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Hey remember that game the Persona team made that was not Persona. Well dust off that ancient Xbox 360 and get it for only $14.99. I know right a bargain.

Need a Dating Sim, with goats, and a super hard platformy game, why not.

I played the demo when it came out but now i'm getting it on the cheap, so why not. Also ATLUS, can't wait for that sweet music.

It's 5.26 GB

JUST wanting to let you know cause im a empty shell of a person.


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More like hanging out at the bar with friends while they complain about their girl problems sim.Edit: Also alcohol facts sim.

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I really want to play this, but I have an admittedly unreasonable disinclination to buy anything on the 360 at this point. If it were on PC I'd be all over it. Anyone happen to know if that's at all a future possibility? I know Atlus doesn't have a history of bringing a ton of things out on PC.

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I hate point this out but Catherine was free on PSN for Europe which is correct price. :)

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I was never able to complete Hard mode or the crazy challenge puzzles, but the sense of accomplishment that came with completing the end-game stuff was awesome. My skills improved without me even realizing it.

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This is a really neat game that ended up being a surprise hit for me and my friends back when I bought it on PSN. Worth playing, but it's worth mentioning that the puzzles can be a bitch later on. If you're just in it for the story or don't like block puzzles then play easy.

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it was free on psn for plus i think it still is ? anyway i need to play this game but the puzzles seem like a bitch

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Amazing game, absolutely worth checking it out for 15 dollars.

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Like jimmyfenix said its free on psn store right now with uncharted 3 also xcom:eu dark souls and more