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I went to visit my favorite website and it didn't work http://www.batmanbatmanbatman.com/


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Cocaine Mountain is gone too

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I hope someone has that image still saved

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@krullban said:

Cocaine Mountain is gone too

oh no :(

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We're fucked.

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Ryan was paying those bills.

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Well, that's completely depressing.

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And now is when I realize Ryan is truly gone forever...

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Fuck man. That is depressing.

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Man.. I've been fine for what have felt like months but now suddenly...and over such a silly little thing...


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@oscar__explosion said:

And now is when I realize Ryan is truly gone forever...

Don't worry dudes, someone (or a few people) will bring batmanbatmanbatman and cocainemountain back, I can feel it. I was actually thinking about putting up a post and asking for donations from the community to get together and secure one or both of those domain names and bring back their original awesome content and maybe put a little tribute to Ryan up there well. Any interest from anyone on that? Just a thought.

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@mb: Yeah, I could chip in a few bucks to keep Ryan's legacy of dumb jokes alive.

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Awww mannnnn :(

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@mb: Yeah, I could chip in a few bucks to keep Ryan's legacy of dumb jokes alive.

Sweet. Do you have any idea how much something like this would cost? I don't know much about web hosting...which makes me think, I'm sure some people in the community have connections for this sort of thing.

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Eh, the joke died a long ti--


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Let's kickstarter it back to life...

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@mb: You can host a static website like that on Amazon S3 for next to nothing. If we can obtain the domains, I'd be willing to handle everything on the hosting side.

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*Wipes away a tear*

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Green Lantern Batman.

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We'll always have the Wayback Machine.

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:( shit

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9-11-2013 never forget.

I'm sorry, that was totally off color. Which means entirely appropriate, in the context of Ryan related things.

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Looks like Ryan used Dreamhost for his sites and paid them monthly or quarterly.

Does anyone have a contact at Dreamhost we can get in touch with?

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@markjw: I'm not sure if it's actually possible for us to just pay to continue his old hosting. At this point, we might just have to wait for the domains to expire and snatch them up. It looks like batmanbatmanbatman.com expires July 12, 2014 and cocainemountain.com expires Dec 27, 2013.

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I like the internet less now.

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Shyyyt. At least zombo.com is up.

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That's a bummer.