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I don't know, there's a certain irony to hearing about Xbox One's online requirement on the internet, of all places. I understand most of the (accurate, mind you) criticisms being levied at it, but taking to Twitter on a 4G smartphone to complain about a console having to log in to Xbox Live once every 24 hours seems kind of absurd.

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My internet speed is 0.1MBP/S. Also not everyone has 4G smartphones.

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Not everyone, including myself. I just feel like any amount of internet should be enough to check game licenses...it's not like we're doing Battlefield MP here lol

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If you're asking on a specific internet forum with a limited community based around a website who's main focus is video internet content, then yes, obviously we all have internet access....

The question is, should that be a standard for these consoles? I for one think no. The infrastructure for internet access isn't there yet. It should be expected but not required.

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For me it's not really a question of whether I have enough internets to accommodate a mandatory check in, the deciding factor is whether I want to.

You do not have to take a handful of horseshit just because someone offers it to you. You can say "no."

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Be honest. How many of us have tried to log onto Xbox Live and the service was down?

Because it's happened to me plenty of times, including the short time between Adam Orth acting a fool on twitter and the Xbox One reveal.

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A few days ago you tweeted: "As someone who's been an #Xbox fan for the past 12 years I'm not happy right now, but I'm VERY happy to see wallet ballots already #E3 #PS4"

So which side of the debate are you on exactly?

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I am moving soon, and I have no idea what my internet situation will be. Also, I have a Nexus 4 which is HSPA+ only.

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I average about 400kbps so I am prevented from using the Xbone I guess. Of course, I'm not actually paying for such speeds, but AT&T loves to fuck me over.

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I can safely say that I do not have sufficient internet. My internet doesn't even play well with Youtube.

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my parent's house has no internet. straight up. during the holidays, playing smash on gc/wii and some RPGs on PC/console are all that keep me sane.

That's 3 weeks of my life when I actually game that Xbox has decided it doesn't want to be a part.

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I know I do, 100/100 Mb fibre, #SwedishSuperiority, #internetpheasants, yarr yarr rant rant etc.

Seriously though I imagine that the userbase around here, this being a streaming video site with HD content, has to be heavily tilted in favor of people with good connections.

Except @probablytuna apparently. Respect for that gold membership, but are you even capable of watching videos at all on a 0,1 Mb connection? I thought you needed at least 1 Mb even for low resolutions?

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I have plenty of internet, no issues for me here.

My question is, if you're one of the unlucky ones who doesn't have internet, what are the chances you're going to have sufficient 3G to set up a tether? There's plenty of places near me where mobile internet is unusable, and I live in the city.

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@nivash said:


Sounds delicious.

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I have pretty good internet, but my problem is stability. I must have a loose connection or something because whenever the temperatures around here change drastically, the house shifts and all of a sudden my internet goes to turtle speed. Luckily I called Comcast and after about twenty calls I finally got someone who boosted the signal to the modem and now I haven't had an incident in quite some time. I just hope it stays that way...

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I've got Comcast's 50Mb down, 10Mb up at the moment, now that I live in a suburban area, but I did spend a good while living at my folk's house in the boonies with tower to tower "wireless DSL" that's currently advertised as 10Mb down, 1Mb up.

When it first came out, it definitely wasn't the case, but I was able to connect to Xbox Live and play Halo 2 and Wolfenstein with it growing up just fine.

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I don't have a smartphone, but I do have hardwire connections and Wifi in my house.

The problem is while it is decently fast, my ISP (Comcast) is kind of unreliable in this area. Whenever they decide to do some work on the cable or mess around with their servers our internet goes out. We had them here no less than 13 times in the span of about 3 months.

I could probably get by, but the chances of me getting fucked over because Comcast are a bunch of dilholes is just too high.

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Luckily i have good internet. My console has been wireless for years now since the SLIM Xbox came out and I've never had internet drops.

In the event my internet were to go out and render my Xbox ONE console useless IT Would Actually Benefit me since i play to much games.

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My Internet is extremely fast and stable.

Until it decides to die one day randomly.

I'm not going to give Microsoft money so they can disable a core function of my console in the event of my Internet crapping out one day out of the year. Fuck. That.

Even if it doesn't affect me, the 24 hour thing is utterly gross. It is one thing to disallow you to play a game due to always-on DRM, it is another to outright disable the arguably primary use of a games console; TO PLAY GAMES. I'm not trying to be a martyr or anything but I outright disagree with such practices, always-on DRM is bad enough on software, don't let them fuck with your hardware too. It's pathetic.

and just to add to how ridiculous Microsoft are; they aren't launching the Xbox One in Singapore. Which has broadband in 99% of houses. It also isn't launching in Poland, home of you know, the guys making Witcher 3 that were at Microsoft's own press conference.

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@rebgav said:
@nivash said:


Sounds delicious.

You should try some! Just remember that only Internet Lords are allowed to hunt them.

Poachers will have their routers drawn and quartered.

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I dont have a smart phone and my internet went down twice today.

