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I think both MS and Sony have come out strong with motion controller stuff. Although Natal looks awesome if it works, not holding a controller just make me anixous because if something goes wrong I'm left sat or stood like an idiot waving my arms.

Any views?

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Motion plus is the only one that looks truly interesting but ball on stick could go somewhere

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No different to when a game crashes now and your slapping you palms against the buttons like a seal and shrugging your shoulders.

I'm gonna wait until I see more over the next couple years before I make any kind of judgement.

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@Mikemcn said:
" Motion plus is the only one that looks truly interesting but ball on stick could go somewhere "
You really think Motion Plus looks better then Natal or Ball on'a Stick? You're insane, M-Plus is the weakest of those three.
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I was getting at the fact if Natal breaks I would probably feel stupid, like its my fault, eg I'm not speaking in a pronounced way or making large enough gestures.
I want really small controllers for the Playstation thing also then it could be really cool.

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But it's also the most likely to succeed. There's no evidence that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners ever wanted this stuff. The Wii, however, has already been shown to be a success, and more precision couldn't hurt.

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Thats Playstation Dong, sir.

Also, Microsoft and Sony needs games to back up their motion sensing peripherals, as well as an affordable price point before they feed it to the soccer mom monkeys who see a video game controller as some kind of murder instrument. Part of the reason the Wii was an immediate hit was because they had all of these games that did have motion control out of the gate. While they were not one to one and these days we're reduced to shaking the controller as some sort of means of motion control, they had games. Now with the Motion Plus, they're already showing off games that DO work with it and will be launching them very soon.

All Microsoft and Sony have are tech demos, while nice, dont really tell me that they're ready to enter the market. Especially if they're going to send mixed messages by talking about all these super big budget post apocalyptic terrorist riddled barren wastelands, yeah, thats mass market appeal. Dumb asses. Not even Microsoft's attempt at celebrity endorsement made me feel that they truly get who they're going for.

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@LordAndrew said:
" But it's also the most likely to succeed. There's no evidence that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners ever wanted this stuff. The Wii, however, has already been shown to be a success, and more precision couldn't hurt. "
I think that's the point.... Not only will people who already own the 360/PS3 buy these producs but all the people suckered into Wii's will look @ it too.
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Most of the people I've seen talk about it have absolutely no interest in the technology though, and actually seem a bit disgusted by it.

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Sony's motion tech looks like it'll kick the shit out of motion plus, but I wouldn't compare it to Natal seeing as it isn't meant to be the same. Natal = whole body Sony's stuff = arms

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Sony's looks the most promising to me.

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I like how it's only been publicly known about for only an hour or so, and it's already got a name. Ball on stick lol. I think that one honestly looks the best.

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Ball on a stick and Natal look great.

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Ball on a Stick. That thing was demoed by very, very likeable people, and it looked incredibly impressive.

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Natal looks pretty cool, but the 1:1 on the Sony stuff is looking to be very impressive.

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Poor NIntendo. They set the standard, others follow suit.

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I think ball on a stick seems best because it doesn't seem to 'pivot on a point' as much as the Wii Motion Plus stuff we've seen so far.  Some of that may be the additional capabilities of the processing hardware, maybe the camera does really help.

Natal just seemed like promises, impossibilities, and glitches, but we'll have to see.

I feel like 'ball on a stick' is further along than Natal.

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I'm curios to see how that ball on a stick turns out because its almost what I wanted from the wii, only this time it has a graphical engine behind it.
Don't get me wrong MS's looked good but I'm not looking for that kind of thing, and the Wii as I said I can't get into any of the games.

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Sony's thing at least uses the PSeye which is already out, u would just have to buy what ever the final ball remote thing is.
Microsoft's will use a new type of camera, i dunno how it will distinguish one person when there a plenty around.

It all depends on how they are priced

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For Technical prowess and aspects I'm going to have to go with Ball on a Stick =P

for Appeal I will have to go with Natal

and for attempting to redeliver on their original promise, I'm still a bit iffy when it comes to wii motion plus

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I'm torn on this one. Natal looks simply amazing, and if executed properly it could be a revolution in gaming as we know it.  But I wasn't displeased with Sony's motion device.  Both look equally good in their own enviornment.  although I think that casual gaming Wii owners are content with Wii, and gamers with ps3 or 360 that want to try it have most likely already purchased the Wii.  So I have a hard time understanding who the demographic is of these new products, Wii owners without xbox/360 or 360/ps3 owners without Wii?  They might be popping the bubble of motion activated gaming. I also think it's unfair to compare Natal with the other two. Natal is in the same book, but not the same chapter.

  My fear is that all these new devices are taking the lazy out of my gaming.  My thumb muscles are some of the strongest in the world, all thanks to motionless gaming.  Sometimes when I play a game I just want to vegetate on the couch, only moving for drinks or the occasional bathroom break.  Now I might have to break a sweat, I might be against that.
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Project Natal looks awesome, but I doubt I'll get it.

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Ball on a Stick looks like the way forward. I wanna see it in real world, but conceptually, it is the best of the 3.

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Dude, Ball on a Stick should totally be the official name, that would make me soooo happy.

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I think you mean Dildo good sir.

