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<p>Just saw that the new game would be out on the 29th of October and it made me wonder if either of the new consoles would launch that week to tie into it or if they would still wait until late November. Discuss away!

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Either then or like a week later

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At least one of the consoles will be out, my guess is, mid-November.

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It seems like they probably will.

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Not sure how likely it is, but that'd make a great launch title.

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They don't have to be out the same time the game comes out. The consoles can come out a few weeks later and then the game would be a launch title.

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If the game can come out for next gen by the time the PS4 at least releases then I might be more inclined to pick it up since I didn't even touch AC3.

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Maybe. I was thinking November but maybe October.

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There is decent reason to believe that Microsoft will at least have their console out this Fall. So, around October. But they're playing a launch game with Sony; so, we'll see. Sony seems interested in a Winter release, and that could simply make AC4 a post-release launch title.

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I doubt it.