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No no no. The order is wrong. its Splinter cell Sam then Assassins creed assassin, then Solid Snake. While i would like to say Snake is the final winner(fights vampires, giant nuclear bipedal dinosaur robots that can "moo", accelerated aging, his twin brother who should be dead but is alive because another guy did an arm transplant and so that arm has somehow taken over the body... and varyingly mentally unstable(read insane) supermodels ), he does a lot of this as an old man...batman on the otherhand sucks in his old age (batman beyond). I do think though that batman is better then Snake at his prime, but if we look at their experiences and the condition they are in, Snake is the winner.

Do you agree?????????????? and WHY!?!?!?!

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Who is the boss

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Solid Snake uses 60 minute cutscene against Batman. Batman dies of old age, it's super effective!

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Solid Snake

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Well I am a fan of playing games not watching them so I have never played a Metal Gear Solid game. Of the other three, I would say that Batman would be the best, followed by Sam followed by the Assassins. I say this because Batman has the best gadgets and he could use them to take out the other two pretty easily. Sam could easily shoot the Assassins but Batman has survived quite a few bullets in his time thanks to his advanced armor so I would say he could beat Sam especially because he could use his vehicles which Sam doesn't have.

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I don't think the Assassin from AC has a chance compared to the others, but it really depends on what we're talking about. I think if it's hand to hand combat, Sam can hold his own (Krav Maga), but I think Batman (Ninjitsu, Jujitsu, Kung Fu and/or Keysi) and Snake (CQC, which in MGS's case is a amalgamation of stuff) are a bit better, so it'd end up being Snake vs Batman. If we're talking guns, I think Batman would be in Sam's place although he can do well against others that use weapons, and he's used weapons before as well, though that's not going to be accepted here. I don't know, didn't I make this sort of thread/poll a while back? I would take out the Assassin's Creed Assassin and put in Agent 47 and James Bond.

I'd love to see Snake vs Batman vs Sam Fisher vs Agent 47 vs James Bond, only using sneaking and hand to hand combat, or at least a small weapon that's not a gun.

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Adam Jensen wins by default. He's so superhuman that he doesn't even need to be mentioned with the other 4. The remaining four are just a battle to see who wins 2nd place.

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  • Ezio would hide in a hay bale.
  • Snake would hide in a box.
  • Sam would hide on the ceiling.
  • Batman would say "I'm Batman" and everybody would die.
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It's super effective.

The thread faints.

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