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Having to sign in every 24 hours is by far, not the end of the world, or something that will cause and issue for people. Still its fucking bullshit. Its just the principal. A product I buy should not work on a artificial contingency. Its like my car wont run unless my radio is working. You know, and some households will not have wifi, or a router. Sharing access to a single modem would prob suck fucking ass in a household of 4-5 people.

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This should be a poll.

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60 down, 6 up, although i live in the Netherlands and penetration of high speed internet is really high, so that wouldn't be a problem for MS here. However, as others have said, it's something to be pissed off about on principle. Even Steam, which is so reliant on an internet connection, offers a more robust offline solution than the XBO. A lot of people simply don't see the value proposition in the console; too much is restricted to be offset by the games library and added functionality. Who can blame them?

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@beachthunder: lmftfy

Good news! There's a console just for me, it's called the PS3. And soon, the PS4. And the PC.

Good news,

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I have 60mb/s I could upgrade to 120mb/s fiber optic. My nets usually up, sometime it does go down.

I even was 3 houses away from the cables melting. We were out of nets and cable tv for 2 weeks. For the first week they couldn't figure anything out, while my family were the first on the phones and they said "its just an error on the companies side, we are working through it." when it turns out the cables under the road melted along with other cables and a massive road working undertook for a week since electric and gas companies had to be called in.

Guess what my family did? We sat around the 1 xbox and played 3 player split screen Minecraft for most of that time. If not we went off and played our own xboxs.

Now lets replace that scenario with xbox one......we are all dead because we went mad from boredom and killed ourselves.

The year after that, I had lightning strike the house 5 doors away, EMP blasted my main tv no more HDMI, the 1 Gigabit port in my pc AND Modem/router was blown along with a few others. I was without nets for a week between replacing router and technical issues with that new router. So i played my pc games, xbox and watched tv.

Just last week for no reason my nets went down for 10 hours. I went and played xbox.

When shit goes down....what do I do....I go...and ....play....XBOX! When shit goes down with Xboxone....guess what no one will be doing?

Hell sometimes Xbox is down I just keep playing.

I also hate the restrictions in all places with the Xbone and the benefits are not there.

PS....I dont have a 4G phone....I never had a 3G phone. I think my current phone isnt even 2G. Its a cheap £15 phone that I have had for 5 years. I CANT EVEN AFFORD A PAY AS YOU GO £10 A MONTH! fancy expensive Iphone or such plan is waaaaaaaay too rich for me. Also my house is brick and in a valley, my phone dosnt get a good signal to no signal. My sisters who does have a 3/4 phone she dosnt get her wireless in the house or signal strength....the phone is not an option if I did by Xbone.

£30 a year for GB is a drop in the bucket vs what i would need to pay for all the plans.

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I have the cheapest high speed internet that can be kinda iffy. My internet connection is usually constant.

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My download speeds are fine for it, buy my internet provider is not consistent with keeping it up all the time. There were times where it seemed like our internet/tv/phones were shutting off late at night. Once we called and complained, it stopped happening.

The xbox one is just making things needlessly difficult. You can have a good online suite that doesnt require a constant connection. The sole purpose of that is to have a firmer grasp on the consumer.

And I say nay to that Microsoft. Nay indeed

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My internet is pretty bad, usually ranges from 100kbps-300kbps. Living with 3 other people doesn't really help either. We're supposed to be getting fibre soon but our government in Australia is a joke so it's taking forever.

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I'm satisfied with 50 Mb/s down on both my wired line and 4G phone. I will however change to a faster fiber connection once my current contract runs out.

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At best, I have about 100kbps-300kbps when it comes to downloads. That's during the day though. At night, it drops down to the minimum or lower. It also will occasionally disconnect. For reference, I live in Arkansas. It takes me an eternity to download stuff. If I have to deal with anything like a 4GB download, I better clear off half of the day. For instance, I'm trying to upload stuff to Youtube right now, stuff that's under fifteen minutes long and isn't even HD, and it's taking me about 3 to 4 hours to upload each individual part. It's absurd. Our Internet provider just sucks in the town I live in.

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This isn't the reason people are getting unhappy with it, I admittedly don't care too much and will go with whatever happens in console gaming in the future. People are flipping tables over the mere principle here not necessarily over their net access. I know of people in my area that cannot get an xbone for this exact reason but it is a small percentage.

In reality its not as bad as it sounds, I personally wont have any issues being online all the time and I am certainly not in a small minority here.

In principle, I am with the people who are against Microsoft's DRM.

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Being online on my game console is nice. But demanding that I be online to use the console, is completely unnessesary, as the Sony conference has proved.

I don't understand why anyone would accept that from Microsoft, when you have the Sony alternative.

As alot of other people have already said, the Internet does not always work. We are not living in a society, where you always have access to the internet., not yet at least.

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If you're asking on a specific internet forum with a limited community based around a website who's main focus is video internet content, then yes, obviously we all have internet access....

