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I have been waiting for a price drop for this game for a looong time. It is only single player and I am no achievement hunter so I will most likely play it once and put it away. It does not seem to want to go under 40 however, is it worth that price point even for just one play through?

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I would wait for a little bit cheaper. It is good but it is pretty much an interactive anime, so if that is your thing then sure.

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Personally I loved the game, I picked it up for $20 a month back and it is fantastic. I can see why people say wait cause if you end up not liking the game it will seem like a waste, but you have people like me that loved the game and I wish I picked it up day one. So I say wait since I did and use the money you saved to get at least the story DLC

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Yes yes and more yes. That game is still worth 60 in my mind so 40 is a freakin steal. Grab it and enjoy a really, really deep and well written story that is also fun to play, regaurdless of your views on quick time events.

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Yes. It's a terrific game that is worth your money.

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I live in Canada for those wondering

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No, wait till it's $20. It's interesting and unique but it's 4 hours long and personally I had no desire to go through it again except for the true ending.

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40 bucks...ehhh I'd wait till it's 30 there's not a lot of replay value at all, it's about 6 hours and then you're just done. If you have gamefly or something you should just rent it or borrow it from someone.

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If you know what your getting into then yes, it's worth it. One of my favorite games this year.

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Wait for $30 at least.

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Depends on how much you think one man raging is worth. Because that's 90% of the game. He rages and then rages some more. And when he's not raging, he's getting ready to rage. Seriously, how much can one man rage?

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You should be able to find it cheaper than that. 20 would be the optimal price as it is worth the price but I don't think it's that great aside from some fights.

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I'd say $25-$30 is the best spot especially seeing you'll have to pay for the True Ending DLC, which is the best part of the game imo.

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I got it for 20$ on amazon two weeks ago. I really ended up liking it. You're going to want the 7$ dlc though. It's pretty crazy.

Paying 40$ might be a bit much though. Either way it's a good experience.

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I got it off of Amazon new for $20. I was unsure if it was even worth that but I said fuck it and got it anyway.

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Depends. If you're one of those people who's concerned with length for your dollar, maybe not. But it's easily one of my favorite games this year, so I think 40 dollars is totally worth it. You will want the true ending DLC though. A little gross that they'd do that, sure, but that stuff is fantastic.

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Huh, it's 12 euros brand new here in a few Nordic online stores. Nice to see us get something for cheaper than the other side of the puddle. Can't answer the question though, as I just ordered it last week and it didn't arrive yet.

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No. I bought it for $19.99 a month or so back. Wait for a sale.

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I just started playing my copy today for the first time, and yes. Absolutely. Got to Ch. 8 and the game is great so far!

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The game is great and it's great for a group of friends as well, anyone can pick up the controller and "play" so no one feels out. The action is amazing and ridiculous. The true ending MUST be seen.

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Like others are saying, buy it on Amazon, or Newegg or something and get it for 20ish instead. But remember, you're going to want to buy the DLC which is 7 dollars or so, so factor that into your price.

But the game is worth it, if you like anime, or just Japanese ridiculousness in general you'll probably like it!