU might be the next "Gen" console for me....God I hope not.

#4 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19395 posts) -

I don't know what it actually will be, so my answer is "I don't know". 
I will say that if this generation's trend goes into the next with the 360, then I probably won't for a while. I have a better experience with the PS3 because of free online multiplayer, a better bang for my buck when it comes to actually paying for online via PSN+ and much better exclusives.

#5 Posted by TheHumanDove (2523 posts) -

As one who has bought xbox and xbox 360 on launch, as well as subscribed to xbox live throughout those years, I'm pretty uncertain.

#6 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

Yep. I'll buy all 3. I'm too much of a nerd not to. Plus then I wont have moment of "that game looks insane. If only I had a _____"

#7 Posted by killacam (1278 posts) -

definitely not. not impressed with the direction they've been taking. sony's been pumping out all the must-have exclusives for me, and seem much more focused on games, not pandering to the braindead masses and spreading themselves super thin like microsoft.

#8 Posted by huntad (1970 posts) -

It's impossible to know right now. I like the 360, so it's possible. There just aren't a ton of Sony exclusives that I want to play on a daily basis. This generation is about third party, multiplatform games, and the 360 is always the primary platform. As far as exclusives go, I commend Sony for putting so much behind games, but it kind of seems like that's out of necessity.

I like Metal Gear, and Uncharted...and Infamous is okay, but that's about it.

#9 Posted by spilledmilkfactory (1907 posts) -

If I didn't have to buy all 3 for work, the PS4 is the only one you'd see me buying around its launch, but that's definitely subject to change if any awesome games get announced for the next xbox

#10 Posted by Kaiserreich (766 posts) -

not a chance

#11 Posted by TheSlothKing (331 posts) -

If it doesn't have a problem like the red ring, then maybe.

#12 Edited by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

If there are good games for it I will eventually. Edit: My priority is definitely PS4 though for a next gen console.

#13 Posted by web966 (79 posts) -

Yeah I'll get all 3

#14 Posted by TBird13 (106 posts) -

Probably. But that doesn't mean right away.

#15 Posted by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

Probably, I will more than likely buy all three new consoles, probably at launch as I love launch hype.

#16 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I have a PC now. There is no need for me to ever own a console again.

#17 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

Eventually. How soon? I dunno, depends on many things.

#18 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I'll probably get all the new consoles at one point.

#19 Posted by Demoskinos (15284 posts) -

That kinda depends on what the new Xbox is. I'm sure I will though as there are games on console that you can't get on PC and I still spend more time on consoles than PC even though i do have a decent gaming worthy PC.

#20 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I'm going to get a WiiU and play all of the Nintendo games I've missed out on since the SNES. That and some PC gaming will set me up for at least a year. I'll wait 3-6 months after the PS4 and xbox are launched and see if either of them is worth messing with. It's going to depend heavily on how crappy the in-system ads are, the exclusives, and the actual potential of the hardware. I can tell you this right now though, a locked-down cable+ set top box is not going to cut it.

#21 Posted by Alphazero (1548 posts) -

Heck yeah I will.

#22 Posted by Spoonman671 (4833 posts) -

Doubtful.  I don't care much for Microsoft, and their exclusives don't get me that excited.  Of course, that could all change next cycle.
On the other hand, I firmly believe that Sony is one of the best publishers out there, and I don't think I'll feel the need to buy more than one console.

#23 Posted by udabenshen (179 posts) -

As one of the many annoying PC gamers who won't shut up about plugging their PC into their TV, it really depends on what Steam's interface looks like in a few years, most notably the state of the fabled "ten foot interface." At this point, I use my PC for the majority of my gaming with my Wii and even Xbox 360 gaining dust. The quality of the experience with Steam has radically changed my relationship with consoles and I am highly considering just playing games on my pc for at least the first few years of the next generation. I bought a 360 because it was the best system for 3rd party games, but as controller support and higher quality ports becomes pervasive among PC games, console 3rd party games (xbox's bread and butter) just don't apply to me.

Hope i don't sound too much like a PC Master Race guy.

#24 Posted by Hyperglide (152 posts) -

Probably but I want to know more about it before I commit to it right away. Like what kind of controller it will have, will it have good new franchises and IP's, what will the online be like? Spec's on the hardware.

To much uncertainty to tell at this point.

#25 Posted by krazy_kyle (715 posts) -

I'm not going to buy it until I hear the specs for the next Playstation. I will buy whichever has the most hardware potential, unless there are any major crippling flaws with one or either console.

#26 Posted by zombie2011 (5098 posts) -

Yes, it will be the only console i'll buy.

#27 Posted by DukesT3 (1952 posts) -

If I can't get it reserved on like Amazon or something then I won't get it day one and just wait until I can walk into a store and pick it up. Not going to camp out for one but yeah if I can I probably will.

#28 Posted by Bulby33 (620 posts) -

Yes I most definitely will.

#29 Posted by believer258 (12310 posts) -

Not planning on it, no. It will have to have some killer apps that I can't get anywhere else at some point in time, and I mean that in the plural. One game isn't going to sell it to me, and two or three won't either.

#30 Posted by Deadmanforking (580 posts) -

Yes I'll get it. Hell, I'll be getting all 3. Well I might wait a while for the WiiU...

#31 Posted by RedRoach (1219 posts) -

Why are people asking these dumbf questions. We know literally nothing about the next consoles. I have no fucking idea if I'm going to buy it because I have no idea what the console is going to be. Anyone who has already decided to buy/not buy it based off of nothing is an idiot.

#32 Posted by MEATBALL (3621 posts) -

I will most likely do so, the same goes for the other next gen systems. I'll probably try and hold off, though, provided I don't get too hyped.