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@Pie said:
" I think you mean Dildo good sir. "
Also good.
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@BODDAH: Not only did they follow, they did it better.
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I'm getting the Motion Plus next week with Tiger Woods 10, but I was very impressed with what Sony brought to the table.

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Normal controller. I'm not into gimmicks. I like total control at my fingertips. Although I wouldn't mind playing Diablo with ball-on-a-stick.

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I think Natal can be more than just a controller so I think it has the edge...

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Wii Motion Plus for me. I find the remote + nunchuck combo the most versatile and practical of them all for all sorts of game types.

Natal is better for waggle fests that use your whole body, extremely casual games, fighting games with static position characters, and other such things.

Sony's is better for similar to the above, and while it has a controller the current design still lacks something like the nunchuck that will let you guide your character in a 3D world. Other than a lightgun shooter where you walk from cover to cover yourself, it's also no more practical than Natal.

Unless Sony completely rips them off and adds a nunchuck or makes games work with the dildo + controller on left hand (awkward tbh). And how much will it cost? And do you need a NEW camera or does the PlayStation Eye/EyeToy work with it? Also, WHEN?

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'ball' on a 'stick'? LOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLOLO. God I'm funny.

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The problem is that we live in a multi-console release environment and both technologies are radically different from one another.

Will Natal games be ported to ball-on-stick? Or vice-versa?

It's very difficult to guess how either of these will take off. Microsoft is throwing a lot of money into Natal.
That being said, from a developer point of view, the FPS demonstration for ball-on-stick from a developer point of view seems pretty practical I would imagine.

It's too early to call because it will be the games, not the hardware, that will make either succeed.
I can see it go either way.
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I will only buy "balls on a stick" if they bring out games for it that surpass the Eyetoy games.

Definitly will get the motion plus attachment though.

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Already own a wii and its unplyed so i doubt im gonna buy motion plus. Own a ps3 and think ball on a stick is cool. Saw 360 conferance and i want to buy a 360. ball on a stick needs a major redesign it looks like a piece of shit. ball on a stick and natal ftw!

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As a feat of engineering, Natal is head and shoulders above the rest. As a practical device in games, at least for the immidiate future, ball on a stick looks to be the most practical in a gaming enviroment.

A combination of both would be dynamite.

And for those Nintendo fanboys who are feeling whipped, take comfort in this saying "If I have seen futher, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."

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They both seemed really interesting to me.

Natal seemed more passive in it's uses like automatic sign-in and voice control etc.
The new Sony thing seemed more practical within full-on games as it seems to allow better precision, and there's buttons to accompany the motion stuff. Having an actual product allows for some tactile feedback too.

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If Natal works like intended, it's unbeatable, but right now, Motion Plus and Sony's Ball on a Stick seems more realistic.

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I am most impressed by Natal, although ideally I think there is going to have to be some sort of handheld wand added to the system at some point to include a trigger mechanism or button options. Wii Motion Plus and Sony "Ball on a Stick" are basically the same tools.  It's more impressive on the Sony device, but everything they did at the Sony conference can be or will be accomplised on the Wii.  Neither of them have "Boy in a Box", so that trumps them both.

"Ball on a Stick" reminded me of this.

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I'll pass on all three and stick with a controller.

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Ball on a stick was so much more interesting to me, then the other two, perhaps it was only the type of tech demos that did that.

The part where they used a shield and sword sure got my imagination going, lets just hope Nintendo see that shit, and make a Zelda game were u actually block and hit just like that!

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@Merx said:
" As a feat of engineering, Natal is head and shoulders above the rest. As a practical device in games, at least for the immidiate future, ball on a stick looks to be the most practical in a gaming enviroment.A combination of both would be dynamite... "
Yeah, that sums it up for me.
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The ball on a stick didn't do anything that we hadn't already seen the motion plus do, so color me unimpressed. except for maybe the whip and bolo. those were pretty cool

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Ball-on-a-stick is the most promising to me for its precision, versatility, the PS3's capability to utilize such a control method in engaging games that actually have some measure of scope and detail, and Sony's need to differentiate themselves from Nintendo's shovelware strategy by actually taking advantage of the system's potential to provide that kind of experience.

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I'll wait and see, though the Wii is NOT my cup of tea, so I won't be getting WM+.

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if Nintendo launch new Wario Ware game with the motion plus i am sold...

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@BODDAH said:
" Poor NIntendo. They set the standard, others follow suit. "
True.  :-P
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Out of the three, the Natal is the one that has turned my inner game-designer on full-tilt. I keep thinking of neat ways to integrate it into different games. I've kind of gotten passed the idea of interacting with games in a physical space, so the Wiimote (motion plus or not) and the Sony Dildo + Ball hold little interest for me.

Sidenote: Despite the fact that it was "just an engineering demo," Sony really should have given that thing a name.

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@jNerd said:
" Not only will people who already own the 360/PS3 buy these producs but all the people suckered into Wii's will look @ it too. "
Speak for your self, i own both a PS3 and a box 360, and i wont pick up any of these new controller-less gimmicks.
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I think MS Natal has the edge because is camera, Z depth camera plus microphone and MS wants they can add "a ball on the stick" an be just like Sony or even better.