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This may have been asked in the forums, but nothing came up in the search.  Therefore, I'm going to ask: 
Will you be switching who you main with?  If so, who will you be using, and why are you choosing that character?  
Personally, I'm going to be switching to Juri from Cammy, and will more than likely switch between Cammy and Cody as my alts.  The trials for all these characters have looked really great for my play style, and I seriously like the way that Juri seems to flow while still having a handful of ways to play decent footsies and some good distance.  Once she gets in close, though, she can be a great rush character.  Also, the damage off her enrage with even lows and mediums is goddamn nutty!
While the game hasn't seen proper official street date release yet, I've been using Cammy in SFIV since launch.  I haven't played much in the last few months due to playing other games, but SSFIV looks like it'll make me finally drop the dough for a fightstick and spend more time to get into some tournament stuff.  Hopefully, this means you guys will see me online more often than I was with SFIV and I can get in some matches at some point.

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I'm sticking with my sumo friend.  I'm to lazy to learn a new character.

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If I am to get SSFIV, my main would probably be Dan...Oh yes.
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Gonna reroll a warlock once cataclysm hits

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@FrequentBeast: That would've been funnier if this were in the General Discussion forum.  =  /
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@jakob187 said:
" @FrequentBeast: That would've been funnier if this were in the General Discussion forum.  =  / "
It is.
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@jakob187 said:
" @FrequentBeast: That would've been funnier if this were in the General Discussion forum.  =  / "
As Milkman pointed out: it is.
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I use cammy

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@jakob187: Try just looking in the actual forums =\
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@FluxWaveZ: *ugh*  Is there a glitch going on with the forums?  I did post this in the SSFIV forums.  Why it's not showing up in there, I don't know.  I would hope that, after 11,000+ posts, I of all people would know better.
So...we'll call it a draw? 
I also requested a lock on this thread due to a duplicate thread because I didn't find anything else in the search engine, and it's still active.  =  /
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The forum glitch is annoying, but fun! Locked per request.