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I definitely am.

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Yeah brother!

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Sure. I just hope I'm able to buy one whenever they launch.

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Yup my body is Reggie... Haha Shitty memes are shitty.
But yeah I can't wait for the next Xbox. PS4/Orbis I can wait on considering I just got a PS3 in 2011.

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My PC is(mostly) ready.

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Yes. Hopefully this PC I just put a 7870 into is also ready for that jump.

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Going with PC for at least the next few years.

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I am absolutely ready. Even if i don't buy one out of the gate, it will just be really interesting to see what's new.

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If it means companies try out new IPs or revive old franchises. I don't see how the next sequel to the game that was itself a disappointing sequel will warrant a new system. The glut of new franchises from the start of the current generation were the high point for me and it's been downhill since Uncharted 2. I want something different. I want something new.

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Nope, I refuse to spend more than $300 on a console, and I know these new ones will be more than that, so I'll be waiting for price drops anyway. Besides, aside from franchise fatigue, I'm still happy with the games that are coming out now, don't mind the graphics, and don't look forward to the Kinect-type stuff that's going to be forced on us next gen. Do kind of dig the touch screen in the Wii U though.

Not to mention my big backlog. I'm mature enough to wait til they are more cost-effective and I don't have older games I still want to play.

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I look forward to the engines designed to take advantage of next gen consoles, but mostly for PC. If a new graphics card costs less than the consoles, I will probably be sticking with PC.

I'm really curious what the new consoles will be capable of.

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Yep, but I'm not excited about spending a bunch of money.

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Kind of, but since I already have a really good gaming PC and only really use my PS3 to play stuff when friends are over or to play exclusives, I'm not sure that I want to pay a bunch for a new console. I'm definitely interested to see the capabilities of the new consoles, though.

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Not right now. Too many current gen games I'm looking forward to but by Christmas 2013 YEAH BABY!

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It's a bit of both the first and second choice. I'm really satisfied with what I've got now, especially my PC. I've been living in the "next-gen" for what feels like years now with PC games being what they are. But on the other hand, I can't wait to see what Microsoft and Sony have up their sleeve. Not just in terms of in increase in fidelity, but also in what these systems to will do differently from their predecessors. No one expected Xbox Live Arcade to be a big part of that system when it first launched, but look where it is today. Things like that, things that come out of left field that redefine what we expect from games.

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I'm not exactly looking forward to buying consoles, but I've been ready for a long time now for the next technological jump (which will happen despite what typical pessimists may think) that will be sure to follow.

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I'm always ready for new consoles, I want to see what next generation games will look like on them.

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I'm hoping Nintendo will get competitive by the time other consoles roll out. I can wait couple more years.

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No, not with the backlog I currently have. I also, think I'll jump on the PC bandwagon instead of new consoles. Perhaps a steam box for myself, or does the steam box count as a new console?

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I played games pretty regularly and loved them all my life,but I really got into them around 2008,around the time Giant Bomb launched.So this will be the first console transition I've followed really closely.I'll definitely buy one of them on launch day reguardless of the price just to experience the spectacle.

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I'm pretty much ready. I still have a large pile of unplayed games I need to get to. I can hold off for a while.

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Even though I'm inclined to say C I'm going to go with A cuz those old fucking machines will finally stop holding games back for the rest of us.

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I am very satisfied with what I have while also being entirely ready for a new console generation. I could wait a bit though honestly.

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kind of, i wait for the price to drop to get the new games.

i'm excited to hear about new stuff that's going to come out.

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Depending on the launch lineup, Im probably buying the new xbox day 1.

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I'm excited to see where they go with them. I have money saved. I've enjoyed both the 360 and the PS3. I am going to see which one impresses me at E3 and buy only one of them at launch. I'm sure I'll pick up the other in a year or so though. I'm excited for waiting in line with people during launch.

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i'm certainly interested to see what microsoft and sony offer for sale in terms of hardware, software, and services. but i also have a good pc rig, so unless they have system-sellers and compelling features, it probably isn't a 2013 purchase for me.

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No. I won't be buying for at least a year or two after launch anyway. Not to mention I'm kind of concerned about what the game landscape is going to look like when they're even more expensive to develop for. So many developers are already struggling to develop for consoles as it is.

Unless of course this means the current gen consoles will become cheaper and thus more accessible for smaller developers. In that case bring on the next gen. Some of the PS2's best games didn't come until after the PS3 launched.

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I've been ready for 2 years.

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Yep tired of playing broken ass games.

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I'm ready for... the advancement that new consoles bring. I'm probably not going to buy one right away, but I'm definitely interested.

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Hell yea. I am saving up right now to pick up the PS4 at launch. 
@Turtlebird95 said:

my body is Reggie
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my ps3 just died, and im building a new pc, so yea, bring that shit on.

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I've been ready for quite a while. Hope we see a lot of rumors about them the closer we get to E3 since it's always a interesting read. Even if they turn out to be false.

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I'm excited about what they come up with, but will wait and see before purchasing.

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I'm ready for them to be released. Then I'll be ready to wait a year, see what games they get, and buy one of them.

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I've been ready for like four fucking years. Not because I'm going to buy them, but because I want them to stop holding back games that are ported to my PC.

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Yes I'm always ready, but my wallet is not.

And besides the Piston to be sold at $1000, I think this wants me to rethink my decision.

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I bought a monster PC not long ago but I'm still interested in seeing what's next for the console market. I'm sure there will be some console exclusive games I will want to play.

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Ready as all hell, except that I'll probably be enlisting a few/couple months before their release and as a result won't touch them for at least 5 or 6 months after release. But I'm really looking forward to PC games all looking as good as PC only games these days. Mmmmm.

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ive been ready for 3 years. . . and i want half life 3. i want to see the next generation NOW

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A closed system that has no real sales, no piracy and is maybe 200$ cheaper than the PC equivalent on day 1 because Sonny/MS will rip of all the dev for the next 10 years using it to make back profits... thanks but no thanks.

I prefer that the few monies i have to spend on games go to the developers, i prefer having sales, i don't encourage software that hold back the industry and i can spend 10 minutes reading a few articles so that i know how to build a PC and not have to spend bollocks on a pre-made that is able to run games. I really hate people that are hyped and going to buy the next gen, you guys are what is holding this industry backs. Stop encouraging close platforms and devs being charged to be able to develop for a system and sell on it, it's outdated, immoral and damaging to the industry :/

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I am. For a while now. Really curious about the console's specs in regards to system memory & storage - and how that will influence future games. Almost all games these days, even on PC, have a memory footprint of a maximum of 1,5 GB RAM & 1 GB of V-RAM - the upcoming consoles are roumored to have 8 GB of RAM total, and that in a dedicated gaming machine, so all of that is pretty much dedicated and catered to running a game.

I'm sure, minds will be blown, despite much talk to the contrary. Tech is not going to level out. That's shortsighted nonsense. There will be amazing leaps and bounds, and the gaming industry is about to make a significant one shortly.

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I've been ready since 2010 :(

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Went with "Hell Yeah I Am!!!"

Though in all honesty it's more of a "Sure I'll switch when the time comes" sorta thing

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Every time I go back to play some game on my consoles my first thought is always "oh ye, that's right......" I find it baffling that people don't think there's a need for new consoles when you realize how much the developers are holding back for their games to run decently on these old consoles.

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I was ready in 2011

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hells yea I am, but there is still a bunch of games I really need to finish *Darksider 2 I'm looking at you*