#33 Edited by PenguinDust (12666 posts) -

Probably, but it depends on the games. Really, Halo isn't enough to keep me as a continuing customer. Fable is dead, I've never been an Alan Wake or Forza fan, Mass Effect is now multi-platform, so why should I pick up the next Xbox? That's what Microsoft needs to do. Convince me (and consumers like me) that it's worth the investment. Sony has several exclusive franchises I'm attracted to, but Microsoft has let their identity become "a good place for 3rd party games." I have no interest in competitive online so even XBL isn't a draw. Even if I was into multiplayer, I still don't like the idea of paying to play online. I don't mind them charging for all that other crap they have instead of games these days, but simple online play should be free as it is on their competition.

So, I will probably get a new Xbox but I will need to be convinced. Right now all Sony has to do is make a more powerful version of the PS3 and I'll be happy. Microsoft needs to show me some game franchises that I want to play on their system only. Halo isn't enough.

#34 Posted by _Zombie_ (1464 posts) -

If possible, I'm going to a PC and skipping out on consoles altogether.

#35 Posted by Stepside (513 posts) -

@Azteck: Eh..some console exclusives that are worth it (and I'm a huge PC-guy).

As for the OP, I'm still unsure - I bought the first Xbox when it came out, and ended up trading it in for a PS2. Stuck with Playstation/PC ever since but I'm not a fanboy. I just can't justify paying for online access, I'm still absolutely baffled that the Xbox has proliferated in North America with that. Blu-Ray, free online...why the hell would you buy an Xbox? That's been my thinking anyway. Although I'm pissed I can't play Fez or Trials, but...meh...

#36 Edited by Zekhariah (695 posts) -

I'll buy it if there is a stack of games I want to play on it (my preference is to mostly go with PC).

I ended up with an X360 last month, so maybe I'll get a X720 in 2018 or something (I'm not sure I'll work up to a craving for Halo like I did this time around though). Buying MS console hardware on release seems a bit insane to me as a notion anyway - not a fan of RMAing items even if the warranty proccess is solid.

The whole exclusive release thing is noxious and wasteful. The primary content that makes a game unique is the art and gameplay, there is no need for multiple hardware peices unless incompatible input methods (or performance specs) are implemented. Its like having to buy a seperate iPod to work with different music publishers. Which is exactly what happens for most exclusives (why can't uncharted and halo be multiplatform.....).

#37 Posted by TehFlan (1928 posts) -

I still don't have the current xbox, so probably not.

#38 Posted by DoctorWelch (2765 posts) -

Way too early to tell at all. We don't even know the names of the new systems let alone what games, specs, and features are going to go along with them. Chances are I'll get the next Xbox first, but I won't get it until about 2 years after its release...unless of course I need to review games like I currently am.

#39 Posted by mazik765 (2316 posts) -

I'll get one. This might be the first generation where I can actually afford to buy all three consoles myself.

#40 Posted by Anupsis (314 posts) -

I was always an xbox guy up until about a year ago. I always owned all 3 but PSN Plus and the way they handle downloads and just a lot of the basic things switched me over. There customer service is a huge improvement over xbox also. As far as next gen I'm firmly set on PS4 first and an xbox a few years after. No plans for WiiU.

#41 Posted by HadesTimes (835 posts) -

Probably not at launch, but maybe eventually....

#42 Posted by Jeust (10913 posts) -

Maybe some years after the launch. I think I'm going for older games I missed in this and earlier generations when the next xbox hits.

#43 Posted by MegaLombax (435 posts) -

The selling point for a console is mainly the games that will run on it. If it has good games, then I probably wont be able to help myself. Plus, I'm working now, so I'll probably end up buying all the new consoles. Again, the games will decide.

#44 Posted by Grilledcheez (3974 posts) -

Probably, but I've been a pc person as of late, not sure what the next gen consoles have in store, but I usually get pretty excited for new systems.

#45 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

I buy every console eventually. How long until that happens is another story though. Sooner or later they reach a tipping point where they have enough games I want to play that I can't get anywhere else that I buy it. If they keep doing the road of just being a port box that focuses on shooters and locking content behind the live pay wall then it's going to be a very very long time before I buy a 720.

#46 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

I have a green name and i have stuck up for Microsofts direction in the past, Kinect was an ok idea, i bought one hoping the games would come but they didn't and back when i got the Xbox it seemed Microsoft was doing everything it could to get great games on the platform and i don't even mind paying for Xbox live gold even if its not a great value proposition but recently I've changed or Microsoft has, they have moved away from games and decided i need to have the next big thing in home entertainment and maybe im guilty of encouraging that since i used sky player so much when my laptop couldn't cut it.

Just one problem though i want games, good ones and lots of them and at some point this stopped being the priority for microsoft, i could get all the games i wanted on other platforms and without the added cost of paying for online, alot of the time it looks or runs slightly better and i dont want early access to multiplayer maps, thats no good for the community, it doesnt benefit me to have PlayStation owners wait a month, it just gives me less people to talk to about the new content.

im not saying no, im just really hesitant right now.

#47 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -


#48 Posted by Rafaelfc (1560 posts) -


But i'll wait a little after launch to buy it, if there's anything the current gen has taught me is that more and more stuff gets shipped in a broken state, hopefully that won't be the case

#49 Posted by WilltheMagicAsian (1542 posts) -

5 years into the cycle if there are any decent exclusives. If not I'll just continue with my PC.

#50 Posted by Ley_Lines (265 posts) -

Whatever, I'm just waiting for the new apple console, Pippin 2: Electric Boogaloo.