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If you go to gameinformer.com you will see this:

The link doesn't take you anywhere and sometimes the banner doesn't show up.

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Rocking that 1024x768 like it's 2001.

Well, if it isn't Photoshopped, looks like I'll get to scalp dudes in ACIII.

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So ... if that's real ... colonial America?


Didn't one of the guys on the bombcast say something about colonial America? I swear I remember hearing that.

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If the thisreally is AC3's main character, then I'd say the screenshot of gameinformer looks pretty legit given the style of hood and the feathers of a native American, on the left. The right looks like a shopped version with Altair and G. Washington.

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They've removed that ad, but apparently it was actually there. At this point, I'd say the setting is all but confirmed. Interesting.

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@WilltheMagicAsian: Well I've had this monitor since then. It is real, I have never used Photoshop in my life. Considering it is about time for GI to reveal their new cover, I'm sure you'll get your proof soon.

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Whoaaaaa I'm intrigued.

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The new Assassin has a bow slung over his back. Why would you go from a sweet crossbow to just a plain ol' bow?

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so Pachter was right all along

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@Subjugation: HAHAHA. I just noticed the feathers. Ok, that would explain it I guess.

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Seems like a pretty wicked setting... Well count me in

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Well that's dope as hell.

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When I was first heard the GB crew say how awesome Colonial America would be as a setting I was kind of "meh" on it, but thinking about it more and seeing this... I can't wait to assassinate people for George Washington in this game. (Please be what happens... please.)

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Slave trading confirmed! Can't wait...

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@Enigma777 said:

Slave trading confirmed! Can't wait...

Slaves are the replacement for the brotherhood guys you can call in.
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Just saw this, and that's pretty cool. For some reason, whenever I heard people propose the American Revolution as a possible setting, I always pictured the protagonist being an extremely stereotypical colonial 'Son of Liberty'. Never thought he'd possibly be Native American, part Native American, or at least highly influenced by Native American trappings and weaponry. Seems obvious now, in retrospect.

Cool beans, I say.

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@Shun_Akiyama: As long as I can have my own plantation and grow some tobakee, I'll be a happy camper.

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@Enigma777: well that's the replacement for the fixing up rome or the villa stuff.
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I wonder if theres going to be any anti-forefathers sentiment in the game. There are some shady backgrounds with those guys

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Hmm, can't say I'm over the moon. Always appreciated that the series took inspiration from lesser seen historical settings, this seems a tad predictable. There's been rumors about a game set in the American revolution since before Assassin's Creed 2 was even announced, and I know there have been links to it. But still, was hoping for something more interesting. Least having him as native american is something different, was totally expecting the new assassin to be the all American macho-man :D

I'll wait and see, just hope they do something interesting because the setting never seemed that appealing to me.

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Kotaku's posted up a larger picture of the dude with George Washington.

Definitely looks like he's pointing the way across the Delaware. Probably reading far too much into this, but I think it gives more credence to the theory of him being Native American. How so? Because if he's indeed guiding Washington, he wouldn't be unlike Sacagawea who helped guide Lewis and Clark and was similarly painted pointing in EVERYGODDAMNPAINTING of her with the two dudes.

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Underwhelming if true, imo.

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Colonial America is a fucking awesome setting.

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I was holding out hope for japan in the edo period, or china hence the fact that assassins creed embers ended with basically having a chinese assassin looking for ezios help. I don't think I'm going to like the period much, especially considering the fact that nothing was sprawling during the time period and place. It was a couple buildings that made them up.

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The setting makes me really want to get into this series. Been waiting for a Revolutionary War setting for awhile. 
4 games behind, better get to it.

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If this is real (and it probably is), I can't wait for this game!

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Before I start whining I'll say this:

  1. I'll buy this the day it comes out.
  2. It'll consume several days, perhaps weeks of my life.
  3. I'll probably really enjoy it.

That being said , if this does in fact turn out to be the period of time they go with, I'll be kind of disappointed. Although Desmond has been a somewhat bland character compared to his ancestral counterparts (namely Ezio) I was still hoping they'd find a way to resolve his story using him as the main playable protagonist. It's seems like they're avoiding the possibility that the game mechanics they've been introducing and perfecting throughout the series just wouldn't make sense in a game set in modern times.

" Assassin's Creed has always been planned to be a trilogy, and Desmond is going back in time, using the Animus to eventually become the ultimate Assassin." ― Patrice Désilets, Creative Director of Assassin's Creed.

Hasn't really worked out that way, has it? I guess we'll see how it turns out.

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@Shun_Akiyama said:

so Pachter was right all along

That would be a first.

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I'm only excited because I want to see how they will portray that setting in a way that fits in the Assassin's Creed gameplay formula, not necessarily because it's an exciting setting in itself. I would have preferred feudal Japan and ninjas and shit, because c'mon how can you just ignore that obvious connection!

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The real question now is, what will you leap of faith off of? I can't think of any tall structures.

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That's good. Exactly the time period I wanted when the Assassin's Creed franchise began, believe it or not.

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Kinda had my heart set on taking a leap of faith off an Egyptian pyramid not a log cabin. Oh well, still going to buy it.

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i hope they don't wait until everyone stops caring to actually get to the desmond story, pumping these out pretty much yearly

or what if they're flipping the formula and you only play in this setting for a portion of the game, with the rest being desmond, then they could do their assassin's creed 3: brotherhood or whatever that's just all desmond

if not it will still be interesting to see how they translate this setting into the game's mechanics and what the story is like.

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@Djratchet said:

The new Assassin has a bow slung over his back. Why would you go from a sweet crossbow to just a plain ol' bow?

The bow is generally a supperior weapon in the hands of a skilled marksman. The crossbow takes a very long time to reload by comparison and lacks range as well as precision. Crossbow strenght has always been armor penetration (which is great when people wear plate armor, pointless in colonial times) plus it a weapon more suited for mass production, as it takes too long to train actually decent bowmen.

A bow would be perfectly suited to the Americas, as well as weighting less. And at that point guns have already replaced crosbows anyway.

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Colonial America?

Eh. I think too many games are set in America, but whatever.

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@Subjugation said:

The real question now is, what will you leap of faith off of? I can't think of any tall structures.


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@themangalist said:

@Subjugation said:

The real question now is, what will you leap of faith off of? I can't think of any tall structures.


I bet we'll be in London at some point- they've always got like 3 locations per game.

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Nah, not too hot on that setting. Unless we travel to some other continent in the game. 

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BOOM! Confirmed.

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Could be interesting.....

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Not sure if really 1024x768..or just trolling

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Can't wait to get my Daniel Day Lewis in Last Of The Mohicans on. I hope we'll be witness to the formation of the Culper Ring among other cool covert things that happened during the Revulotionary War.

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@MysteriousBob said:

Colonial America?

Eh. I think too many games are set in America, but whatever.

None of the previous AC games are set in America so....

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@Dany said:

@MysteriousBob said:

Colonial America?

Eh. I think too many games are set in America, but whatever.

None of the previous AC games are set in America so....

Not to mention how few games outside the strategy genre are set during the Revolutionary War.

If people want ninjas, you got the Tenchu and Ninja Gaiden franchises

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@Tennmuerti: All good and valid points, thanks

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@Ksaw: ubisoft also said Desmond will never have a game all to himself.
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Hyped for this. The setting seems fresh for this sort of game (I just wanna know how it'll work, more frequent uses of guns and all that) and the character as a concept sounds cool although we know little about him at this point. Looking forward to the historical figures. Hope George Washington is your Leonardo Da Vinci (the homosexual inventions man).