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Posted by Sanj (2507 posts) -

I’m not one who can easily put feelings into words. I’m pretty lousy at it, actually. I’ve listened to and watched Ryan do his thing since the Gamespot days. Needless to say, his passing has impacted me far more than I thought the death of someone who (whom?...ah, whatever) I have never met possibly could. There are other members of this site who have perfectly described how I’m feeling right now and what it is about Ryan that makes us miss him (his razor-sharp wit, loveable assholeness, good-hearted nature and incredible enthusiasm for dumb shit, to name a few). However, what I can do is draw. So here’s something that pretty much encapsulates what Ryan was, and always will be, to me - just a goddamn boss.

Thank you, Ryan.

#1 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1192 posts) -

That is fucking AWESOME!

#2 Posted by thatdutchguy (1273 posts) -

wow, this is siiiick, great job dude.

#3 Posted by pompouspizza (292 posts) -

This is incredible, well done.

#4 Posted by Hassun (1638 posts) -

I love the wedding ring.

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#6 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1020 posts) -

Big Pimpin, Spendin G's dah dah dah dadah

#7 Posted by leinad44 (531 posts) -

Wow, excellent job!

#8 Posted by vorpalparasite (302 posts) -

That is FANTASTIC! Great job duder!

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#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14100 posts) -

Excellent work duder.

#11 Posted by RollingZeppelin (2078 posts) -

So good! Ryan would love that shit son!

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#13 Posted by Sanj (2507 posts) -

Thanks everyone.

#14 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12006 posts) -

This is possibly my favorite Ryan tribute art yet.

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That is fucking perfect.

#16 Posted by Tearhead (2199 posts) -

The wedding ring was a nice touch. Great job, man.

#17 Edited by Dot (163 posts) -

Tell me this song doesn't go perfect with this.

#18 Edited by Brackynews (4094 posts) -

All that power.

#19 Posted by Sanj (2507 posts) -

@dot: Haha, that's not bad. Although, I was thinking "Power" would go pretty well too...

Thanks again, everyone.

#20 Posted by DEFE (266 posts) -

Hot damn, that's solid.

#21 Posted by RetroVirus (1486 posts) -

That is awesome, such a boss look there.

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#23 Posted by Dessan (16 posts) -

Wow, a true baller ! Beautiful !!!!!!!

#24 Posted by TyCobb (1976 posts) -

This has to be framed and put on the set next to Jeff's mugshot sketch. It must be done @rorie!!!

#25 Posted by DeadFish (229 posts) -

Baller! This is awesome. :)

#26 Posted by Milkman (17202 posts) -

I possess zero artistic talents so instead I just spent $150 on these.

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No one man should be so much baller...

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It's beautiful. ;_;

#29 Posted by jpe (48 posts) -

That is fucking brilliant, love it. Great job.

#30 Posted by Xbox420 (125 posts) -

Awesome job man.

#31 Posted by TheSoldier89 (14 posts) -

Cheers! That fucking awesome.

#32 Posted by GoldSoundz (103 posts) -

Fuck yeah.

#33 Posted by Lolzhacked (84 posts) -

That is absolutely awesome duder!

#34 Posted by Rincewind (258 posts) -

@milkman: that is so dumb in the most awesome way

#35 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1497 posts) -

The Nacho Boss, Always Baller Time

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Fucking beautiful.

#37 Posted by GaspoweR (3369 posts) -

Baller. :D

#38 Posted by allgrinzz (162 posts) -

This is now going on my phone and my desktop.. amazing.. and all Ryan. Can almost hear him tapping the ring on that glass..

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I am jacking this for my profile pic!!

also great job!

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I was thinking of ordering these. I'm not sold on the final color design and am still tinkering a little but I was going for something reminiscent of the Giant Bomb logo color wise.


Now I'm leaning toward this.Though now that I see the two designs side by side I'm thinking I like the original design with a bit more white. I don't know. I'm going to keep playing around for a bit.

#41 Posted by Itwongo (1235 posts) -

Excellent work :)

#42 Posted by cloudnineboya (845 posts) -

wow, ryan davis GTA style,boss.

#43 Posted by Jimbo (9937 posts) -

What time is it?

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That's awesome. Great job.

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#47 Posted by Rodin (182 posts) -

@milkman: Those are some amazing shoes, i wish i could get a baller pair of shoes to.

This is really great man, I love it.

#48 Posted by Zrais (149 posts) -

Just amazing!

#49 Posted by ELpork (294 posts) -

Love this

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That hand looks a bit feminine, but I love everything else. Put some manhair on that backhand and you've got the best tribute yet!

Edit: Also, Ryan not having any lips is freaking me out. The man needs some big fat red ones!