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In my adventures on the fabled World Wide Web, I recently stumbled upon this little page. The game, Artemis, purports to be a LAN-based space sim for up to six players, basically recreating the Star Trek bridge experience. A commander issues orders to other players, who have independent displays providing them with information about various subsystems (weapons, helm, engineering, etc.) This sounds like the greatest idea in human history, for an audience of maybe a hundred people. Like Flight Club! I would happily pay to see Vinny & Co. repeatedly crash into things and die with this madness. Am I alone in this?

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Flight club makes sense. I think there have been a few of us on the boards that want to see these guys play it for I while. I still think it would be great.

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You're not alone. The real question is who should be captain. And how much they should channel Kirk.

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Yes, if this doesn't happen then I think our community just doesn't care anymore.

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I think a playthrough of Artemis has the potential to - for a certain audience, at least - be the greatest feature in Giant Bomb history. I mean, I love watching anyone play that game; seeing the Giant Bomb guys have a crack would probably be, like, a new life experience. Man.