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Has anyone else not received theirs either? Is everyone still waiting?

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Nope, like Jeff said the annual renewal date would be on September 12, 2012. That's when i was charged. Haven't received any correspondence about a renewal or an email from them saying "Here's your code, Duder!"

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PM Dave. I'm sure he can sort it out for you.

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Be paitent it usually takes them awhile to get these things out. It might still be a couple of weeks. They are still a small operation so give em' a bit of slack. If they haven't sent them out in a week or two then contact dave. He is the easiest to get ahold of on twitter his handle on twitter is @enemykite

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@RaisingIndiana: You should have received an email with the title "Giant Bomb / Comic Vine Subscription Renewal" from no-reply@giantbomb.com. The discount code is in there. Be sure to check your spam folder.