For those with poor internet you can pause and buffer so that shouldn't matter.

I don't understand why anyone would accept that from Microsoft, when you have the Sony alternative.

Because of their exclusives?...(IMO are crap :) )

The connection I get is ok. But can be very unreliable for a period of weeks and then be fine again but I'd still be able to connect at least once a day but then why should I have to, to play a console?

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@sometimesavowel: for a lot of people, the online requirement isn't the major issue with the xbone. microsoft's general attitude, seemingly rushed and confused system, and obvious disconnectedness from their user base is a deal breaker for me.

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I have good enough internet speed but the thing is I lose connection quite often.

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I move around a lot. Back home in Scotland (I left 3 years ago) I didn't have the Internet because I was too broke. I moved to Australia and ran the Internet from an incredibly expensive and slow dongle for a year because my apartment didn't have a phone line. I live in Japan now and finally have the Internet speed required to run an Xbone, only they aren't releasing it here because Microsoft are a punch line in Japan. Although I've been a 360 owner for 4 years now I can't purchase the new console, but I probably wouldn't anyway, so who cares? It's not for me.

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I really don't. My internet cuts out all the time, and even when it's on it isn't that fast. Even though I'm on a popular, mainstream UK ISP. Ridiculous.

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I have adsl. No fibre for me for years, and my house is pretty far from the exchange so my speed is around 1.8 mb to 3.0 on a good day. A gig download usually takes about 2 hours.

On the plus side its only gone out like 3 times this year for more than 48 hours...I guess you can call that "stable".

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Is there a reason to need fast internet with the Xbox One? As far as I'm aware all you need it for is to authenticate, why is everyone talking about speeds?

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I think a lot of people are missing the point, it's not your connection that you should be worried about it's Microsofts. When people weren't able to play SimCity recently it was EA's fault not the people internet connection.

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Currently it's fine because I have cable, so I get 60Mbps. Where I live, in a suburban area about three miles out of town, if I were to switch to ADSL (which is the norm for Britain) I'd get 0.5Mbps.

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@siamesegiant: Dude you probably made the right decision in moveing from here. There are not much jobs unless you live in the cities. Then you still have sevrel thousand people fighting over the jobs in and outside the cities.

Too often I get "Sorry the position is closed due to high volume of applicants." or if I get into the interveiw stages "sorry someone with more experiance got the position.". The common jobs are Self employed door to door job which is just a pyramid scheme with people lives.

Hope youve had steady employment in austrialia and Japan.

Hang on....what if someone loses their stable lifestyle and need to make cuts. Internet goes and so do new games. No net and no used games. Be this a long term or short term deal. The Xbone is useless.

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I can't speak for everyone, but I think you'll find that a lot of people take issue with Microsoft's (seemingly) anti-consumer design philosophy, and not the actual logistics behind always online. It's the principle. Playstation 4 doesn't require it so with all things being relatively equal (except for the fact that the PS4 has better hardware and is cheaper), I'll go with the platform that offers me more rights as a consumer. Slippery slope and all of that. I'll probably buy an Xbox One eventually, just not anytime soon.

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Here is what you're not quite understanding though. Lets say a firmware update is out. You HAVE to download it, to verify your DRM status. Why? To keep consistent hacks out. Now lets say the system has a phone jack, so you could use dial-up to verify your games DRM status. It would be absolutely perfect, and everybody would have no reason to complain. Issue is, this isn't the case. Oh, and my cell phone? You can use ad-hoc teathering. Xbox 360 doesn't support the ad-hoc my phone uses, even while my laptop does. So I bet the Xbone will be the same.

I have hughesnet. I'm lucky enough to live with someone who will pay for half. But other than dial up, its all we can get. Problem is, the latency is so bad, Xbox Live doesn't usually connect. I've never had PSN connect. Then say if it rains or snows, woops! Latency is worse, and speeds are down to 60kbs. Steam won't even connect in certain situations.

Whats different though, I can take my netbook to work to download a game from steam/origin. Transfer it over to my main gaming computer, and all it may have to download is 10megs of updates at most. Taking the Xbone and finding a tv for it to work on to get a 150meg firmware update? No thank you.

If the firmware updates are like when the 360 started, and less than 5mb. Theres no worries. But the recent firmware update is 90mb. Thats alot when you're lucky to get 250kbs. You can be banned from xbox live, and still verify your game DRM status. BUT! Firmware updates will be required reguardless.

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My internet is janky as shit. Fuck you, Swisscom.

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As Canadian who's country is supposed to have worse internet by far than the states, I'm surprised by the claims by most of the people in this thread that their internet cuts out like 5 times a week. Considering that most of the user base is from the states and Scandinavian countries, which have better access than most, I don't know if I fully believe every response I'm reading here. I know using my own internet as a base comparison is inherently flawed, but since people here frequent a video heavy site it makes me wonder how many are slightly exaggerating their claims.

Anyway my internet is fine but I still don't like the way that MS is dipping its toes into the digital only future.

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