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It occurred to me during the Tuesday live show that at one point, Chris Watters was taking questions as Vinny in the chat to ask Brad questions about DMC.

What the hell. Why not just make a staff account named "livequestions" or something?


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I remember when I interned at GiantBomb we ran into this issue. So we created the username "questions". I played with different ways of taking questions. Between having folks ask me on Twitter and just asking me directly seemed to work best. People that may not be as familiar with the site may get confused with me saying, "Ask me questions by asking @questions". I don't know. But the "questions" username was barely used and I just had a mess of people asking me on Twitter, my personal username, the questions, and whomever was on camera at the time.

It's probably best to pick a name and continually communicate with the audience, "Hey, ask EpicSteve about stuff" seemed to be most useful and easy.

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That would be professional.

They way questions were handled by interns in the good old days was best. This made the community interaction in every livestream more dynamic than what it is now.

They should totally dust off that @questions account and use it every time. Create some consistency and people will get used to it in no time.

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You could also have a button that is just a "ask a question" button and it would insert @questions to the beginning of the chat. But they haven't even added a submit button to the chat, so I dont think the UI is high on their list of priority's I think just getting it working is.

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yeah, they should figure out a way to handle it.

the way it is now, you have one of the main staff members sitting with a laptop almost never participating in whatevers going on and only occasionally asking questions, its usually brad too.

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Totally agreed. It was definitely much easier when there were interns who watched the chat the entire time for questions instead of one of the main duders sort of paying attention to it.

It is what it is though. Some of them are better at it than the others at paying attention to their mentions in the chat for the questions.

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I imagine it is pretty hard to keep track of the questions coming at you, most of the time I have problems keeping up with the chat, and that is all im looking at. Especaly when, anyone says 'send your questions to @xxxx' or any staff member writes anything whatsoever in chat everybody logged in reply's with anything they can think of at the time.

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Too bad there's no way to separate questions from the chat like a small mini chat dedicated to questions only.

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Totally, an improvement would be great. More communication!

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Gamespot used to have a question area on the live page that was separate from the chat. It would probably be a lot of work on the front/back end but it was really convenient for the user. Otherwise we have to rely on a staff member, while working on presenting, watching for their chat account to have questions.
Though I think the main problem is that they dont look at chat consistently and there are times when I watch them ask about questions, look at chat for a bit and then say there are no questions and go back to what they were doing. I dont think anything will 'fix' this, if they dont want to look at all times then they dont get to see all the questions.

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The way you fix it is probably to have a separate text box that'll send the questions to a separate questions only list the staff can see.