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There once was a giveaway. Its long lost now. Gone like the rest.

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NO. You gotta say it like the Bastion narrator

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"I start a giveaway. Nothing too special. But I can see the look in the community's eye. He's not going to give up. He's going to fight for this game"

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The kid wanted a soundtrack, he was looking, searching for the music that would allow him to carry on. Far off in the distance, he saw a shimmer, a machine. The machine was red, rusted metal and had a slot for payment. The kid put in payment, plus a bit extra to help the box out. He pulled the lever on the side, to claim his prize. To the kid's surprise, not only did he find his muse, he also found his game. He had extra, to give some hopeless spugbucket a reason to live. He held, a giveaway.

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My work here is done. Carry on.

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The key is gone now. The calamity took it.

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Thank you! <3 <3