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Now, I've played every generation of games since the SNES in one form or the other, and I'd have to say that the best generation in terms of overall consistency would be the PSX era. PS2 era has most of my favourite games, but there are a lot more bad games(as a direct consequence of there being a lot more games) on the PS2.
Now I know that it's too early to judge, but so far, this generation has been a bit......underwhelming. There have been great games out, such as STALKER, The Witcher, Fallout 3, Lost Odyssey and so on, but none of them seem as......well, I can't describe it properly, brilliant, as, say, Shadow of The Colossus or Deus Ex. I mean, I've never had a moment like climbing on top of Colossus 13's wings or luring a Mech into my LAM. mainly, what I blame are the predominance of poor gameplay elements(recovering health and QTEs spring to mind) as well as a focus on multiplayer games.

Your thoughts?